Wednesday, October 20, 2021

A Hint About Halloween Night

Here is a hint about what is going to 
be happening here on Halloween Night. 

We actually got this chair for last year's 
Halloween, but with Covid, we decided 
to be gone for Halloween.  That is only 
the second time we have missed having 
fun for Halloween in 42 years of marriage.  

The other time the kids had Fall Break 
and we went away for it.  

This chair is 92 inches tall and I 
found it on Throne Kingdom.  

Ms. Maleficent will be sitting in it 
this year, with her sidekick Diavol.

We will be visited by about 
400 kids!  

Monday, October 18, 2021


Halloween is all around the house, 
and this year I decided to create 
a Haunted Village on the piano 
in the front entry, like I do the 
Christmas Village each year.

It all started because I made a new 
Haunted House and didn't know 
where to put another one!

I made and posted about this 
Huanted House last year. 

This is a house I had purchased from 
JoAnn Fabrics a few years back and 
I had dolled it up with a few pumpkins,
brooms, a banner and some pipe cleaners. 

This was a house we with our 
Craft Group a few years back.  
The craft leader that night had purchased 
houses from Hobby Lobby and then 
glittered them up and we all 
brought things to accessorize 
our houses.

The last house was also brought 
from JoAnn Fabrics and accessorized. 

Let me go back and show you some 
of the fun details to my new house. 

To tell the truth, it was this four poster 
witch's bed that captured my eye 
first at Michael's.  It has a fun purple 
bedspread and a hat on the bed and it is 
draped with black netting.  

The fairy witch is the owner of this house.  
Also notice the fun vanity mirror in the 
back corner.  These were all pieces from 

The upstairs bath is a footed tub 
and a fun pedestal sink from Michaels.  
I cut some fur fabric for a bath rug 
and added a little folded terry towel.  
The silver mirror was purchased 
from Amazon.

I keep wanting to say this or that is 
my favorite thing, but this black 
cake has to be one of the top ones.  
it is atop a spider webbed table 
with sparkling bats on the chairs. 

But then again, this tufted sofa can't be 
beat!  No wonder I grabbed everything 
I saw!  

The outside porch is decorated with 
two haunted trees, a cauldron, 
some melting candles and 
some white pumpkins.  These are 
all from Michael's too.  

In order to have space for a porch, I 
found a slatted sign that was a gray 
wash and glued the house to it. 

If you have lost your way, these little 
spooks will help you!  

The house itself was a kit Michael's 
had for $24, that just glued together. 

The bad part of all of this is that 
everything was here and gone in 
August.  I went to a second store to 
pick up another couch and everything 
was gone the next day.  

Here are details from the inside 
of the house I made and posted 
last year.  

The furnishings came from Hobby Lobby, 
Michael's and Etsy.  

I made quite a few bottle brush trees 
for Halloween a few years ago and 
they are all over the village and even 
inside the houses. 

As you can see, Beaulah and I have been 
having a lot of fun for Halloween, 
flying here there and everywhere.  
We are so glad we flew on over to 
Michael's before all of these fun 
things were gone.

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Thursday, October 14, 2021

Disney's Haunted Mansion Tablescape

Welcome to Disney's Haunted Mansion, 
where Grim Grinning Ghosts came out to 
socialize for two parties this week.

The inspiration for our ghostly event came 
from this picture which we have had for 
quite a few years now.  We purchased it at 
Disney World a few years ago, 
signed by Larry Dotson, 2008. 

I happened to have this hearse 
that I got at Home Goods a few years 
ago, which looks so much like the one 
in the print.  

Then I got on Amazon and found table 
runners with the pattern of the 
Haunted Mansion, and the tables all 
came together. 

Hubby and I were Maleficent and Diavol 
for both parties.  This one was for a smaller 
party of ten, for friends.  

This one was for the family and we 
seated 26. 

I got new purple chargers from Amazon 
and used my white plates and gold 
flatware.  For the smaller group I was 
able to use these twig ones.  For the
larger group I used my everyday gold 
flatware, as I have more of those. 

A neighbor had gifted me 40 of these 
huge purple water goblets, as she knows 
I love tablescaping and purple.  Her 
MIL had these and had never used them. 

They were perfect for the large crowd 
and I didn't even mind using them on 
the kid's table as we had a few to spare. 

Of course, Madam Leota had to be 
present for the Haunted Mansion. 

And large candelabras are required 
at the Haunted Mansion.

I also purchased the Haunted Mansion 
music on Itunes and we had that playing 
as background music.  It features the 
entire soundtrack from the Disney ride. 

For the family party we asked everyone 
to make a Disneyland dish, so from left 
to right we have Bengal BBQ's spicy 
beef skewers, Carnation Cafe's potato soup, 
and Ronto Wraps from Star Wars.

A Disney inspired Halloween Macaron 
topped with Green Apple Pop Rocks 
and raspberry sauce and filled with 
black (cherry flavored) ice cream - wow!

We also had a huge assortment of 
wonderful Haunted Mickey cookies. 

For the friend party we did fondues. 
We had pizza fondue and cheese fondue 
for the main dish and chocolate 
and caramel fondues for dessert. 

So pack your bags and come along on 
our Haunted Mansion ride, 

but beware of hitchhiking ghosts!

Thanks for joining our scary ride and,  
"Hurry back, hurry back!"

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Monday, October 11, 2021

My MacKenzie-Childs Barn Sale Purchase

I have been dying to share my best 
purchase from the MC Virtual Barn Sale 
this year.  

I fell in love with this cake platter right away.  
How many cake platters does a good witch 
need I ask?  Well, if it is as fabulous as this, 
I guess we needed another one.  

She takes front and center on my kitchen counter.  
She is actually made of two pieces, but 
knowing people the way I do, I figured 
someone would come and lift up the peak 
of the hat and drop it.  I decided to use a 
little earthquake proof stickum to secure 
the top piece on.  

You cannot believe how many people have 
tried to move it!  Please people, just ask, 
don't try and take it apart.  So I was glad 
that I was proactive and secured it down.  
The two pieces will come apart with a 
slight twist.  

I wish I had purchased another one for my 
daughter who just fell in love with it when 
she saw it.  

Isn't the twist at the top of the hat 
just amazing?  

I may never be able to attend the real 
barn sale, but the last two virtual ones 
have been fun!  

Thanks for stopping by to see what Beaulah 
have been decorating.  

She told me she would like to be repainted 
in black and white with accents of gold! 

Thursday, October 7, 2021

My Halloween Mantel 2021

Yes, it's that time of year, and we have been
having fun decorating for the last couple of 
weeks, just an hour of so a day. 

You know how it is, you think you are 
done and then you get another idea, so 
you putter some more.  

Beaulah was rattling around down in the 
holiday room, so once she comes out to play, 
there is no stopping us.  

We didn't do a lot last year, so it has been 
really fun to decorate this year.  

My friend called me last year and said 
she had found these two fabulous floor 
candelabras for only $25 each.  She 
thought of me and my love for Halloween 
right away so she called.  

Of course I grabbed them.  This is the first time 
they came out, and I just love them.  I had to 
get all new electric tapers with a remote control.  
Twisting 40 tapers on and off just wasn't going 
to cut it.  It is so nice to just press a button.  

I have had this fun rocking horse from 
Home Goods, 
which I grabbed at Christmas last year, 
on my mantel all year and I 
really didn't want to take him down.  
Well, just a few ribbons and a 
black pumpkin and he fits right in.  

The black garland and garland with balls I 
have had for years, but I added the beaded 
garland this year from Amazon.  I just saw 
the same exact beaded garland selling at 
a boutique for triple the price.  

I hung this little mirror which I got from 
Target a few years ago.  

The best Halloween silk flowers with creepy 
eyeballs are from Dollar Tree. 

Each side of the mantel is adorned with some 
Halloween ribbon.  I love being able to just 
tuck the ribbon or bead garland up and 
twist a piece of the black garland to keep 
them in place. 

Here's a view from the balcony above.  
I just finished my Halloween playlist 
yesterday and had the music playing 
when hubby got home.  I love that 
he gets into the decorations too.  

It's been a crazy busy fall already with two 
new babies and 6-7 football games a 
week, but there is nothing we would rather 
be doing than supporting these 
wonderful kids and grandkids.  

Thanks for stopping by to see what 
Beaulah and I have been up to.  We 
will post the rest of the house later. 

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