Wednesday, September 16, 2015

There's a New Witch in Town Tablescape

You can tell it is that time of year when
the weather starts to cool down, at least
at night, and you start to hear 
Strange and Loud noises 
coming from the Halloween storage area
with Beaulah waking up out of a long sleep,
and wanting to get out of her box and
come up and play.

Is she ready to play?!!
She flew right up onto the table and helped set
it, to welcome our new witch that has come
to join all our other fine ladies.

Our new witchy friend is tall and elegant and so refined
and Beaulah and I decided to set a gorgeous
table just for her.

We decided to welcome her outside, but I think
the witches in the clouds must have been jealous
because thunder was rolling and winds were
kicking up, and we were getting a little worried about the weather.

Despite the broomsticks crashing overhead, we were able
to finish setting the table without any problems.

Our table matches our new witchy friend with
creams and taupes and blacks.
I found these new chevron burlap placemats 
at Target in the $1-$3 section.  We love them
topping my burlap tablecloths.

We chose my taupe textured plates in two sizes for
our plate stack and topped it with a darling
burlap wrapped votive - also from Target's $3 section.

(You know we were having fun at Target!)

A little webby fabric also tops the table, leading
up to a cute spider on the burlap wrapped votive.

I made these fancy spider napkins last year, just by serging the 
edges of some sheer fabric.  Beaulah and I both chose
the black flatware from Horchow.

These taupe goblets from Cabo were paired with
tall black goblets.

As the guest of honor, our newest friend
sits inside a grapevine wreath with a burlap
bow, also adorned by spiders.

She already feels at home, and we love having
her move in to
Purple Chocolat Home.

She was a gift from my friends Rachel and 
Stephanie, from Gatehouse 1.

Glad you could drop by before the clouds burst and
the rain came pouring down!  

Just the kind of weather most of my witchy friends adore!

Sure hope Zoulah at Red Couch Recipes
will come out to play this season.  She had
a big move to Spokane.  Even though the
sisters had to move apart, they still love to
play together.

I will be posting this with


Chocolat - French for Chocolate. I adored chocolate from a young age when I had to sneak in the cupboard to find where my mother had hidden the Nestle's Chocolate Chips. Having read about the famous chocolat shoppes in Paris, when I finally got there I was determined to try a chocolate from every Paris shoppe. I invite you to share my adventures in creating, in travel, and in life.


  1. I love the tablescape its perfect for your new witch, she couldn't have been brought into a more perfect home!

  2. What a great post.,!!! from me Ria x

  3. Once again you thrill me with your gorgeous table setting....
    Your new witch is beautiful and so elegant hope your other ladies don't get jealous and cast a spell on


  4. What a wonderful tablescape, I like your new witch! She is ready for Halloween! Have a happy day and week ahead!

  5. A fun setting for a pretty new witch! Glad the rain held off:@)

  6. So happy to see Beulah and you back playing this year! and your table is wonderful, thanks for sharing!!

  7. How cool! Nothing old and boring about your Halloween décor and I would never expect that from you, J! Love everything!

    Jane x

  8. Nice to see an elegant looking witch join your party and the table compliments her personality very nicely.

  9. Such an elegant witch. Not all witches have to be scary or ugly. The tablescape is charming. Love your burlap tablecloth and accessories. Great find on the chevron placemats. Welcome back Beulah!

  10. Another incredible tablescape, Jacqueline! So good to see Beulah is back! Love all the accessories and decorations! So fun and festive! Xo!

  11. Your new witch sets a pretty table Jacqueline! Love the black & white and burlap...don't you just love Halloween! I can't wait to get my stuff out! I have some witchy projects up my sleeve this year, you've reminded me it's time to get going! Loved your table tale too!

  12. Welcome to your new witchy friend. Does she have a name? You and Beulah did a fab job with the welcome table. I may have to stop by Target and check out the $1 / $3 bins. '-)
    Love seeing your fun tables!

  13. Welcome back Beulah! I love your new friend and what a charming table :) Gorgeous view too!

  14. Though I've been gone for quite a while, I remember your fabulous Halloween tables. This one is gorgeous too. Your new friend is a beauty!

  15. Oh now that Beulah's out, the party can start! You and Joni make Halloween a lot more fun with your annual tradition. Thanks...

  16. Oh Yayy!! I'm so excited for Beaulah and Zoulah to come out this year!! Their fun adventures are my favorite!! And I love the chevron and burlap Halloween table!! So fun!!

  17. I love your new witch. She seems like such a sweet witch. Love those napkins you made, and all the burlap going on. Glad Beaulah was so welcoming to the new witch. I hope Zoulah gets going this year, she is a bit rusty after taking last year off. Joni

  18. I always enjoy seeing Beulah, Jacqueline, and now she has a new witchy friend! You and Beulah did a wonderful job in picking out all the accessories to make such a bewitching tablescape, and I can see you girls had fun!

  19. How exciting to have a new witch in town! I always enjoy the witchy fun that you and Joni share with us each year. Love the table and accessories. I always forget to look at the bins at Target.

  20. This is the most pretty, elegant and classy witch I have ever seen. I'm sure she's loving your beautiful tablescape too... fit for a queen-witch, lol..
    I don't have a witch, but now that I'm going for my DD Alex's birth at Miami, I might look for a pretty one too.
    Have a super week ahead.

  21. Gorgeous bewitching table! I saw those same fun burlap accessories at my Target. I'm so glad Beaulah is finally stirring, I always look forward to her appearance and see what trouble and witchy treats she is cooking up!

  22. I'm sure your new witch feels very welcome! I am glad that Beaulah is not jealous. :)

  23. Love this new witch has she revealed her name yet? Beautiful tables cape!

  24. Beautifully done! Has the new witch revealed her name?

  25. So nice of Beaulah to welcome the new witch with such a beautiful table!


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