Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Hallmark Movie Night

Is the month of December, with all of the fun parties
too short, or is it just me?

We decided we needed to get together one
more time in January.
Our after Christmas celebration consisted of
a get together with our Lunch Bunch friends
for a late afternoon Hallmark movie for the girls.

I had surprised the ladies with these Hallmark
Christmas Movie watching tee shirts for their 
Christmas presents.  

So we all wore our shirts and I also gave them
a T-J-Maxx shopping bag that reads
"I enjoy long romantic walks through T-J-Maxx.

After the girls' late afternoon Hallmark movie,
the guys joined us for dinner and then a movie
they would like more (although several of them
enjoy Hallmark movies too.)

Hubby really got into it with his special shirt - 
"All I want to do is make Christmas cookies,
drink hot cocoa, and watch the Hallmark Channel."

Barb hosted the event and set a beautiful
table for us, with red and green and white

Gold flatware and red goblets completed
the fun table.

She topped the stack with darling covered
copper soup bowls.  It has been so fun watching
these friends learn to tablescape too!  Of course,
I get the blame for their expenditures on dishes now!

We decided on a light tomato soup
and salads for our meal - since we had
all indulged heavily over the holidays.

I did dip a few fresh chocolates.  These
are my new favorites! I will share these
new recipes on a Valentine's Day post.  

We decided this was such a fun activity 
we don't need to wait until Christmas -
Valentine's Day Hallmark movies will
be starting soon....

I will be posting this with

Monday, December 31, 2018

2018 in Review in Book Form

Preserving memories of our family, couple, friends,
food and grandchildren activities is one of my
passions.  This year I created a book of memories
for each of us consisting of these 16 picture
pages made on my phone using Pic Stitch.
They were all printed on 12x12 glossy pages
in Costco Photo books.
We started with Thanksgiving 2017.

A granddaughter who turned eight in December and her baptism.
The Grinch holiday cheermeister party for the family.
 Before Christmas celebration in Salt Lake
at the Grand America and the Roof Restaurant.
A sleepover for the grandkids who don't spend the night
on Christmas Eve.
Our Nativity night, done a couple of weeks before Christmas.
The table set for Christmas Eve in blush pink.

Christmas morning.
Dinner with the adults at La Caille Restaurant
to celebrate my birthday.
Disneyland trip for my birthday, with a surprise
visit from my middle son and his daughter.
Then from Disneyland on to Hawaii to celebrate
getting another year older.
A trip to Cabo to check on construction.
The Atlantis in the Bahamas with friends.
A new grandbaby.
And a celebration of pictures of her first year.
Historic Easter with the bunnies.
New York City to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.
Our anniversary celebration in Southern California.

Glamping in Moab, Utah.
Lake Powell with the family.
Mermaid party with the grandkids.
Another granddaughter turning eight and being baptized.
River rafting in Wyoming with the family and friends.
Another Lake Powell family trip.

Just some fun moments with family and friends.
Visiting my sister with friends in San Antonio.
Garden party with kids.
Our luxury "camping" trip while the others went
Lake Powell with friends.
The beginning of fall and Halloween.
Hubby's birthday - again stopping at Disney and then off
to check on our Cabo place.
A shower for our upcoming grandbaby.
Halloween with Harry Potter Theme.

Thanksgiving in St. George with a live Nativity.
Tea with Papa and Mrs. Claus.
 Grandchildren chocolate dipping, after our tea party.
 2018 progress on Cabo construction - slow and painful!
        Christmas at Disneyland, our last trip on our year pass.

A Night in Bethlehem in December.
Sweet baby Elyse born.
The traditional trip to Grand America 
with dinner at the Melting Pot in Salt Lake.
 Christmas Eve dinner,
and pajamas.

Christmas morning!

Whew I get exhausted when I look at it in one sitting,
but we have had a lot of fun.  I want the little ones to
remember, so I publish books, and this is going to
be my new tradition - the year in review.

Their books go from October to October as
I need to have time for publishing, and I plan
on about a month.

I love family histories, and picture books are such
an easy and fun way to keep those histories.

Have a wonderful New Year's Celebration
and may 2019 be a peaceful, healthy and happy
year for you and yours.

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