Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A Little Bit of Sunshine Birthday Tea

To have one last outdoor tea party, you need
a little sunshine, and since we have been
having rain, rain, rain, a last minute
decision had to be made on whether
we were going to chance this birthday tea
in Joanne's fabulous back yard for our craft night.

She had planned such a beautiful table that we
decided at the last minute to chance it and
move it if we had to.

The Garden Fates were with us as we had a
beautiful hour of sunshine in a week of rain.

Joanne provided the setting and Laura provided the
lovely plates and serving ware.

Ahh, you can see the sun in the background!

It actually made for easier pictures and we
wouldn't have wanted to miss this lovely
double birthday tea party.

You can see that hats were provided on each chair
for us to wear.

I adore the flatware placed in the gloves with a
bouquet of flowers on each glove.  It made me feel
like a real lady.

Joanne provided her Buttercup sterling silver.

Look at the beaded edge of that glove.  How elegant.

A little crystal with antique ribbon and flowers were
a take home gift for each lady.

I just love these name tag holders that 
were purchased at a thrift shop.

Remember our last craft night and birthday party where the
dogs wouldn't pose?  Well, Winston is willing to pose tonight.
He even matches the tablescape.

Who wouldn't want to make sure we had the opportunity
to experience this, and again you can see the sun favored
us with its presence.

Joanne's husband hinged these beautiful doors together just
for this event and wired the chandeliers.

Pure Magic!

We had this beautiful cake and cookies made by 
Amy Perkins.  She made them to match one of the
tea cups that was filled with flowers for the top of the cake.

Lovely Amy even stayed for the tea.  She looks like
a bride in her hat.

I made my Grilled Almond Peach Salad.  Natalie smoke
some chicken, which we added to the salad to make
it a main dish.

Laura treated us to jams, honeys and lemon curd 
that she brought back from London.  Oh, were they

Jann made us cucumber sandwiches.  They were the
best cucumber sandwiches I have had.

Laura also treated us to Trader Joe's bake your own
croissants.  They tasted straight from France.  I didn't
know they had those, but we are definitely going to
be buying those from Trader Joe's.

Brenda made us scones and Devonshire cream.

This was a rosemary and sage flavored tea.  It was fabulous.
These ladies know me!  They made my tea cup purple!!

Here is the table with all of the glorious foods.

Tonight we were celebrating Natalie's birthday,

and our hostess Joanne's birthday.

I had this lovely black hat.  What a fun party.

The teacup cookie tastes as good as it looks.

The raspberry and lemon cake was the most amazing
cake I have ever had.  Aren't they just gorgeous?

This was the Halloween craft we made.
I am so blessed to have such a wonderful
group of women who are so talented and fun.

I hope you enjoyed this little bit of sunshine 
Purple Chocolat Home today.

I will be posting with


Chocolat - French for Chocolate. I adored chocolate from a young age when I had to sneak in the cupboard to find where my mother had hidden the Nestle's Chocolate Chips. Having read about the famous chocolat shoppes in Paris, when I finally got there I was determined to try a chocolate from every Paris shoppe. I invite you to share my adventures in creating, in travel, and in life.


  1. Very elegant! I'm lovin' all the Fenton Silvercrest Jacqueline. I have the serving pieces but never picked up the plates, they are very pretty:@)

  2. My goodness this is wonderful! So many pretty details. Love the very feminine place settings and the gloves. That cake and the cookies are amazing. Looks like a fun event. Your Halloween craft turned out so cute!

  3. Beautiful, elegant, fun event for your gal group! What a wonderful time you have together! They are a talented group of friends! What a fun way to celebrate birthdays! Each of you feel special on your own day. What do you do for winter birthdays? Can't wait to see!!!

  4. Beautiful! Love the Fenton, the milk glass, and all the feminine touches. Looks both lovely and delicious.

  5. Holy Wow Jacqueline! You girls know how to have a craft/Birthday party! That cake and the cookies are incredible! I love all the girly details, from the hats and gloves to the beautiful silver and china. Such a great spot too, I remember from your last craft meeting post. Great Halloween creation too! I might just have to move to Utah y'all have so much fun :)

  6. Thank you so much for commenting on my blog post today. Your latest post is so fun. How lucky to have friends that can get together and do some wonderful things. The setting is so lovely and relaxing. Great details. I love the look of that cake and oh... those adorable cookies. Valerie

  7. Wow! What a party! Everything was beautiful, and my mouth watered as I read about the delicious cake and cookies.

  8. Talk about a perfect event, this has to be it! How can you miss with touches of glamour r and tasty food and friends who enjoyed being together? Add to that perfect weather and you girls had it all going!

  9. Beautiful! You know I love tea! The chintz pattern on the cake and cookies is so fabulous and unique! Each of you has brought so much to creat the lovely tea time. Your craft is also lovely and great for Halloween! Hope you will pop over to my post Orange Bursts Upon Autumn with tea!


  10. What a gorgeous table for tea, from the lace tablecloth, silver bouquet in the gloves to the food! The chintz cake is a work of art along with the matching tea cup cookies and I adore the hinged door screen backdrop! You girls dine in style and have fun too :)

  11. Oh Jacqueline, who needs to go to a tea room when you can have such a wonderful one in your friends's backyard?? What a tea party you all had! The table is just gorgeous and those gloves, the dishes, the name cards, the tablecloth, etc., etc., are just perfection!! The cake and cookie I actually thought were porcelain pieces...too pretty to eat (almost!). Thanks for sharing what a wonderful group of ladies you belong to, and the darling craft that you made.

  12. The most amazing cookies and cake I've seen. Beautiful design. Can't image the time such detail took. I would hate to eat them because they look so pretty, however, they look so moist and delicious.

    I love all the elements on the table. That tablecloth is lovely and perfect for the entire tablescape. The gloves are a delightful and creative idea to hold the silverware. I am partial to Buttercup since I chose that pattern when I married also. The vintage china and milk glass pieces are just the right touch.

    The hats were fun I know. I remember my mother wearing hats to her club meetings and to church. I wore a hat on an airplane when I was in high school and I do remember wearing gloves on occasions. As a young military wife I remember wearing gloves in the receiving lines for special affairs. Those things have gone by the wayside now. I still have a long pair of gloves and several short pairs but none as pretty as the beautiful gloves with scalloped edges with pearls.

    Glad you were able to celebrate your friends birthdays outside with such a pretty setting. The hinged doors are charming and the chandeliers so lovely.
    Can't wait to see pictures from Paris at Christmas. I have dreamed of being there then and also seeing Germany at Christmas too.

  13. Perfect in every way! It looks like a dream! The cake and cookies are gorgeous, and every last detail is beautiful! Send the rain our way, okay? :)

  14. Jacquline as usual a fabulous party wherever did you find all the beaded gloves? they are uber gorgeous I have never seen gloves so feminine as these the table makes me long to come and join all of you just to share in the beauty of these plates and tablescape. Well done count yourself very Blessed.Susie

  15. Jacque, I really missed out on a gorgeous night! I couldn't believe how beautiful everything was when I delivered the sandwiches. I have a fetish for old doors and the screen Joanne's hubby made was fabulous! The food all looks so delicious! I too need to head to Trader Joe's. You got some great photos! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  16. Such a wonderful tea party! All of the details are wonderful in the table setting and the food. I am definitely going to find those croissants at Trader Joes next time I'm there!

  17. What a lovely gathering. Everything is so dainty and elegant, I love it!


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