Monday, June 1, 2020

Tales of the Traveling Totes #23 and A Giveaway

Welcome to our June 2020 edition of 
Tales of the Traveling Totes, where a group
of MacKenzie-Childs loving women share where 
our totes have been off to. 

What adventures have we had during the last 
quarter with Covid-19?  Miss Madi K and I surprisingly
ended up having quite a bit of fun!!!

At first I thought I would be sharing pictures of:
La Bored Room
Le Decluteria
Costa De Balcony
Porto Gardenas
Ste. Toilette
La Rotunda de Sofa

But as time passed and Utah went from 
an orange emergency status to a yellow status,
we had the opportunities to do a few things.

It all started with this little cutie-pie!  Her parents 
had headed down south to St. George, Utah for 
my son's birthday at the end of March.  The weather was 
so pleasant and the view out of the condo window 
was of a pool and palm trees, so they ended up 
staying for five weeks!  Towards the end of their 
time they needed help watching this little one 
while they studied for and took their finals.  

We had stayed away from everyone, so we were 
a little nervous, but they had isolated too, so 
we decided to go down and help!  As of today, we 
have isolated down here for six weeks!  We have 
children at home who can check on our home 
and hubby can do all of his work and his church 
work on the phone and internet, so we decided it 
was the perfect place to isolate.

We actually have a lot down here, and have thought 
of building and moving here, but were unsure about 
being so far away from all of the grandkids, who 
all live close.  This has given us a taste of what 
living down here would be like. 

We hadn't done any take-out, but the cases of the virus 
were so much less down here in the heat, that the kids 
talked us into getting some food from restaurants and 
heading to parks to eat.  Our parks had remained open 
and weren't busy.

By May 1st the pools became open and by the next 
weekend we could go over to Lake Powell, 
which is three hours away, so Miss Madi K 
got packed up and we headed to our houseboat.  

We invited some friends to Lake Powell with us 
who were also isolating down in St. George.  

We just went for three nights, and decided 
it was safe and fun so we invited two of my 
kids to come down for the next weekend.

We boated up the lake to see Rainbow Bridge. 
This DIL had never seen it.

The water is way too cold for me this time of year, but 
the kids enjoyed it.

We ended up being there for our 41st Anniversary. 
We had planned on going to Hawaii, and that 
had been cancelled early in April, so it was 
fun to have somewhere to go.

My daughter whipped up a beautiful batch 
of macarons for our anniversary!  I would 
never have thought of making them at Lake Powell. 

We ended up heading over for a third 
weekend in a row.  Miss Pansy got to come along
this time.

Our youngest daughter and her husband came this 
weekend.  He had just graduated from college, 
and of course they weren't having convocation, so I 
ordered a cap and gown for him, and we went just 
down the highway to Horseshow Bend.  It is 
less than a mile down the road, but we had never been.  

It is quite spectacular.  Miss Madi K got to take 
the short hike out to the view point.  

I can't believe we had never come here before.  I 
guess we have always been in a rush coming 
and going, and we had no idea how close it was.

I have been journaling this Covid-19 experience, and 
these 16 picture pages tell a lot of the story.  I have made 
these for the last few years and at the end of the year 
I publish them in a book, to tell the year's story.  It 
makes for a really easy way to document the year. 

With the money we got back from the Hawaii trip,
we purchased ebikes.  We have been taking bike rides 
on the wonderful bike trails in and around St. George.  
Again, this is something we have never done, even 
though we have been coming to St. George for 
over 30 years.  This is up Snow Canyon.

Miss Madi K carried hand sanitizer, sunglasses, 
sunscreen and other necessaries in the car.

Just a little humor! 
Hasn't humor helped with Covid-19?

Pictures don't do justice to the size, scale and color of 
these mountains up Snow Canyon.  This 
mountain is called Island in the Sky and it is massive.

We had scaled this mountain a few years ago with 
a friend who is a professional guide. Yes, you have to squeeze through that tiny crack and spider walk crevices!

 It was a lot easier riding up 
the canyon on an ebike!  
 I have to say we are addicted to the ebikes - 
it is almost like cheating - as you can ride up any steep 
hill as the bike assists you.

We finished the morning by going to 
breakfast at Tifany's!  Miss Madi K 
really liked this.  

Cinnamon Roll crepe and a Breakfast Crepe!  It was 
the second restaurant we have sat in.  We were the only 
ones there.  We were glad to see it was up and running.

And last week the TJ Maxx opened in St. George.  Only 
85 people are allowed in the store.  
We had to wait outside just 
for five minutes. 
Of course our treasure hunting here 
paid off!  

My sister Joni said she had stopped in theirs and 
the shelves had been emptied by pent up shoppers!

Because of our age, we still are social distancing, 
 wearing our masks and limiting our grocery 
shopping.  We feel blessed that our family has stayed 
employed and healthy and some can work from home.  

Who would have ever thought we would be posting 
about living through a pandemic, but we are glad 
we were able to loosen up a bit this last month. 

Hope you are all doing well.

Now for the giveaway - what you have been waiting for!

Join our other travelers and leave a comment on Linda's blog to enter the giveaway!  See where 
and what they have been up to during the pandemic.

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Here's a peek at my MC friends as we had 
a Zoom meeting and I saw their faces and 
heard their voices for the first time.  Thanks 
Patti for putting this photo together.

Join us in September and see where our adventures take us.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

The Way We Were Tablescape

Do you remember the Way We Were - when we could 
go to restaurants and sit close together?  

We had this birthday lunch the first week in 
March, and then everything closed down the second 
week in March, so I never posted this event. 

We finally went to our first sit down restaurant 
this last week.  It felt strange, yet exciting, and 
we are sure hoping that most restaurants will be 
able to make it through the empty chairs and empty tables.

Taste is a chocolate factory and restaurant in 
downtown Provo, and they offered afternoon teas 
by reservation.

Miss Pansy got invited along to this tea.

It was the first time many of us had been to Taste.  
It is in the historic downtown district, and they 
have done a beautiful job creating a wonderful 
and special space for special occasions.

We haven't been able to gather as a group 
since this lunch in early March, but we have 
done several Zoom gatherings.  It is so great 
to see everyone's faces and hear their voices 
and know what is happening in their lives.  

Have you gathered with your friends over 
FaceTime or Zoom?

These huge tufted couches set behind marble tables just speak 
elegance and special.  

The table is set with white porcelain plates and 
lovely flatware.  The afternoon tea menu rests on your plate.

Clear glass goblets are simple, yet elegant.  
We truly felt transported to another time.  

Next time we are able to go, maybe we should 
wear hats and dresses - that would be so appropriate.

From top to bottom we were served sweets, scones with 
clotted cream and strawberry jam, and savory sandwiches.

You could choose from herbal teas, specialty sodas or 
my choice - French Sipping Chocolate - shall I say 
it was more like rich French chocolate pudding.  

It was so rich and decadent, but it was fun to 
dip your scones in too.

Every savory sandwich was a delight and 
we were quite full by the time we finished 
the savory portion of the tea.

The portions were very generous, and the scones were 
truly the best that I have had, including afternoon 
teas that we had in London.

Before we leave, I have to show you a peak into 
the chocolate factory through the glass panel.  

I can't wait until I can go back again and 
enjoy sitting next to my friends.  I have 
to say that sitting in a restaurant with 
other people, even though we were socially 
distancing, felt a little strange.  Someday we 
will feel like it is normal again, and I can't wait.

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