Tuesday, February 26, 2013

St. George Homeshow 2013 and Tablescape

Welcome to St. George, Utah, - known as Utah's Dixie
because of its lovely weather year round.  
St. George is just
four hours south of where we live, but while it
can be blustering and snowing in February at home,
a short four hour drive south and it is 40 degrees warmer
and they have palm trees swaying in the breeze.

St. George is surrounded by red rock canyons and deserts
and the scenery is stunning.  Snow birds flock here.
We always take advantage of coming here in the
late winter to go to the annual homeshow.

The architecture here is unique and reflects the
fabulous scenery capturing the stunning views and
the colors of the rocks.

We only had a day and a half to see a few of the homes

so we picked a few of the biggest ones.

I wanted to share a little of it with you.

Of course, when I saw this beautiful purple and yellow
barscape in one of the homes, I had to shoot photos of it.

Excuse the glare of the lights, I didn't dare ask them to 
turn them off so I could get blog-worthy photos!!

They choose such unique colors for the granites here, often
reflecting the roughness of the terrain as in the edge of
this counter.  This is a soft natural color of granite,
but oranges and yellows and reds are often the choice,
 echoing the red rocks in the natural landscape here.

I love the layering of the naturals and the sparkles with
the iridescent charger and the dark natural salad plate.

It is set off perfectly with this fabulous beaded napkin ring.  
Look at those beads in the center.  This is just beautiful.

The glass is a crackled amethyst which was softly colored 
and went so well with the place setting.

This captures a better view of that salad plate. 
 Isn't that a wonderful shape?

Here is a view looking across the bar.

I love the rustic flatware.  
St. George has developed its own architectural style
really developed and promoted by Jim Thompson (JDThompson
Architects and Designers).
It features lots of stone, and metal and is a modern desert
feel with a touch of rustic.

I love this sink.

How about this free standing tub with a twist?
  It sits on a polished oval wooden platform and has a ledge of
granite supported by metal pipes surrounding it.  You are seeing
the shower which is behind it and the reflection of people
admiring it in the glass.  This was really unique.

The homeshow homes are always filled with such
fabulous craftsmanship.  It is definitely eye candy.

But it is the outdoor living that brings people here with the stunning
weather and views.

Now there is a view from the master bed with a waterfall and
stream to set it off.

Hope you enjoyed a little of the St George 2013 Homeshow 
with us.

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  1. Wow, what a spectacular home! Eye candy, indeed! The tablescape made me want to hot-foot it to Pier 1 and pick up some of those pretty things!

  2. I don't know what I love more the house, the views or the tablescape...thanks for sharing it!

  3. Wow how nice! I love the view in that master suite. That bathroom sink is awesome and so is the one with those awesome light sconces and the very cool counter top!
    My cousin lives in St. George. I know it's close to Zion National Park which I've been to, but I never have been to St. George. Those red mountains are fabulous.

  4. What a difference looking out there..and looking out here:)

  5. If I lived in that house, they would have to hire hit men to come drag me out of it!!! I would NEVER want to leave home!!!!!!!!! Man, that's pretty!!! I'm glad you guys enjoyed yourselves. Beautiful country there!

  6. What a gorgeous area AND house!!1 I love all the stone and rustic elements. Thanks so much for sharing this. XO, Pinky

  7. Looks like a fun visit Jacqueline! Love the outdoor area with the fireplace:@)

  8. No question, I could happily wake up in that master bedroom each and every day. Beautifully designed to take advantage of those amazing vistas. Wow, I just hosted a luncheon today using old gold and amethyst. Who knew? That's a great tables cape. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  9. ooh that house is fabulous.. the waterfall from the bedroom .. amazing. I think those napkin rings are Pier One.. Thank you so much for sharing.. Loved the barscape.. xo marlis

  10. Jackie ~ St. George has really been on my mind lately. I am so tired of Salt Lake right now as you can obviously relate! Thanks for sharing these gorgeous pics! xo

  11. Wow! Thanks for taking us a long on a wonderful tour. Gorgeous pics!

  12. Thanks for sharing the photos. You and I like to capture tablescapes where ever we find them. '-)
    I like the stack of plates and the gold with the purple.

  13. Thanks for the tour. I have been fortunate enough to visit Utah a couple of times and I adore all of the colors of the southern part of the state. I have never seen so many different layers of colors - just like that tablescape!! Beautiful.

  14. Jacqueline, you are always on a lark! Your sister is moving back to Virginia and mine is moving to Orem from Virginia. When she's all settled we have got to make a connection! Glad you thawed and had fun seeing some spectacular homes in St. George.

  15. Everything about that house is gorgeous, but that sink is to die for!

  16. Thanks for sharing, I'll bet you had such a fun trip! You could have decorated that home for them and it would be even better!
    I have a dear friends in St. George and I wish I could have gone with you!
    Have a great day, Girl!

  17. I love the rough edges on the granite counter! What wonderful views from that home. Thanks for sharing your trip.

  18. Thanks for taking us to the Homeshow with you, Jacqueline. I love those beautiful bathrooms. Have never visited Utah and hope to do so someday.


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