Friday, February 1, 2013

Caramel Toffee Dip Using Heath Toffee Bits

You know the Boy Scout saying, "Do A Good Turn Daily"?
Who knew that doing a good turn would result in a 
delicious new recipe?

I was at the grocery store the other day when I saw my
elderly neighbor Madelyn.  I stopped to chat and
she was frustrated because she couldn't find
any Heath Toffee Bits.  She also commented on
how important it was to get these for a group
that was coming over and that she had come all
the way out in the terrible snowy weather.

She had looked in the baking aisle and had
asked a clerk and they said to check the candy aisle.

After chatting and wishing her luck with finding
the Toffee bits, I walked away.  Then the thought
came to me to go and check the baking aisle for her.
I try to act on those moments of inspiration and
I headed off to the baking aisle rather than
to the checkout stand.  Sure enough, there they
were tucked away on the side, easy to miss.

I grabbed a bag for her and one for me.  I wanted
the recipe to this dip that would include Heath Toffee Bits.

I caught up with Madelyn and she was thrilled.  Now she didn't 
have to try another store.  She quickly got the recipe off
her smart phone that her daughter had send her.

Caramel Toffee Dip

8 oz. cream cheese, softened
1/2 C. sugar
1/2 C. brown sugar
1 tsp. vanilla
5/8 C. Heath Toffee Bits (the recipe called
for half a bag so I measure the bag and it was 1 1/4 C.)

Place the cream cheese, sugars and vanilla in mixing bowl
and mix until creamy.  Mix in the Heath Toffee Bits.
Place in a smaller bowl and cover and refrigerate for
several hours or overnight for the flavors to blend.

Serve with fresh fruit and cookies.

It is so delicious - creamy and caramelly and filled with
soft crunchy bits.

I served mine with bananas, Gala apples, fresh raspberries (I would
have used strawberries but I had the raspberries, and Chessman cookies.

It is delicious all by itself.  I liked the Chessman cookies best
and then the bananas.  My daughter liked the apples best and
hubby loved it all, but we all agreed it was great straight from
the spoon. 

Thanks Madelyn.

Super easy and quick and super delicious.
I will be posting with


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  1. Oh Jacqueline. This looks wonderful. I make the same dip but add 2 Tabs of whipping cream to it to make it a bit softer. I am going to add the Heath bits next time. Wish I had thought of this! Thanks for sharing.

  2. All that and diet too:@) Sounds like a great dip Jacqueline, glad you found them:@)

  3. So kind of you to look again for your neighbour Jacqueline. I'd probably like the dip with apples.

  4. Oh, yum! Like the idea of serving this on the apple slices.

  5. I'm pretty sure that I gained two pounds just reading the recipe. I can hardly wait to make it! Thanks! Cherry Kay

  6. I'm pretty sure that I gained two pounds just reading the recipe. I can hardly wait to make it! Thanks! Cherry Kay

  7. That would go over very well on a sweet and savory table - or I could just apply it directly to my hips!!!

  8. This could be very addicting :) What a wonderful combination of delicious caramel bits and fruit!

  9. JACQUELINE! My goodness these photos are so clear and fantastic....allowing he richness of the dip to jump out at me! BRAVO!

    It has been a whirlwind of a few months with the holidays my dear. I have been so busy now being a part-time substitute and working on art orders. It does take a lot of time away from your daily life!

    I wish you wellness and happiness this new year and I hope to see you in May for the Paris party, where I believe we "met!"


  10. Jacqueline,
    Yum! Looks so good! I have had the version of this without the heath bits...gonna try those now!!!
    Thanks for your inspiring posts! LOVE THEM!
    Hearts to you <3,

  11. Oh, I had to tell you! My 16 year old daughter made a rainbow layered Gluten Free cake similar to your Ombre cake! It was fantastic! she used 5" spring form pans and it was about 7 layers tall. she used a Kabob skewer in the center to hold the layers together and used cream cheese frosting in between the layers and on the outside. It was great! So much fun!

  12. One more time, you don't have to post all of these, I just wanted to tell you how happy I am when I get an opportunity to help someone like you did. Even if it is isn't small. I love those promptings and it is one of those things that in doing them, we become kindred spirits and feel loved and our desire to show love increases. Thanks for your example ...out of small thing proceeded that which is great!

  13. Heavenly! I know I could eat this happily with just a spoon, but eating it with apples would put it in the fruit group, right? :)


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