Monday, April 9, 2018

Happy Unicorn Day

When I saw it was National Unicorn Day
coming up, I knew I wanted to make these
fun Unicorn Donuts.  It was a day for playing
in the kitchen.

Last year we did a big unicorn party
for two of the little granddaughters
starting with this cake I made.

Unicorn bags with goodies to take home,

and Unicorn Bark

made for a fun party.

Jacquelyn even wore a unicorn tee.

I started by winding fondant around a
skewer, letting it dry and painting it with
gold lustre mixed with lemon extract.  I
did the same for the ears. 

I used fondant molds to create little
flowers in pink, aqua and purple, and 
added a couple of swirls of colored frosting.

The donuts were dipped in thinned icing that I added
about a teaspoon of white food coloring to.

I cut the skewers leaving about an inch to stick
it into the donut.  I broke toothpicks in half and
"glued" them on with frosting.  I finished with
drawing on the eyelashes with an edible marker.
  I rushed it a little with the marker, as the frosting
wasn't quite hard enough.  Next time I would
wait a little more.  Try testing the marker on
a donut and wait if the marker breaks the
surface of the frosting.

I don't usually get into all of the "Days" out 
there, but with Unicorns, I couldn't help myself!

Thanks for coming to visit!  Hope you had
a wonderful day, whether you are celebrating
anything or not!


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  1. Oh my goodness Jacqueline, my three year old granddaughter would go wild over your donuts and also the cake and decor for the party. Your little one is adorable and looks quite happy with her theme!

  2. You are so talented!! What a cute themed party for a sweet little girls!!

  3. Cute, cute, cute! Your grands must love playing with you and your themed parties!

  4. I love seeing what comes out of your kitchen and it is always beautiful. You are so creative and have such a a talent. Love your cute doughnuts and the cake is so pretty. Lucky family to have you for a mom and grandmom. I’m sure little Jacquelyn enjoyed her party........

  5. This post has captured my heart. I have pinned the darling unicorn bags. You are a true talent. May you have a wonderful week of lovely weather!

  6. Oh, Jackie! These are so cute! My oldest daughter loves unicorns, so she'd love the donuts and other goodies. Your creativity tickles me....this has made my morning!

  7. Absolutely adorable and I think my granddaughter would love these.

  8. Oh how cute these are. You are the queen of baking decor and more. The donuts are adorable as is the birthday party you threw. Special Unicorn gift bags to match and that pretty cake. You are such a wonderful Grandma.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Loving the Unicorn theme so much! The treats are so fun! I especially love the Unicorn donut idea, so cute!!


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