Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Berry Pretty MacKenzie-Childs Table

 Today is a day to celebrate the hope
of summer with MacKenzie-Childs
Berries and Blossoms Plates.  Just the thought of 
fresh berries from the garden makes me
excited for summer.

  We started the day out with
four inches of snow, which finished by 9:30 am
and then the sun came out and warmed it up
so you didn't even need a coat.
You never know what the temperature might
be at this time of year.

Miss Madi K, my MacKenzie-Childs Traveling
Tote and I are headed on a couple of fun adventures
these next two weeks, so we thought it would
be perfect to break these plates out.  You can
read about those adventures in our upcoming
giveaway on June 1st.

I just love the addition of berries and blossoms
to the traditional Courtly Check border.  The
blossoms look just like all my blossoms on
my fruit trees - which I am very worried about
with two days of snow this last week.  

I have had this black and white checked 
tablecloth for quite some time.  It is 
actually covered with sequins.  It is
from Linentablecloths.com and picks
up the checks on the Berries and Blossoms plates.

 My MacKenzie-Childs canisters made perfect
vases for red and white flowers for the
center of the table.

I sprinkled a few of the berries 
on the tablecloth too.

The plates are topped with white tea cups
filled with a Vanilla Bean cupcake garnished
with fresh fruit.

Yum!  A Berry Shortcake Cupcake.

The red roses pick up the color of the
strawberries and raspberries.

This close-up shows the black and
white sequins.  I stacked my square wooden
chargers with round white plates for the stack
and accented everything with cherry red flatware.

Red goblets add another pop of color
to the table.

I am in love with these plates.  I purchased them
for picnics since they are melamine.  They will also
be great for little people.

I hope this table brought a little sunshine
into your life, even if it is snowing today!

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Chocolat - French for Chocolate. I adored chocolate from a young age when I had to sneak in the cupboard to find where my mother had hidden the Nestle's Chocolate Chips. Having read about the famous chocolat shoppes in Paris, when I finally got there I was determined to try a chocolate from every Paris shoppe. I invite you to share my adventures in creating, in travel, and in life.


  1. Just gorgeous and a sweet ending too with your berry shortcake cupcakes! I've admired those berries and blossoms plates and they're beautiful with your sequin checked tablecloth and pretty scalloped plate edges

  2. You have us all drooling over this table Jackie! I thought about buying those plates, and now of course I want them :) I love the way you scattered the berries on the table, just like the pattern, so cute!! This has been one crazy spring everywhere!! Have fun on your travels, can't wait to hear!

  3. Jackie, the plates are perfect for small hands and picnics. I love the strawberries with the Courtly Check! Very nice!

  4. Jacquline, love your pretty table anticipating summer. I love these plates too and the stack is awesome with the charger and tablecloth. I know you and Miss Madi K will have great adventures and I can’t wait to read about them. Hugs.......Emily

  5. Beautiful! And melamine, huh? Hmmmm....I LIKE!!!

  6. This Tablescape is beautiful. I love the plates. Where ever did you find them?

  7. I LOVE this !! I haven't seen those plates, and they are absolutely wonderful. Just like YOU! Sending a big Texas hug. xx's

  8. Berry pretty and sunshiny, indeed, Jackie! What a great combination with the pops of red. Love the canisters as your vases too.

  9. Berry pretty, indeed! Your plates are beautiful and go so well with the fresh berries!

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  11. Up until now, I've always been content with my MacKenzie Childs Courtly Check charger plates. That contentment just fell into the ditch at the side of the road when I saw the precious berries and blossoms plates. Melamine?! Who knew?! I'll be making a trip to our MacKenzie Childs store within the next week. I adore them! Your table reflects your talented eye for design once again. Thanks for inviting us for a peek. Cherry Kay

  12. Jackie, I'm late leaving a comment, but not visiting this pretty table. Just couldn't leave a comment from my phone. Love the clever title as much as I do this charming table setting. The berry plates are adorable. Love the combination of the berries and the Courtly Check. Wonderful photos!

  13. Love the berries and blossoms. I have them too. Your white plates are beautiful. The fresh berries look amazing with this table. What a lovely inspiration with MKC. It's kind of addicting.

  14. The classic black and white pattern accented with red is absolutely stunning. What a lovely table. Have a fabulous day!

  15. I would have never guessed that these plates are melamine. Lovely styling Jacqueline!

  16. Talk about eye candy! Your table is stunning! I could go for that cupcake with my coffee this morning. Have a great week.


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