Wednesday, March 6, 2013

St. George Utah Temple and Pioneer Homes And A Giveaway

While I am on the subject of St. George, Utah (see my 
post on the homeshow),
I told you how St. George is just 4 hours south of us, while
we lay wasting in snow and they have palm trees, well here
you see them at the St. George LDS Temple.

We visited there while we were down for the homeshow
and I captured this photo at the blue hour.  The stunning
white stucco against the intense blue is just gorgeous.

This temple was the first LDS temple finished in Utah.  It was announced
in 1871 and completed in 1877.  It is 110,000 square feet - quite an
accomplishment for early pioneers and designed by Truman O. Angell
who had been sent to Europe to study architecture there.

This particular building has always been of
interest to our family
as my great great great grandfather,
Christopher Lister Riding was a tin smith 
and he worked on this
gray top piece and the ball which were originally fashioned out of
tin.  They have since been replaced with fiberglass.

Christopher Lister Riding 
(on my mother's side) was a daring man and when the top was completed,
 he stood on his head on the ball  to celebrate 
(the directional arrows had not been added at that point).

As we were growing up in Wisconsin and would come through
Utah to visit my grandparents in Henderson, Nevada, my 
mother would always tell that story.

What a small world - as I repeated that story once, my
next door neighbor said he was also related to Christopher Lister Riding
and also knew that story.  He gave me a photo of him and a copy
of the history he had.  So now I know one of my distant cousins and he
lives right next door!

Christopher was born February 10, 1816 in Burnley, England.

We loved this photo -
 notice the clean shaven face but the underbeard!
Men and their fashions!!!

I am so glad that my parents shared some of their family history with me. 

This beautiful building stands as a tribute to the pioneers to came
west and settled here and created beauty out of barren desert. 

Share some family stories with your family.

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  1. Never, ever, ever in my life have I seen an "underbeard" like that!!!!! Wow! That's why I love the Internet. I just learn SO MANY new things every day! The photos of the temple are breathtakingly beautiful!!!!!!!

  2. The temple is certainly a work of art, and the stories about Christopher make it all the more interesting.
    I didn't know there was such a thing as an underbeard - I'll have to Google this. Kind of like a built in neck warmer? :-)

  3. What a beautiful building. I have never heard of an underbeard, interesting...

  4. Hi Jacqueline. What a nice giveaway. Beautiful architecture and to think the building is just hours away. That is one interesting beard. Not sure when you want your new design put on your blog. I assumed you were traveling.

  5. Beautiful temple. Have not visited that temple for oh my word, 50 years. I was there on a youth temple trip. I am secretly wishing we could serve our mission there. I guess we will know in a few weeks if that will happen or not. Thanks for sharing your family history and the beautiful photos of the temple!

  6. Beautiful photos of the temple! What a fun story from your family history. The "underbeard" is interesting:)

  7. The photo you took of the temple is gorgeous! What an amazing store about your 4xgreat grandfather and your neighbor also being related. It is a small world!

    I was wondering what that was around his neck - LOL.

  8. I would make a layer trifle dessert with some peaches and vanilla pudding!

  9. Stunning photos of the temple at the blue hour. Thanks for sharing the interesting story. I've never seen an underbeard. Can't imagine how uncomfortable that would be. '-)

  10. Those are some of the most beautiful photos I have seen of the St. George Temple. I love old buildings of all kinds. Wish I was in St. George about now. I'm so ready for spring.

  11. You are such a great photographer to capture the beautiful images of the temple. The temple is stunning. I can only imagine how gorgeous the inside must be. Christopher was not only talented, but very daring to do his little trick on top . Thanks for sharing your story.

  12. Love your blog! I would love to invite you to do a guest post for me on my invite a guest Fridays! Email me if you are intersted!


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