Thursday, April 12, 2018

Spring Birds Tablescape

Time for another lovely Crafty Girls dinner and
get together.  Tonight's dinner was at Jann's

Jann told us that she always decorates
with her birds before Easter, but since
Easter was so early, she decorated her
house with birds after Easter. 

 The whole
tablescape was filled with birds, and eggs,
and nests.  

I just love her wonderful pink plates.  She used
a collection of vintage napkins on the table.

The place mat was a beautiful large leaf.

We all drooled over her crinkled tablecloth.

Her pink goblets were the perfect touch for
the beautiful table.

 A stack of darling bird plates adorned the table.

I just adore her little vignettes all over her home.
Under this cloche she had created a nest.  I love
the touch of the Scrabble letters.

Our craft for the night was painting this large
flower shaped footed platter.  Jann had
made hers a while ago in aqua.  She had
a neighbor cut the wood.  She really went
overboard as she hosted, did the table and
much of the dinner and the craft.

She belongs to quite a few groups and
had made three main dishes for her
groups in two days!  I hope she got
some rest afterwards!!!!

Jann loves going junking and she has a home
filled with her vintage treasures.  This darling vintage
vase holds Hellebores from her garden.  Such a 
beautiful touch of spring to go with her table.

She even decorated her chandelier over the table,

with hanging cups with little nests in them.

We had chicken and waffles for dinner with a
most amazing caramel syrup.  We finished 
up with waffles and fruit and cream.  

I chose to make my platter a distressed white
with a wax finish.  They have little ball feet
on them.  All we had to do was paint, distress -
if desired, and wax so I told hubby we wouldn't
be late that evening.  Of course, once we finished
our craft we couldn't stop talking so we were
pretty late anyhow.  How I love being a part of
this groups of talented ladies. 

We always have a lovely table with a delicious
dinner and a fun craft, but most of all we have
great conversation and friendship.

And I will finish with a final shot
of my little spring flower!  They 
grow too quickly!!!

I will be posting with

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fun parties above.  There are always
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  1. Jacqueline, your craft group has more fun. How special to be a part of this group of friends. Jann's table is delightful in its spring colors and little birdies. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I count myself so blessed each time we meet because I don't have the crafting talents that they do and I love that they invited me along!

  2. Wow what a cute tablescape. Love those pink dishes. The hanging coffee cups with nests was the cutest idea! The platters were such a nice idea- there will be plenty of ways to use them! Your granddaughter is precious- love her sweet outfit!

    1. Yes, the hanging cups was such an adorable and easy idea.
      I get to see her so much! I just can't help but take pictures of her.

  3. I am always so amazed at the talents of your craft group and how much creativity goes into every gathering, from the gorgeous table settings, the food and the craft! Love the bird theme for a Spring table, and the trays are beautiful!

    1. I know, they just blow me away with how much work they put in! In addition, they always have a little gift to take home.

  4. How fun Jackie, your group of special ladies do have so much fun. Love the idea of Craft night and of course a lovely dinner. Spending quality time with special friends is so treasured. Jann’s spring bird table is adorable. Her special touches really make it a beautiful place to share with all of you talented ladies. The stack of bird plates is charming. The tray is lovely, something that can be always used.

    1. I already have it out on my counter and keep thinking of ways to use it!

  5. Jacqueline, your group looks like so much fun. Jann is such a talented girl, I love her birds in the tablescape, especially the stack of bird dishes. Lovely color for the table, perfect for spring and the chicken and waffles looks delish. She has such perfect little touches around, the cloche vignette and her Chaney are faves. Your platter turned out great. I’m sure time pasted quickly and it was late before you knew it! Have a wonderful weekend........

  6. Jackie, you got much better photos than I did. I took a few earlier, but once everyone arrived I forgot. :) Thanks for all your sweetness! I feel blessed to be included in this fun and talented group!! Love how your flower turned out, but that little flower is the most precious!! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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