Thursday, December 24, 2020

Shabby Chic Christmas Eve

One of my most exciting times of Christmas 
is setting the table for our formal 
Christmas Eve Dinner.

This gorgeous shabby chic horse was a new 
find this year, and he sets the tone for our table. 

These shabby chic candlesticks are ones we have 
had for years.  They look great with our horse. 

We always put on the fancy plates and flatware 
for our dinner.  This year everything is in silver and white. 

I bought this silverplate flatware from 
Horchow years ago, and wish they still 
sold it.  

We will have 20 for dinner this year, 
that includes three high chairs. 

We always set up in "the Great Hall", 
so we can sit together.  Just a few minutes 
of clearing out other furniture and the 
great room is perfect for seating a lot of 

My husband just loves all of the Christmas decor.  
Everyone that comes over, he asks them to come in 
and see everything.  That is so sweet of him. 

I added some greens and some white roses 
to the table for a little color. 

The best is when the children, especially the 
grandchildren, are so appreciative. 

What a year, culminating with hope by being 
able to see The Bethlehem Star.  May you feel the 
love and joy of Christ's birth in your heart 
year round.

Stay healthy and well!

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Monday, December 14, 2020

Dressed up Tea Service

I just love silver, and the history and beauty of it.  
Of course, I never had a tea service of my own, 
so years ago, I found this one on Ebay.  It was reasonable, 
and just needed a little cleaning and polishing. 

It usually sits on a table in my living room, but this 
Christmas I moved it into the kitchen in the beautiful 
display area under my baking cabinet.  I figured since 
it is metal, it would be pretty safe with little ones. 
I decided to dress it up a little bit with ornaments, 
trees and lights.  I have received so many comments 
on it.  The kids have seen it for years, but there 
was something magical about dressing it up a little, 
that they noticed it. I think adding the lights really helped. 

They are just fairy lights threaded through, and sparkly 
mirrored ornaments pick the lights up too. 

I added trees in white and gold, and another beautiful 
white and gold ornament. 

I think I may have to dress up the tea set for other holidays too. 
Thanks for stopping by - is there anything that you 
usually have around the house that you dress up 
for Christmas?

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Merry Gingerbread Table

I am quite taken by gingerbread houses, although 
I have never been known to create a masterpiece.  
This one was created this year using my old 
Williams-Sonoma mold.  It is pretty in soft pinks.

I have many that can be used year after year 
because they are not edible gingerbread houses.

The other ceramic houses don't fool anyone, but this 
one with it's Hershey's kisses and Hershey bar has 
everyone believing I made it.

The gingerbread table was set up in the dining room, 
with a furry runner down the middle, 
and pink, pink, pink everywhere. 

I made the cute candy cane napkins years ago, 
with my serger, and they have held up well. 

It is always fun to include something heirloom,

and these pink Fostoria glasses were my mothers. 

The DuBarry sterling will hopefully be an heirloom 
for one of my girls in years to come.  If I treat it special, 
maybe they will see it as something special too. 

I even have a few gingerbread nutcrackers too. 
A darling 14 year old boy was over the other day 
and he said, "How many nutcrackers do you have?"  
I have never stopped to count.  

Thanks for stopping by to see our 
Merry Gingerbread Table here at 
Purple Chocolate Home.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Tales of the Traveling Tote #25 and A Giveaway

Welcome to our December version of 
Tales of the Traveling Totes where we 
MacKenzie-Childs loving women bring 
you along to the many places our totes 
travel with us. 

Today Miss Madi K and I headed north to 
visit the elves at 
Gardner Village for Christmas in the Village.
Here we found lots of Santa's helpers at work.   

We also found plenty of his helpers 

just goofing around.  

It was a cold but sunny day, a good day 
for catching a sighting of the many elves.

This little one and her helper baking 
gingerbread cookies was one of my favorites. 

We also fell in love with this little guy up 
on the ski lift.

Gardner Village is a quaint shopping and eating 
experience centered on the Old Gardner Mill. 
Historic homes and cabins have been moved 
to the site and they house retail shops.  

It is fun to just walk around the property, cross 
a couple of wooden bridges and be on the 
hunt for elves everywhere.  We enjoyed the magic 
of Christmas in the Village. 

We brought our own little Christmas helpers along. 

My daughter was on the hunt for 
Dept. 56 North Pole Village pieces.  Alas, 
the shop that used to carry them is no longer 
in business at Gardner Village.  We did a quick 
search on the internet and we quickly 
headed to another store and found plenty of 
North Pole Elf Houses. 


Haw's Floral is a magical spot that we had never 
visited before and 
Miss Madi K and I were especially drawn to 
this fabulous table and display.

Even though the store was no longer in business, 

we had fun seeing all of the elves, and we now 

have a fabulous new Christmas store to enjoy.  

You don't even have to leave home to have some 
fun,  just visit Sarah and Miss Merri Mac 
and leave a comment to win these fun 
MacKenzie-Childs Courtly Check party 
plates, napkins and straws.

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traveling group to see where they 
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Thursday, October 29, 2020

Freeze Dried Candy Board

Beaulah wants to share our new treat with you,
whether it is Halloween or not - 
Freeze Dried Candies.  These freeze dried Skittles 
even look like colorful eyeballs, so they are 
great for Halloween, or any time of year.

Using the same black and white checked tray, 
we put together this sugary delight. Starting on 
the left side and going counter-clockwise we have 
Chewy SweetTarts, Gummy Bears, HiChews (cut in half) 
and Milk Duds.
The little goblins and even the big ones can't get 
enough of it.  Beaulah and I have not been able 
to keep things stocked.  One little granddaughter 
even asked for a really big jar of the Freeze Dried 
Skittles for her birthday in December.  How cute is 

Personally, I am not a huge sugary candy fan, so I 
threw in a little chocolate again.  The little jars held 
M&M's and non freeze dried Chewy SweeTarts.
Of course, these treats don't need to be freeze dried, 
but it changes the texture and they just melt in 
your mouth. 
I have a Harvest Right Freeze Dryer which we 
purchased several years ago.  I think these will 
stay on our menu for years to come.

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Ghostly Halloween Table

It's time to show our Halloween Feast in the
Great Hall!  
This year the ghosts gathered to join us.

The ghosts help push aside the furniture to make 
room for all of the fun.

Black and purple candles adorned the Great Hall.

The plate stacks were simple with silver 

chargers and white square plates set on an angle.

Images of haunted windows and gardens 
adorned every placesetting.

These skeletal goblets adorned the table too. 

There was plenty of "eye" candy on the table.

And there was lots of purple - my favorite Halloween color.

These creepy spooks were there to greet everyone!
It is always a party here at Purple Chocolat Home.
My little spooks heard we were coming as 
Zombie Bride and Groom, so they wanted to 
match us.  Loved it!!

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Goblets - Dollar Tree
Ghostly Images - Etsy
Skeleton and Pumpkin Cart - MacKenzie-Childs
Plates - Home Goods

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