Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Grandkid's Valentine's Day Party

Valentine's Day used to just be for my sweetheart and me
but as the kids grew, they wanted in on the party too.

How can you blame them as the house gets decorated and 
filled with hearts and candy galore?

This year we decided to make it special for all of the little
kiddies too.

We set the table simply -  filled with red and hearts
starting with a heart shaped placemat, a red plate and red flatware,

and of course we had to have candy,

and more candy.

We even broke out the cloth napkins for them.

One of my children's favorite items on a fancy table
was to have candles lit, so we lit
these fun heart candle holders I got a couple
of years ago.

It's always pretty hard to keep the candles lit, but I
guess that is part of the fun - to blow the candles out.

I also have this large heart shaped candle holder,
but it didn't look quite right with the plain candle
it came with.

So I had to pop in a red votive candle holder.  
This grand candle holder is a new purchase this year.

How exciting it was for them to see their own table.

Of course, some didn't eat much but the chocolate
hearts, but IT IS GRANDMA'S HOUSE!!

A cake pedestal filled with Little Debbie's cakes was
a hit also.

The whole meal was a no work meal -
Pizza Delivery
Valentine's Cakes and Candies.

The cake was served on this fun red cake pedestal that I
bought for this Christmas and never even thought about
it for Valentine's Day.

They were really taken with these cups and the
low handle.  I had two miniature ones for the
little 3 year old and 2 1/2 year old.

It was really fun, but that wasn't all.....

That was followed up with a 
first ever sleepover
 for all six of them
(the two infants stayed with their parents.)

We lined up all six of them up on sleeping pads
and had a little toy on their pad for them.

Grandma slept right by them in the hallway in case
anyone needed me during the night.

Of course, they want to do it again soon!

The next morning we had the parents come over for a
breakfast of Stuffed French Toast and Bacon.
(I will have to do a post on that recipe.  It is
one of our favorite breakfast foods.)

  The kids had fun wearing Grandma's dress ups.

Happy Valentine's Day to a bunch of sweeties.

I will be posting with


Chocolat - French for Chocolate. I adored chocolate from a young age when I had to sneak in the cupboard to find where my mother had hidden the Nestle's Chocolate Chips. Having read about the famous chocolat shoppes in Paris, when I finally got there I was determined to try a chocolate from every Paris shoppe. I invite you to share my adventures in creating, in travel, and in life.


  1. What a party! You sure know how to dress a table and spoil the grands grandma. I'll bet the sleepover was just as much fun.
    We've never had our 6 grands at once but I've been away for a weekend with the teenage twins, their younger sister and my daughter - seems like all we did was eat.
    Thanks for sharing the Valentine kids' party.

  2. So cute, I bet they had a ball. xo

  3. You are such a fun grandma! What a way to make Valentine memories. :)

  4. Ahhh:-)
    I love kiddie sleepovers..
    Great idea this party:-)

  5. Jackie ~ what a grand party for your grands! You know, the special things that you do for them now will be things that they will remember for the rest of their lives! I wish that you were MY Grandma...but we're pretty close in age. Can I adopt you as my Grandma anyway? LOL! Thanks so much for sharing! xo

  6. What lucky children to have such a loving Grandma such as you.. Beautiful party!

  7. This look like the best Valentine party EVER! The canleholder is superb. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  8. This look like the best Valentine party EVER! The canleholder is superb. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  9. Oh what fun! Over Christmas vacation we had six of our eight grandkids spend the night also. I slept out on the couch with them:) For Valentine's day we will be traveling (on that day) to TX, but will arrive in the evening and spend a week with four of our grandchildren (and their parents:)). Our oldest grandchild will be getting baptized that Saturday!
    What a fun and loving grandma you are! Looks like they all enjoyed themselves:)

  10. So very sweet and precious with your grandbabies.....very heartwarming!

  11. Looks like the kiddos had a lo of fun. Love that red cake pedestal. Happy Valentines!

  12. A special time creating magical memories that your grandchildren will take with them forever. Warm regards

  13. Aw, it looks like you all had a great time Jacqueline! I know they felt special seeing the table set just for them:@)

  14. No work and lots of fun. My kind of party!

  15. Oh, my, what fun! The table looks wonderful, and I know their eyes lit up when they first saw it. You are BRAVE to host a sleepover for six little grands! Mine are coming this weekend -- but just two!

  16. You are a very special grandma to throw those kind of parties! Beautiful table...love the red plates...must have missed them, I have several colors in that pattern, but no red.
    Your little grands are adorable, Jacqueline.

  17. I think you'll be getting a Grandma of the Year award!!!! What a treat for the kids! All their favorite foods, lots of fun decorations, some grown-up touches to make them feel extra special, Grandma's lovin'...what more could a kid want?!??!?!! Those look like a fancy Irish coffee mugs with that low handle. Cool! Beautiful cake pedestal!!!

  18. how fun for everyone of all ages!! beautiful grand children you have! anne

  19. I bought the same heart boxes for my grands...although I didn't do a fantastic party...and I did have some Miss Debbie cakes....Did, being the operative word...now who could have eaten them??? shhh

  20. So pretty! I bet everyone had a wonderful time too. I love your heart candleholder...so unusual, so lovely!

  21. Wonderful Valentine's table for the grands!

  22. PRECIOUS. You are the worlds greatest grandma. Love this.

  23. How precious and I think anyone with grandkids would love all the great ideas. The sleep over was a big hit for I saw all the smiles in the photos. Glad you are making wonderful memories with them!


  24. First all brave comes to mind.. Wow all 6 at one time. But I bet that was the best part. What a great party you set.. The table looks wonderful and I can tell they had a fabulous time by the pictures. Pretty new candleholder too. Just so much fun, so glad you shared! xo marlis

  25. You really know how to throw a fun party for your little ones, Jacqueline! I love the menu for them and so easy for you. I know they had a great time at Grandma's house!!!

  26. Thank you so much for visiting and your kind words about my art.. This was my first attempt at a needle felted poodle... I appreciate your thoughts.

  27. I think I would like to be a grandkid rather than a sister :). Looks like a lot of fun. Love your new heart lantern. Such cute little kiddies. I was able to see our two this weekend. Of course I was enchanted. Your table looks great and I can only imagine how much fun it was for them, and a sleepover too! Joni

  28. Love this! You have so many beautiful heart shaped candle holders! What a fun time, and great memories!


  29. It was brave, I have to admit and I was a little worried that we would be calling someone in the middle of the night, but everything went so well. I think they all felt so comforted by having one another there that they didn't even think about wanting to go home! Hurray!!! Now they are saying we should do it once a month!

  30. You are the coolest grandma, Jacqueline! Your grandkids are so beautiful. What a cute and fun kids Valentine table!...Christine

  31. This is just precious! I only have one Grand but I think it would be fun to do a party for he and I! You have given me some great ideas! Hugs, Linda

  32. What grandchild would not be wild about this table - sweet treats for all! I know they will feel very special to sit at such a well-appointed table. You have a group of cuties there. Thanks for sharing!

  33. This is great! I bet the kiddies had an awesome time! I love the candle holders and the Little Debbie cakes were a perfect addition! Blessings, Tammy

  34. Oh you are so very brave! My sister has 4 kids and I have 2, my parents loved to have all 6 over and it is such a special memory for all of our kids (the youngest just turned 17-the oldest almost 31). I'm not sure I could handle 6 at once, but it isn't looking as if I'll ever have to. I'm sure this will be something they never forget...the table looked amazing! Little ones loved to be treated like grownups!

  35. How fun! I hope to be able to have grandkids over to Nana's house some day to do just this! I know these memories will stay with them forever. I loved your fun table and especially those candle holders!!

    Thank you for sharing!

    Miss Mindy

  36. You are the BEST Grandmother!!!! You are very blessed to have them nearby.

    Pretty table and fun time.

  37. Grandma Jacquie,
    So much fun! I may have to adopt some children to Grama to, mine are in Germany....But party we must!
    Such fun ideas! And I, like you, think you cannot have enough of those plates! You ahve them in so many colors! Gotta love TPT!!!!! I only have a few, I wish I would have purchased more!
    Heart Hugs,

  38. What fun for them and a sleep over too! Love all the candy hearts. I bought those Little Debbie cakes for ME !

  39. So special and what fun memories you are creating with them.... Thanks for the inspiration for the day I may become a grandmother!

  40. Who would not want to come over to your house for a sleepover. The party looks like so much fun.

  41. Miss Jacqueline, not only you decorate with impeccable taste, but also you can make things so down to earth and kid friendly...that in itself is a task! What a fun party it was an a fantastic way to celebrate Valentine's loving your family!
    Came over via Pink Saturday and also my own blog.

  42. What a sweet Grandma to have a special party for your cute Grandkids. I see so many wonderful smiles. What a treat, just for them.

  43. I love how you had a valentines party with your grandchildren, not just your valentines, I think valentines should be about everyone you love, not just with the person you're in love. I love the idea and I'll have to set one up of my own with even more candy! Thanks for the idea, Emily x

  44. Such a pretty tablescape full of Valentine sweets...yummy! Looks like you all had a wonderful time, such memories!!!

  45. Holy cow what a fun grandma you are! I love all that you did for this fun party! Come link up centerpiece Wed today and share this cute post.


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