Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Violet Hues by Wallace

Welcome to the lush garden at summers end.
Tonight's table is a tale of two sterling patterns,
and how they came together.

I invite you into my garden to learn about
Violets, and so the table is set in pretty purples
amid the still green garden.

A vase of summer flowers begins our violet draped
table, surrounded by purple chairs.

It is an old fashioned table we are setting today,
filled with heirloom silver, fresh garden flowers
and antique gloves.

The plate stack is purple and white and garden fruits
to go along with our theme.

The star of the table is this heirloom silver
that was my Aunt Ionia's.  She used this as her
everyday flatware, but since she was all by herself,
it did not get heavy use.  

I fell in love with it as a girl, and was able to
purchase it from her estate.  I had what I thought
was a matching piece - a large berry spoon,  that belonged
to my parents, which I inherited.  I thought the spoon
and the flatware matched, and so I did a lot of research,
trying to fill in the missing pieces of my aunt's set.

The spoon was Lily by Frank Whiting, and the size of
the spoons were unusual.  I finally found the five spoons
and two forks I needed to make a set of twelve,
but when I received them, I realized they were
not the exact pattern.

Although similar, Lily by Frank Whiting is more ornate.
After more research, I realized I had been collecting
the wrong pattern.  My aunt's pattern was Violet
by Wallace!  But I think they go nicely together,
so I am keeping my Lilies, and they match my
spoon from my parents.

Violet was produced in 1904 by W. R. Wallace.
The knives are the Old French Knives, and the
blades are silverplated with a sterling handle.  I
was afraid they would have to be replated, but 
after a good cleaning, they are still in beautiful shape.

I am thrilled to have Aunt's Ionia's flatware, that she
enjoyed every day, and that I fell in love with as a young girl.

Violet thus became the theme of the first tablescape
you will see them on.

Although it is too late in the season for violets,
lovely purple flowers take their place tucked in
the napkin ring.

More fresh flowers grace the center of our table, fitting
for an heirloom table.

Thanks for visiting our table and enjoying
my new heirloom sterling as summer closes
and fall begins.

I am afraid that I have a new obsession with
sterling!  Alas, reports are that so much of it
is being melted down.  That just breaks my heart
as I hold the same flatware that my loving
aunt ate on, and either her parents or
her cousin before her (not sure who she inherited
it from.)

I hope you enjoyed your stop today at
Purple Chocolat Home, where there is always
a new adventure, and many times in purple!!

I will be posting with


Chocolat - French for Chocolate. I adored chocolate from a young age when I had to sneak in the cupboard to find where my mother had hidden the Nestle's Chocolate Chips. Having read about the famous chocolat shoppes in Paris, when I finally got there I was determined to try a chocolate from every Paris shoppe. I invite you to share my adventures in creating, in travel, and in life.


  1. your setting is lovely. Your home is always so well put together.

  2. The purples are beautiful and the setting looks great in the garden:@)

  3. The perfect theme and colors for this in-between Seasons.
    I love how you more that possess things. You really love and live them... and the history behind pieces make this tablescape so much more meaningful and outstanding.
    Good Silver withstands the times and the wears. Inspiring!
    Love this. There is something in that smaller scale tablescate that do speak of heirlooms and ancient times.
    Well done, J!

  4. It makes me cringe to think of all that antique silver being melted down!! I love how you value your precious family heirlooms, so rare in our disposable culture these days. Your table is simply stunning~ I love the cloth, you must have a closet full of those pretties in every color :)

  5. Jacqueline,
    Such a beautiful table and in your favorite purple! I love your silver! So pretty and the two patterns go so nicely together. Your tablescapes are so inspiring to me, I want to do them myself more often! I try to and when I do, I forget to take pictures. I need to set up and not eat at the table!!!

  6. Your lovely purple hues are striking against the cool deep greens of your garden. Great job!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  7. The gloves are a beautiful touch and the shades of purple are so You! Lovely!

  8. What a Sweet Summer Soiree, here on the very Cusp of Fall. All the shades of purple, and indeed, so YOU, in all the setting and the collecting and arranging, and especially in the telling of the tale. I've had a lifelong Love Affair with Other Folks' Things, even when I was young, and nobody cared about that one pink dish or that single ornate spoon on the sale table, and Estate sales meant selling the house or farm, and I guess a Garage Sale would have just included the outbuilding!

    You have such a way with giving the details---I've just been immersed in a lovely twilight garden, with pale hues of violets and lilacs and plum. Simply a lovely time, after this very warm day of work (this has been a three-shower day, with having the house-washing crew out there all day, and getting the inside properly company-ready since MARCH).

    Cool, quiet contemplation, evening drawing in, and shades of purple---there's a poem in there, or a Hoagy Carmichael melody.


  9. Hi Jacqueline, Your table is beautiful. I love your sterling. Such a stunning pattern! Your tablecloth is a lovely color and your floral centerpiece so pretty too.

  10. It is all so pretty! You created a gorgeous table!

  11. Jacqueline! What a juicy, gorgeous color you are using here! Your table scapes are just beautiful! Thank you for coming by to visit my post. I hope you had a great summer? I did! One of the best in a very long time. Now with the fall, I bet your ideas are just spinning for a beautiful table scape and recipes! Enjoy it all my dear, Anita

  12. This is so lovely that it truly takes my breath away! Love the it all!

  13. I'm glad to see that you are still using the colors of summer as I'm clinging to it as hard as I can. Fall is slowly creeping in though I am not quite ready for the season. As always, your presentation is lovely.

  14. Gorgeous tablescape Jacqueline. Love this striking purple. You have captured a beautiful setting with your artistic talent. The sterling is sp beautiful. I can see why you love it. It also has special meaning because it belonged to your aunt. The gloves make a statment. Truly a beautiful table to enjoy.

  15. Jacqueline, both patterns are gorgeous and play well together. I'm all for mixing patterns. Your table is full of delights. So fresh and inviting!
    Like you, it makes me cringe to think that they are melting down beautiful silver for the metal. All those exquisite pieces gone forever. I appreciate and use the silver we have.

  16. Oh what a beautiful pattern to enjoy! I have a *thing* for flatware with flowers and the lilies and violets make a beautiful garden of blooms on your table! I love the purples and and your amethyst vase of blooms of your table in your garden.

  17. Such a lovely way to remember your family!

  18. They are really very lovely. I am glad that I was able to see them in person. I really do not remember them at Ionia's home. Your table is just lovely. Are the plates new too. I have not seen them before. Glad you got the silver. Joni

  19. I love both patterns and think that they go lovely together! I have not heard that about melting them down. That is sad! I would love to have inherited a gorgeous set. Lucky you! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  20. A beautiful table setting. Your silver is lovely and it's wonderful to have pieces with memories attached. The bouquet of cosmos adds such a sweet, old-fashioned touch to your table. Visiting from Mosaic Monday.

  21. Be still my heart! A lavender heaven with gorgeous antique sterling.
    My daughter and I made your fondant recipe today and played but I will email you with a couple of questions. Did it ever taste good!
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday Jacqueline.

  22. Jacqueline, your table is a delight to the eyes. Love the purple! Your silverware is gorgeous and a wonderful way to remember your aunt. The thought of silver being melted down is quite upsetting. Beautiful pieces of our past gone forever is very sad! I have a lot of my favourite auntie's china and it means so much to have it because so many lovely memories are attached to it. Thank you for sharing and for stopping by. Have a delightful week.



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