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Raspberry Lemon Mousse Mini Cakes and A Giveaway

Any mini dessert is just the rage whether at restaurants 
or at home and especially here at 
Purple Chocolat Home.

Did you know that March 4th is National Pound Cake Day?
I was honored to be contacted by Sara Lee (yes, THE Sara Lee)
to create a recipe using one of their ready made pound cakes
to help celebrate National Pound Cake Day.

Of course my mind started spinning about all of the fun
things I could do with Sara Lee Pound Cakes.  

I had made the Valentine's Petit Fours and found
their pound cake to be so much fun to work with.
It is flavorful and has such a great, firm texture.

What better flavors than raspberry, lemon and cream
to go along with a Sara Lee All Butter Pound cake!

I began by cutting the cake loaf into thirds and then turning those
thirds on their sides and cutting them into thirds again.  Use
a bread knife.  Keep the bottom crust on but cut the rounded
top crust off before you cut the last third.

So each third will give you three slices of cake.
Using a 2 1/4 inch round cookie or biscuit cutter,
cut each cake slice into a round.

You should now have three rounds for each third of the loaf.
Cut the center out of the third piece so that you end up with
a ring using a 1 1/4 inch cookie or biscuit cutter or as I did,
using the wide end of my largest frosting tip.

Now spread raspberry jam on the top and bottom pieces - the ones
without the hole in the center and then stack the middle piece
on the bottom piece.

Pipe your lemon mousse into the center and then place the top
on with the jam side down.

The towers are then frosted with additional lemon mousse.

When you slice into the mini cake you have a raspberry and lemon mousse
filled center.

Raspberry Lemon Mousse Mini Cakes
(Makes 6 mini cakes)

2 - 10.75 oz Sara Lee All Butter Pound Cakes, thawed
Raspberry jam
1 C. heavy whipping cream
1/2 C. lemon curd
Fresh raspberries
Powdered sugar
Raspberry Sauce if desired.

Prepare and slice the pound cakes as directed above.
You will end up with 18 rounds, six with holes in the
center and twelve without.

Set the cake aside.
In mixer bowl using a wire whisk beat the heavy
whipping cream with the lemon curd until soft peaks
form.  You will want it stiff enough to be able to frost

Spread one side of the twelve rounds without holes
with raspberry jam.  Do not spread all the way to the

Stack the center round with the hole on top of the
bottom round.  

Place half of the mousse in a pastry bag.
Pipe the mousse into the center of the cakes.
Top with the last round, jam side down.
Frost each cake with additional mousse.  I
sat mine on top of a tiny glass - like a shot glass.

Garnish with fresh raspberries and powdered sugar.
Serve with raspberry sauce if desired. 

Click here for a printable recipe.

This is so light tasting and refreshing, perfect for Spring celebrations.

So let me just tell you my taste tester's reactions -
My daughter and her boyfriend were fighting over their piece, even
grabbing the plate and running off with it.
I had already wolfed one down earlier in the day.
My hubby came home from work and I cut it in half
to show him how pretty it was (thinking I would get half)
and he gobbled the whole thing down saying, "That was
fantastic!"  Needless to say, this was a big hit here.

Thank you Sara Lee for asking me to participate.
Not only did Sara Lee send me a $50 Visa gift card and coupons
for participating,
they sent me a 
$50 Visa gift card and coupons
for a giveaway to my readers.

Tell me what creative recipe you would make
 with a 
Sara Lee Pound Cake by leaving
me a comment (and the recipe if needed)
and I will choose my favorite idea.  
The winner will
receive the $50 Visa gift card and coupons.  
All entries must
be received by Midnight March 9th.

Then I will make and feature the winning
recipe on my blog!

I will be posting this with
On The Menu Monday
Foodie Fridays


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  1. With Easter coming up, how about an egg-shaped pound cake? I guess you would need an egg shaped cake pan. Decorate the pound cake with frosting and rows of jelly beans. I know kids would love it!

    mami2jcn at gmail dot com

  2. Obviously Sara Lee knew just who to call...your dessert looks divine!

  3. My favorite thing to eat is Mock Black Forrest Cake; using a Devil's Food Chocolate Cake and then putting Cherry Pie filling between the layers, and then "icing" it with whipped topping and putting some more cherry pie filling on top and shaved chocolate! YUM!
    thanks for a chance to win!

  4. Jacqueline!
    These are so gorgeous! And look so yummy....Like Renee said, they knew just who to call!
    Someone will really love that $50 gift card and coupons!
    Someone who actually EATS wheat!
    Congrats to you and your winner.
    My GF version would include GF sponge cake, with about 1/4 cup Sheffield Cider ~ Classic Sweet poured over the top. You let that sit and absorb in the cake. Then you top the cake with home made Lemon Curd and pipe that on. And top each cake on each plate with freshly whipped cream....serve with a mint sprig and maybe a twisted lemon slice on the plate.
    You gotta try it!
    hearts to you!

  5. What pretty little cakes. I'm going to remember this for my next dinner party. I like to fix individual servings like this. These look delicious. Will think about an idea to share.

  6. I would cut up the pound cake and make a layer trifle dessert.

  7. I would do Sara Lee Pound Cake French Toast. Take the "All Butter" pound cake flavored one, slice it up, dip each slice into egg batter, then fry the slices up. Top with whatever you like, maple syrup, powdered sugar, or my favorite, peanut butter. Heart stopping, but so good :)
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  8. I would make a very simple trifle with a sweet little 5 year old young ladies who wants to make lots of memories with Nana before Nana and Papa go on a mission. We are going to miss each other very much!

  9. Sara Lee sure did choose the right person to come up with a creative, beautiful recipe that tastes wonderful as well! I can't wait to try this! We have an outlet nearby and I love their pound cake. I have always wanted to use my trifle bowl (it has dust on it!!), so I would definitely use the cake for this. Any good trifle recipes?!! ;-D


  10. Jaqueline, you are so creative, and these decadent little sweets would be so easy to copy. They'd look very elegant at my next tea.
    I laughed at how the family reacted with their cakes.
    I think I might take a Sara Lee cake, slice it into layers and cut out Easter shapes with my cookie cutters then decorate them with pastel colours of frosting and sprinkles.
    Thanks for a chance to enter.

  11. I am a Sara Lee pound cake lover, always one in the freezer and just ysterday I was in Tarjay and bought a package of individual slices. I like to take a pound cake, thawed, slice in thirds and spread two layers with jam, any flavor both the same or two different, then frost with a buttercream frosting. Can leave unfrosted and dust with confectioners' sugar. xo

  12. Your dessert looks decadently delicious.

  13. I would make a banana cream pound cake. Cut the pound cake into thirds and layer the cake slices with banana pudding. Then ice the cake with whipped cream, and layer banana slices on top. Maybe a little chocolate or caramel drizzle on top for decoration and flavor.


  14. I would make English Trifle
    1 Sara Lee pound cake, cut in 1/2 lengthwise
    Preserves (strawberry or raspberry)
    Slivered almonds
    1 lg. pkg. vanilla pudding
    Whipped cream
    Fresh strawberries

    Place sliced pound cake on cake plate or in glass bowl. Wet with sherry. Top with preserves and sprinkle with slivered almonds. Next spread with cooled vanilla pudding and finally layer thick whipped cream over all and decorate with fresh strawberries

    elena150980 at yahoo dot com

  15. an easy easter bunny cake that kids can help make!! beatriz bry 2 at aol dot com

  16. Shortcake....strawberry shortcakes with cream and marscarpone. Your cakes are absolutely gorgeous!!!

  17. How about a pistachio and lavender layered cake with pistachio buttercream and lavender fondant? (it will look something like this: )

    lifesdeepcolors at

  18. We love using Sara Lee pound cake as fondue dippers for chocolate fondue.

  19. My Mom has a recipe she found somewhere that you slice the pound cake in thirds, and basically layer the slices with sliced strawberries, whipped cream and then pour melted semi-sweet chocolate over the top. You can also substitute white chocolate pudding and raspberries for the whipped cream and strawberries. Top with mint sprigs and you have a beautiful, yummy dessert!
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  20. I have never been a CREATIVE baker like you so I would probably hollow them out and add ICE CREAM and then top with strawberries and whipped cream:):) Your recipe sounds SOOOOOOOO good. XO, Pinky

  21. I like to butter both sides of a slice of pound cake, and brown it in a skillet. I then add sliced banana's that have been browned and drizzle it all with caramel sauce and sprinkled with coconut. I have also topped the toasted pound cake with ice cream and blue berries.

  22. Your mini cakes are cute, and they HAD to be delicious! I could sit and eat an entire Sara Lee pound cake all by itself in one sitting if I knew where to buy a circus tent to wear afterwards! :-) Everything is better with bacon. I think I would come up with a pretty and petite pound cake-bacon sandwich that might be garnished with fresh fruit and served at a tea or for breakfast/brunch.

  23. I saw a recipe for pound cake bread pudding that looks delish. Maybe a strawberry version...or coconut with coconut milk!!

  24. I love to have a piece with strawberries and whipped cream.

  25. Omg this is one yummy delightful treat! Love to have this for Easter. Thanks for sharing. Got my eye on your next posts.

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. Oh my goodness...I would eat them all. These look fabulous!

    I actually do make a create recipe using Sarah Lee Poundcake. I make a cheesecake recipe that I use the poundcake as the crust. I slice it into thin slices and press it into the springform pan on the bottom and up the sides a little bit. My filling is very creamy, not the typical dry cheesecake mixture, and after it is baked, I top it with cherries or whatever fruit is in season. It is delicious and people often comment about the unusual crust. Thanks for the chance to win!

  28. I would slice the cake then fill the cake with lemon curd, cover it in a mixture of whipped cream and icing sugar and decorate with freshly sliced strawberries and white chocolate shavings

  29. Oh my goodness, that looks delicious, Jacqueline! I love that your family really got into the tasting :)

    My idea would be a spin off of one of my favorite recipes which would be a poached pear and lemon caramel sauce pound cake.

  30. I love to use them in a trifle. Prepare the fruit and cream. Simply cut the pound cake and assemble. SO easy and delicious

  31. How did I miss this yummy post??? Your dessert is beautiful Jacqueline!
    I'm thinking Easter and easy cake pops. Cut a small circle with a cookie cutter and put on stick. Dip in warmed up vanilla icing (or your favorite cake pop coating) and decorated with white candy melt free-formed ears and candy eyes and nose. I'm still thinking about how to make the whiskers?:@)

  32. I would love to try to use the same shape that you used and make little Easter baskets. Ice the whole basket. Then fill the center hole with piped green icing and chocolate eggs, and use candy string for a handle. I think the kids would love it.

  33. I would make a pink bunny tail with strawberry filling.

  34. Jacqueline, congrats on being contacted by Sarah Lee. You deserve it and you have such flair with food.
    I would make those push up cake shooter. Sarah Lee cakes would be perfect. Cut out small little cakes and use different colored frosting for a cute Easter look and top with a cute marshmellow bunny or chick or make a St. Patrick's Day cake shooter with green frosting alternating.

  35. I think I would slice up the cake in layers and then cut out Easter shapes to make/decorate cute, little cakes:)

    Your cakes are so beautiful, and with a yummy surprise inside!

  36. I look forward to trying your creation.
    For a simple spring desert using Sara Lee Pound Cake, I slice it and grill it and serve it with grilled fresh pineapple and drizzle it with a simple raspberry sauce or a salted caramel sauce, depending on the look or flavor I want. A homemade chocolate sauce works well too.

  37. I have made individual size Tres Leches cakes. Delicious and decadent.

  38. I love to make trifle with sara lee pound cake. Layer the pound cake with strawberries, vanilla or chocolate pudding, and whipped cream on top. Delicious! Love Sara Lee pound cake!

  39. i would make berry tiramisu with french cream

  40. My mom makes this caramel mocha bread pudding type dessert with pound cake that I would try to replicate! I dont know the exact recipe, but it is so good!

  41. Jacqueline, I love your suggestion, but for a different idea, I'd use the Sara Lee pound cake to create individual baked Alaska desserts in an egg shape for a special Easter dessert. Just cut the cake in desired shape, layer with a pretty strawberry or raspberry ice cream, and cover with piped meringue which will be quickly browned in the broiler. Baked of my all time favorite deserts! '-)
    ~ Sarah

  42. My family loves strawberry shortcake, so that's probably what I would make.

  43. I would make a good old-fashioned strawberry shortcake :)

  44. I have to admit I would have to try your recipes for the pound cake. I have never had pound cake before. I love looking at your blog and seeing all of the things that you so beautifully create.

  45. I love to cook and everything I make is tasty, but I am not creative - have to follow a recipe! I like to grill poundcake and serve it with berries and whipped cream.

  46. Hi Jacqueline, Your recipe sounds and looks delicious! I can see why the mini cakes disappeared so quickly. It's maple sugaring time here in New England so I'm thinking all about maple recipes! I would slice the pound cake into four thin layers, then spread maple butter on each layer (1 part maple syrup to 2 parts butter), then super, super thin banana slices on top of the butter, then either very extremely crushed walnuts or tiny chocolate chips...keep layering and do a pretty top with more maple butter and walnuts or choc. chips. Remember REAL maple syrup and real unsalted butter! Yum! Linda

  47. I would take one slice pound cake and smear with cream cheese and raspberry jam and then another slice ontop. Then follow regular french toast recipe and have stuffed french toast!

  48. Jacqueline, We've been out of town and I'm woefully behind visiting. Your Raspberry Lemon Mousse Cakes are beautiful and no doubt delicious to boot! I love your technique for these little cakes, the possibilities are endless! You do Sara Lee proud! Congratulations to Linda and Sue :)

  49. I like using cubes of Sara Lee Pound cake, layered with cubes of creamy strawberry popsicles (usually use Fruttare brand). I puree fresh strawberries, add a small amount of sugar and layer. Then, I drizzle some strawberry puree and chocolate syrup with some whip cream on top. This is a great treat, especially on hot, summer days :)


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