Monday, November 19, 2018

Original Thanksgiving Menu Dinner

Welcome to our original Thanksgiving
menu feast - not your mashed potatoes, stuffing,
and pumpkin pie feast, but more closely related
to what the pilgrims would have had
with game and seafood, nuts and berries.

My husband is a Bishop in a Young Single
Adults Ward in our church
(The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints)
and once a month members of the Bishopric
put on a Family Home Evening dinner for
the young single adults.  This beautifully attired
pilgrim couple above are our High Councilman and his
wife.  It was their turn to host and they went all out.
She wanted to have a more authentic Thanksgiving

They rented a hall that is used for wedding receptions
and dinners - The Startup Candy Building for the feast.
It had a really cool feeling to it and we were able to
seat about 75.

The tablesetting was very casual with
silver paper plates on a white paper plate
charger, silver paper cups and silver plastic flatware.
The rustic tables and walls really added to
the theme of the dinner.

Fruits and nuts and sparkling cider were also
placed on each table.

Lesa is the foods teacher at our high school,
so she planned the menu and arranged for
Andy and others to do the cooking.  

Andy and Lesa used long salvaged boards to present
the cooked meats on.

Original Thanksgiving Menu

Roast Fowl (chicken)
Smoked Ham
Boiled Lobster
Assorted Fruits
Sparkling Cider

(Salmon getting ready to go on the grill.)

Servers were asked to come up with some
kind of costume.  This is my hubby dressed
in his mountain man leathers, bringing the meats
out by candle light to the tables.

The end of each table was left open so the
serving board could be placed on the table.
The kids came up and sliced off what 
food they wanted.

You can tell these guys didn't really want their
pictures taken.

The meal was amazingly satisfying, and even the
venison was delicious.  I have had venison quite a
few times in my life and have always had it taste gamey,
but they had soaked it overnight in buttermilk and then 
topped it with beef fat and slow roasted it.  
The picture is missing the lobster.  They almost
forgot to bring those out!!!

At the very end, Andy felt the kids couldn't get by
without pumpkin pies and whipped cream, so
they did serve that.  I have to say at our table, 
people were so full and satisfied that they didn't
eat much pumpkin pie.

Here I am in my leathers too.  When we built our
cabin 25 years ago there was a local lady who
sewed leather clothing.  She is not there anymore,
so our outfits are real treasures.

What a fun way to teach the Young Single
Adults a little about Thanksgiving.  They really
enjoyed it and it was a fun evening.  I truly
didn't miss all of the modern twists - in
other words the carbs, which are my favorite
part of Thanksgiving dinner.

We have so much to be grateful for.
Our prayers go out to all those who
have suffered lately with storms and
fires and who don't have a warm home
left and who are missing loved ones.

I hope you and yours 
have a lovely Thanksgiving.

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  1. What a perfect way to celebrate Thanksgiving and also teach the young people. Your leather outfits look wonderful. They are treasures since the lady who made them is not around. Love the salvaged boards for serving. A true Thanksgiving meal does reminds us all what the pilgrims ate. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  2. Yes, we have so much to be thankful for!
    Your husband looks like he could audition for the West Virginia University Mountaineer [mascot] All he has to do is grow a beard and fire a musket!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I'm on the Keto diet for migraine control and am worried about giving into temptation on Thanksgiving. However, I could indulge in this recreated feast as, with the exception of the bread (and pumpkin pie), it is completely Keto. This diet is alot about eating whole foods. Maybe these Pilgrims and Indians were on to something! Great post. Thanks!

  4. It was a wonderful evening thanks to wonderful people who helped by dressing up and serving food. Hope you feel better for the holiday. We are blessed to live in this free country to worship, how, where and what we may.

  5. What a wonderful way to celebrate and county one’s blessings! Love the costumes, this must have been so much fun. Happy Thanksgiving Jacqueline

  6. I love this idea - it looks like a wonderful time was had by all. Your husband is such a good sport to dress in character - your outfits are fabulous! We certainly are the lucky ones to live in such a great country, but I feel so sad for the people who are struggling with bad fires and storms, and those in such violent situations. Enjoy the holiday with your family!


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