Monday, December 8, 2014

Chocolate Spoons

I returned home from Paris a while ago
with a package of chocolate spoons.
They were one of my favorite finds.
What a fun idea and so great for a
special dessert, but in one setting they
were all gone!

And right now would be the perfect
time to have chocolate spoons
to sip your hot cocoa with!

So when I saw these chocolate spoon
molds at Hobby Lobby, I had to pick
them up and give them a try.

But what makes these even 
more fun 
than the ones I purchased in Paris
is that you can make them
in any color or variety you wish,
not just plain chocolate and isn't
that fun for Christmas!!

Chocolate Spoon Recipe

Place candy melts of any desired
color in a ziploc bag with square
corners.  Place in the microwave for
30 second intervals, removing and
squishing the chocolate around
the bag to mix it.  Even if it doesn't
look like it is melted, squish and 
move it around in the bag to prevent
the chocolate from scorching.  Do this
until the chocolate has no lumps left.

If desired, place some crushed candy canes,
nuts, sprinkles, etc. in the mold either
in just the spoon or the entire mold.

Cut one corner off the bag and
pipe the melted chocolate into the mold,
stretching the mold a bit at the neck
of the spoon to make sure that you
have plenty of chocolate in this narrow

Using an offset spatula or something
with a straight edge, scrape off any
excess chocolate on the mold.  

Place the mold on the counter and give
it a few taps to release air bubbles then
place it in the fridge for about 15 minutes
or until the chocolate is set.

Remove the spoons by stretching the
mold and peeling them out.

To wash the molds, use soapy
water to wash excess off the top and
shake the mold a little to remove any
water droplets then let it air dry.

Try drizzling red candy melts
first, then filling in with white chocolate
or half white, half chocolate.  How about
painting a plain chocolate spoon with
gold lustre dust after you remove it 
from the mold?
The varieties are endless.

They also make the perfect gift
wrapped up with a personalized
ribbon.  You can find customize ribbons
online.  I got these printed years ago
to tie up my chocolate gifts with.
(Search customized ribbon by the yard.)

Add a can of your favorite
hot chocolate mix and you have a
wonderful Christmas present.
Our favorite is 
MMMMmmmm -
dip the chocolate spoon in that and savor
licking it off as the spoon turns to 
liquid chocolate - pure indulgence!

The kids are already enjoying them

I am thinking they would be
fantastic with an elegant dish
of chocolate mousse too.  I am
definitely including that on a holiday menu.

These are so fun and easy to do.

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Chocolat - French for Chocolate. I adored chocolate from a young age when I had to sneak in the cupboard to find where my mother had hidden the Nestle's Chocolate Chips. Having read about the famous chocolat shoppes in Paris, when I finally got there I was determined to try a chocolate from every Paris shoppe. I invite you to share my adventures in creating, in travel, and in life.


  1. I have been tempted by the spoon mold..Yours are beautiful!

    So maybe now I am more than tempted:)

  2. Very cute! Now that's a useful candy mold-enjoy:@)

  3. Yummy...I see peppermint spoons in the future!

  4. Oh how I wanna make some ;-)
    Thanks for sharing....


  5. Yum! These would disappear quickly in my home!

  6. Love these, the mold is a great idea! Mouthwatering photos, off to shop~

  7. I must have overlooked these the last time I was in the baking isle at Hobby Lobby. Next time I will ask for them if I don't see them. These would be perfect for my daughter's bridal shower next spring!

  8. Too fun! I missed those cute molds at Hobby Lobby! Your ribbon is wonderful too :)

  9. Love these! You always create such beauty with your food, etc. I missed the molds...will have to check again. Thanks so much for sharing!

    I've missed visiting...lots of internet, computer, techie problems.


  10. Jacqueline,
    I am in Germany and going to the Lindt factory with purchasing some of the chocolate spoons in mind!!! I will still get them since I am here, but I can't wait to get that candy mold from Hobby Lobby! I also bought some macaroons, they are gluten free, did you know??? Isn't that fun??? Hope you are ready for Christmas! I am!!!
    Hugs, girl,
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!!!

  11. I bought a set of peppermint spoons this year, but haven't seen the molds. Will have to get a set. ;-)


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