Monday, December 10, 2018

Chocolate Board How To

Now this is my kind of dessert, a chocolate
extravaganza and super easy to create, and
boy did it get wows from adults and children alike.

Our family is in love with cheese and charcuterie
boards, and they are so fun to prepare, and this
is a perfect companion for them.

The centerpiece of it was large chunks
of my dipping chocolate.  You can see
that it is Guittard chocolate.  I placed those
on a large wooden serving platter first, and
then began to layer all sorts of chocolates.

I opened a couple of Lindt bars and left some of
the foil on for a little shine.

You want a little height so I stood up a Hershey's
Cookies and Cream that had a Nutcracker design.
That really added to the chocolate board.

I purchased a package of mixed Lindt chocolate
truffles, a package of mixed Ghiradelli bars, a few
Hershey bars, and a package of Belgian chocolates.
I also added a few things I had around the
house, a Milka bar and some Kit Kats.

All of the chocolates were unwrapped and
placed around the board using some of the
chunks and bars to keep the round truffles
from rolling off.  The white chocolate and
the peppermint give a fun color variation.

Finally, just before serving, I placed some fresh
raspberries and strawberries around the board.
The fruit gave it just that pop of color that it needed.

I served it along with my home made chocolates.
This photo was taken before the fruit was added.

Chocolates are so rich that people don't
take a ton of them, so a chocolate board
goes a long way.  

I think a Chocolate Board will become a new
staple for entertaining in our home.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit.


Sunday, December 9, 2018

MacKenzie Childs Giveaway Winner

Welcome to Purple Chocolat Home
where there is always something sweet 
and fun and magical taking place.

Are you all decorated for Christmas?  
I am all done, but that doesn't mean I
don't go down to the holiday room and pull
something else out every once in a while. 

I have been lucky enough to be a part
of the
Tales of the Traveling Tote group.
Linda at Life and Linda
and Sarah at Hyacinths For the Soul thought
I would enjoy this group and invited me to join.

They even
helped me find my Traveling Tote.  

We are a group of bloggers who love
MacKenzie-Childs, traveling, eating,
playing and having fun.  Once a quarter
we share our travels with our MacKenzie-Childs
totes and have a giveaway of a MacKenzie-Childs

Our lucky winner this quarter is Lisa

Drop by and congratulate her.  She is
going to love her fabulous tote.

Thanks Patti for bringing us all together
for so much fun.  Click here to see how
all of this fun got started.

Return on March 1st for another 
Tales of the Traveling Tote
and another giveaway.  You may be
the lucky winner this time.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Tea with Mr. and Mrs. Claus

We are really into the Christmas spirit,
and Mr. Claus has arrived to help
get the season going.

Invitations had been sent out, inviting the
little ones to come to tea with Mr. and Mrs.
Claus, with chocolate dipping afterwards, with
the parents.

This would be happening at 
Mrs. Claus's Chocolate Factory.

Sometimes busy parents needs a reminder.

(Both invitations were made easy on Picmonkey.)

Mr. and Mrs. Claus were in the entry ready for 
their little guests.
(Notice my new boots I got last year.)

Everyone got their picture taken with Mr. Claus.

Then they all went into the kitchen to
write a letter to Papa Claus (Grandpa) with
their pens that we got from the Candy Cane Inn
last week at Disneyland.

Some of the letters were sooooo funny. One
darling granddaughter asked for him
to get his hair back for Christmas!!!

Then Papa Claus changed into Chef Claus for
the tea party.

There was an abundance of candy canes
and we showed off our hard to get
Candy Cane from Disneyland.
(Papa thought that standing in line to get
the wristband and then going back later
meant we got a free candy cane!!  Haha,
no, this is a giant handmade candy cane
that they charge $15 for, but we got two
and we were able to
see them making some.)

We used our same table setting from 
but now we multiplied it to fit
11, and we swapped out goblets
for cocoa mugs.

The menu included turkey and cheese finger sandwiches,
PB&J finger sandwiches, raspberries, strawberries
and blueberries, meringues and macarons.

My stackable Chiavari chairs are more
slim-lined than my normal chairs,
so the table was able to fit everyone.
Were they excited or what?

After everyone ate, Chef Claus made mini
peppermint shakes that Mrs. Claus had
dipped in chocolate and sprinkles.

The chocolate dipping was a bit chaotic and
extremely messy, but the kids had a lot of fun.
(When in doubt, remove the clothes!)

I normally dip in the large mechanized
chocolate dipping machine, but we had so many
little hands in there, that I went back to the way
I learned to dip, with an electric fry pan, and I
did the serious dipping while they had fun.

My oldest daughter pictured here with
her oldest and youngest usually helps with
the serious dipping, but they were home
trying to get their new home ready for a
final inspection.  Little one sure wanted
to get her hands on some chocolate.

You can see Papa has switched into
another holiday outfit so that he didn't ruin
his Santa outfit.

It was quite the party!

Thanks for stopping by to visit us during
this wonderful Christmas season.

I will be posting with

Saturday, December 1, 2018

December's Tales of the Traveling Tote and a Giveaway

Welcome to this quarter's 
Tales of the Traveling Totes,
where MacKenzie-Childs loving bloggers
take their beloved totes with them near and
far, and at the end of our tale, we offer
a MacKenzie Childs giveaway.

I am the host of the giveaway this December,
but more on that later.

Miss Madi K and I have some tales to tell!

We were not invited - can you believe that - 
on the family backpacking trip.  Hubby and I
used to go backpacking when we were first married.

I was young and foolish then and the tale I love
to tell is that we took back our wedding gifts
and exchanged them for backpacking equipment!

Gasp!!! I know that is hard to believe now, but it 
is true.  One nightmare trip after another, starvation,
getting lost, nearly getting killed in lightning storms,
and I was done.  )Truth be told, I found out there were
more luxurious ways to vacation!)  But the first part is
true too!!

Well, anyway, back to the story, I decided I would
got this year as my daughter had a new baby so
she couldn't go, which meant I didn't have to babysit,
but hubby said he didn't think I should.  I have had 
upper back stress since I was 14 and went through
the windshield of a car, and he didn't think I could
handle a backpack for that long.  I told him that I
knew he would carry it for me, but he said he wouldn't!
Hard to believe as nearly perfect as he is. Anyhow,
that is how this Tale of the Traveling Tote began.

My son who didn't go with everyone texted me
and said, "Dinner at Cheesecake Factory?"

I replied, "And overnight at the Grand America!"

So he and I and granddaughter Goldie headed up
to Salt Lake to party while Papa and the others were
out of town.

I have posted about the Grand America Hotel
in Salt Lake before. 

 It is like experiencing an
elegant Old World hotel, and our family loves it.

We love their breakfast buffet

which is elegant and delicious and one of our family
and friend traditions.

Now mind you, last year I was so good to the backpackers,
and I bought them dinners from Cheesecake Factory
and freeze dried them in my Great Harvest Freeze Dryer,
but this year I hadn't done that and instead, we kept texting
pictures like the above, saying things like,
"Did your bed sleep this comfy last night?"
"Is this what your breakfast looked like?"
"Did you have this kind of hot cocoa?"

We had a lot of fun teasing them, as they didn't
know we had decided to party while they were gone.

This was in late September and the flowers were 
still fabulous.

And Goldie decided she wanted to do all of the posing
with Miss Madi K.

These are all taken in their courtyard.  You can see
why it is so enchanting.

Goldie and Miss Madi K, and of course
Marcus and I really enjoyed their indoor pool.

It was a foodie weekend with eating twice
at Cheesecake Factory, the Grand Buffet,
and then we stopped at our favorite macaron
shop, Fillings and Emulsions on the way
out of town.

When Papa returned Goldie said, "Papa can you go backpacking
again really soon?!!"

I agreed!  No sitting home feeling sorry for
myself.  He said he was staying home next
year and going with us!

We have had a little difficulty
here at Purple Chocolat Home.
Miss Minnie M has gotten
very jealous of Miss Madi K, and
decided she wanted to be mentioned in
a post too.

She was wonderful running
all over Disneyland.

Now to the really fun giveaway.

 Patti found this fabulous
MacKenzie-Childs canvas tote bag
that is our giveaway prize this time.

Leave a comment below to enter to
win!  And tell me what you would 
like to tote in your new bag.
Wish I could win too!  The winner
will be chosen by midnight December 7, 2018.
Only US addresses will be eligible (sorry,
but due to postage we have to limit it.)

And visit all of our participants this time
and see where they and their famous totes
have been off to.

This will be Cherry Kay's first tale
with Miss Carrie Ann Hall, so be sure
to welcome her.

And come back March 1st when
we will have a fun and unique twist
on our traveling tales.

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