Thursday, June 20, 2019

Summer is in Bloom Tablescape

It is a beautiful sunny day, finally, after 
all of our rain.  We wondered if summer would 
ever arrive. 

Welcome to my first tablescape of the summer out 
on our back deck.  

I had to celebrate the gorgeous blooms before 
they were all gone.  

I decided to use my wonderful bowls and plates 
that look like flower petals.  I got these years 
ago at Home Goods.  They are still some of 
my favorites, although they don't stack well.

I started with square wooden chargers from Pier 1, 
then topped it with a pink plate from Home Goods, 
and a white plate from Tai Pan, finishing it off 
with the flower plates and bowls.

I used my cute flower spreaders that my DIL gave 
me last year for Mother's Day and paired it with 
simple gold flatware that I have had for years.

The tablecloth is a rose design and the napkin 
follows the theme with a simple twist of a silk flower stem.

I used my mother's pink stemware paired with 
my bubble glasses. 

The peonies were beautiful this year, but I only got a few.  

These Fire and Ice roses are my favorite and they 
loved the cold rainy weather.  I had an abundance 
of these.

I had to show you our views - 
Mountain Timpanogos to the north, 

and Squaw Peak to the east.  The snow is usually gone 
by July 4th, but we had so much snow this year, 
which we needed.  

I am glad I could share my pretties before they 
all disappear.  Thanks for coming to visit.

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  1. Just stunning Jackie! From the flower petal plates and bowls to the views. The flowers are amazing and deserve a table this beautiful. Loving how you use your flower spreaders with the flatware and the tablecloth is lovely. I'm sure your guests will enjoy this special table.


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