Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Italian Board Tablescape

My Italian Board Tablescape
comes from a luncheon I had at my house
for a group of friends who gather once a
month for a luncheon.

Today it was Italian and I presented everything on 
a pizza board or peel with white dinnerware.
Everything looked so dramatic against a stark
black tablecloth and red roses.

This pizza board was from the manufacturers of our
pizza oven - Mugnaini.  All of them have been well used so
are a little brown on the front edge which
makes it a little more authentic.

Salads were presented in square white bowls

And topped with a skewer of cheese and tomato and wrapped
in a leaf of fresh basil.  This is actually basil left from my

I just made a cutting of my garden basil
and placed it in a vase of water.  It quickly rooted
and it has continued to grow with a fresh change
of water every few days.

Oil and vinegar and salad dressing also dress the board
so guests can use the amount they want.

Fresh Italian flatbread was served for dipping in the oil and vinegar.

I had the pizza oven going and baked them fresh
as guests were gathering.  

Of course this could be done in the oven too.

Here they are hot out of the oven, bubbling with 
extra virgin olive oil, Italian seasonings and sea salt.
These I baked a little shorter than I would pizza as I
wanted them to be soft rather than crispy.
I just used my pizza dough recipe.

The main event was the Soft As A Cloud Manicotti.

The ladies had said they wanted to learn how to make
so I had one prepared without the frosting.  I demonstrated
the bottom row and then everyone took
turns trying their hand at it.  The beautiful thing
is that if you make a mistake, you can just
use a butter knife and pull the rose off.

Then we each had a piece and everyone was sent home with 
a large slice to show off their handiwork.

Two of the ladies have already made them at home
and sent me a photo.  It was fun learning something new.

Another two of them have already made the manicotti
for their families.

Here we are posing with the cake and 
Annette is taking the photo.

This tablescape was inspired by this charming
new restaurant we found in Cabo 
Pan di Bacco.

I just loved the decor especially these red french script

The food was just as amazing.

We both gasped at the presentation as the food came
out on these cutting boards served in white bowls.

Right away I knew I had my inspiration for
my January lunch.

Of course the huge red chandelier was 
another favorite.

We definitely will be going back there.
Thanks Pan di Bacco for the inspiration.

I will be posting with


Chocolat - French for Chocolate. I adored chocolate from a young age when I had to sneak in the cupboard to find where my mother had hidden the Nestle's Chocolate Chips. Having read about the famous chocolat shoppes in Paris, when I finally got there I was determined to try a chocolate from every Paris shoppe. I invite you to share my adventures in creating, in travel, and in life.


  1. I think that you do everything perfectly! The meal looks amazing and fun, your friends also look like a fun group. I somehow missed the cake before and I just wish I had an occasion or place to make/take one. I would love the challenge! I am a month into healthy eating, which means very little dessert and almost no cheese for, obviously, reading this made me so hungry!

    Foodie giveaway on my blog...check it out!

  2. Cute idea for something different. That salad looks so yummy...I never tire of green salads.
    Beautiful cake!

  3. What a clever way to set an Italian-themed table! The pizza right-from-the-oven sounded divine, too. Gorgeous cake -- even the inside is pretty!

  4. I'd love to attend a luncheon at your home Jacqueline, everything is always detailed to make the guests feel special. What a cake! I've seen the photos of one you made before and such a fun idea to have everyone have a go at making the roses.
    I like that red chandelier myself, no wonder the restaurant inspired you.

  5. OMG! what an inspiration. Looking so delish that make my mouth watering.

    Pizza board is one cutie gadget.The cake is one goodie too. A must try.

    TY once again for sharing the never ending tips of homemaking.

    Cheers from an icy Stockholm,
    /CC girl

  6. OMG! what an inspiration. Looking so delish that make my mouth watering.

    Pizza board is one cutie gadget.The cake is one goodie too. A must try.

    TY once again for sharing the never ending tips of homemaking.

    Cheers from an icy Stockholm,
    /CC girl

  7. Good Evening Jacqueline, Firstly, congratulations on your TV debut. I am sorry I missed the post where you talked about it, but I have caught up and watched the video clip. You were fabulous....were you nervous at all? You appeared to be so at ease in front of the camera.
    I love the idea of presenting food on pizza boards, whilst the food looks lovely, there is a casual quality about it.
    What can I say about your cake, it is pretty amazing and what fun for your friends to help decorate it. I bet they enjoyed themselves.
    Have a lovely evening.
    Best Wishes

  8. WOW, I love your tablescape and presentation. Love using wooden boards, it so elegant, but rustic. Love the white dishes with the salad, colors in the salad really pop! Loved everything. But, I gotta say, that cake is beautiful.

  9. Ho clever! I love this!!! The menu sounds DELICIOUS, I LOVE Otalian food and make it often. Usually once a week!!! Wish I had been there! You all are a beautiful bunch. XO, Pinky

  10. Everyone did such a great job on the cake, it turned out great! Looks like a fun luncheon:@)

  11. Jacqueline, fun idea to serve on the pizza boards. And the food looks delicious. Wish I were eating there this evening.
    Love the red chancy and French script chairs.

  12. It was so yummy I made it for my family. I think I will do the cake for our family Valentines dinner. We are a fun group of ladies. Love you Jackie. You inspire me!!

  13. Everything looks so tasty, I can never visit you if I'm hungry! We had pizza last night and let me tell you it was nothing like yours. I've really got to try you recipe for pizza, Sally x

  14. What an awesome idea, Jacqueline! The pizza peels are such a nice touch!! Why can't I think of things like this?! LOL! Everything looks delicious!

  15. Beautiful!
    I'm still dreaming about that manicotti. My hubby said it was "hands down" the best he'd ever had.
    Thanks Jacqueline!

  16. Wow, what a perfect lunch Jackie! You are such a wizard at entertaining and making everything look (and I'm sure, taste!)beautiful! I can't wait to try that cake...oh, and that red chandelier...divine!

  17. That is really slick, chick!!!!!!! I love that stark white against those boards! What a great concept! And what a fabulous cake!!! My goodness...I just can't imagine a more fun - or tasty! - luncheon! What a great idea re: your basil!!! I didn't know you could do that. I just let them die a slow, horrible death. I'll give 'em a little H2o CPR next time! :-)

  18. Love the idea of serving on a cutting board though that means I'd have to have more than one! Judging from your photos, I 'd say this was a very fun gathering.

  19. ooh your inspiration just inspired me! What a great idea. I think I need to find some peels too. Doubt I can pop in a pizza oven in the kitchen tho! I love the dishes and the presentation. The food looks amazing. Great job.. You ladies look so good with that great cake. xo marlis

  20. So many good ideas and inspiration here!!! The red chandelier leaves me speechless. What a great focal point! And the basil idea too -- I cut most of mine and made pesto, but I would like some fresh now. I'll try this next fall. And the cake looks delicious. Wow. You all look like you were having a great deal of fun. Linda

  21. I love this idea! I will definitely be doing this for guests.
    Have you checked out Thibeault's Table blog? Ann's recipes are to die for, but she and her husband design and make the most beautiful cutting boards and serving boards. I have purchased two big ones and have her wooden knife magnet board. I think you would love her blog, recipes, and boards. She is from Canada.

  22. Your pizza board tablescape is fabulous! What a great idea.

    Wow, to the cake!

  23. That flatbread looks so good! I've been hesitant to make them because I know I would probably eat too many. The whole setting is gorgeous.

  24. I really don't know where to begin to tell you how over the top fabulous this all is. What an original idea, I love that you showed your guests how to frost that gorgeous cake. Swoon.Amazing!! Lot's to see and think about here, thanks SOOO much!

  25. What a fabukous setting, my friend, wish I could be there! The flat bread looks awesome and I love the little restaurant that inspired you too! The cake is gorgeous and nice you frosted it for your guests, dear Jacqueline!
    Loved this post. Enjoy your weekend.

  26. Oh gosh...I wanna come to your house for lunch!! What fun!!!!!!

  27. Lucky guests! I'm another one who'd love to have been at that table!

  28. Wow! That cake and that chandelier! They're both wonderful and so is your blog, I'm new here. Sounds like you all had a fun time and now I want to check out the restaurant!

  29. I understand how that beautiful place would have been you're inspiration. How beautiful!

  30. It all looks wonderful!
    Thanks so much for linking to Let's Dish

  31. Your friends must appreciate you so much! The flat bread looks yummy and I love the little restaurant that inspired you. The cake is gorgeous, and I'm sure your friends had their eyes glued to the cake while you frosting it Jacqueline! xo


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