Wednesday, January 23, 2013

TV Debut and Studio 5 Tablescape

Well I completed my TV debut and I felt all of your
love and support.  It was so fun to get texts and emails
and Facebook and blog comments 
from those who had seen
it and those who wouldn't be in the area but were thinking
of me and praying for me to do well.  

 It was just a 5 minute segment
so it hops, but that makes it nice for you to watch it too.
The program is an hour long program and our show featured
seven segments.  You can watch all of them on their site.
Studio 5 has two hosts, Darin Adams and Brooke Walker.
Darin hosted my segment.

Joni (Red Couch Recipes) and her two daughters came 
to be my assistants and traveled
an hour and a half (plus the drive to Salt Lake, about 40 minutes)
to help me and to lend their support.  I really needed them
 as I had so much to carry.

I set up this display
that they call the "beauty shot" 
which I am using for my tablescape
today.  They use this as the headliner shot and the finishing

Let me just say from the minute we walked into the studio
everyone was so warm and friendly and casual that I was
instantly put at ease.  The assistants and the camera
men were joking with me and helped me feel
confident - true professionals at work!
I only had to do my "yoga breathing"
once to relax while we were waiting in the green room.

Anything I wanted or needed they were there to help.
The assistant (forgive me, I forgot her name) brought
in placemats, a napkin and flatware.

I had staged this beauty shot at home to see
what I wanted and had only planned on the breadsticks.

I added a salad as it gave the display some color and interest
after I had watched a few of the Studio 5 shows online.
I brought the white plate and bowl and the containers for
the breadsticks and also the cutting board.  A little
BYU ranch dressing was added as we always dip
our breadsticks in that.

They send you a note talking about jewelry, makeup and colors
they want you to wear.  They tell you to look at the host and 
talk to him, not to look at the cameras as you might look at
a camera and it won't be the one they are using.  

That made it easier as you forgot the cameras were there.

Here my "assistants" are in the green room enjoying themselves.
You could sit and watch the show as it was taped.  Joni and
the girls were going to stay in here to see my segment.

I was already in the studio and miked and was 
joking around with Darin while he was
cluing me in on some of the things he might ask
 when Darin wondered where Joni and the girls were.
  I said they didn't want to be in the way and would
watch it on the TV. 
 He said to go and get them, that they
could watch it at home on their TV but they should
be in there.  
What a thoughtful and kind host.

I ran right out and got them.  

Before the show they had fun sitting in the hosts' seats.

The studio was all one room with several areas for filming.
This is where the interviews take place.  I was in the
kitchen, there was the area where the girls were
on the stools and one additional place.  Just seeing that
was great.

It was so fun to get to see how it all worked but
most of all, the best part of it (besides not totally 
flubbing it as it is live) was interacting with all of the
wonderful staff and being treated so warmly and
kindly.  Even the other guests were so friendly
and chatty.  I know if I hadn't had Joni and the girls
there I would have been a lot more nervous.
Thanks everyone for your support,
including all
of my wonderful blog friends who gave me so much support.

And a huge thank you to Studio 5 who asked me to participate.

(The opening shot - hubby took a photo off the TV as he
watched it at home.)

We were all glad we did it.
(The night before I was panicking and telling my
husband he might have to call in sick for me!!  Ha ha.)

I mention SAF yeast, which several have asked about.
Here they sell it in most grocery stores or the Bosch store.
It is the same as breadmaker, rapid rise, or instant
where you don't have to proof the yeast.  I also keep it
in my freezer.  I am using yeast from 2007 and it works fine.

I will be posting this with 


Chocolat - French for Chocolate. I adored chocolate from a young age when I had to sneak in the cupboard to find where my mother had hidden the Nestle's Chocolate Chips. Having read about the famous chocolat shoppes in Paris, when I finally got there I was determined to try a chocolate from every Paris shoppe. I invite you to share my adventures in creating, in travel, and in life.


  1. I'm sure you did a great job. Your food styling is always beautiful and professional. Those breadsticks look so delicious, wish I had some now. If they check out some other posts, you may have a steady job on the show. ;-) xo

  2. Fue genial tu receta muy clara tu explicacion. Aver si ma animo a hacerlo,gracias por compartir tu experiencia.Cariños Normidom

  3. that was so exciting to see you! unfortunately i had cookies in the oven when i watched your video and burned them, but i think it was worth it! darling darling segment, you are a natural at this, congrats and wishing you much more success~

  4. Move over Martha Stewart! Jacqueline, you were fabulous; calm and demonstrated the recipe so that anyone could make these breadsticks at home.
    I want to ask about the yeast you used - I had to buy some for the first time for a crumpet recipe I want to make from another blogger. All we seem to have in our stores is traditional and quick rise - packets of 3 or a bottle.
    I hope the station will ask you back for another segment.

  5. I watched live Jacqueline. You were GReat!!! So poised and relaxed. You looked as if this was an everyday thing for you. I loved the tip about sticking the top of the skewer onto the pan to help it stay on the pan.

    Great Job.

  6. Oh, Jacqueline....You were a pro! I thought you were perfect and didn't seem a bit nervous. I could not have done that.

    Your bread sticks are so attractive and look delicious.

    You looked wonderful too. Love your outfit.

    I am so excited for you!

  7. I am so impressed:)You ARE such a natural..and it was really nice to watch you and hear you talk..
    So humble..natural..

    I agree great job..and how nice of your sweet sister and her 2 beautiful girls..

    She IS so nice too:)Great family genes I gather:)
    The host was so nice too..Thanks for posting the link..
    I can tell you had a nice time:)

    I will look in the states for that time I visit..where do you buy it..
    I loved making those:)

  8. SAF yeast can be bought in most grocery stores around here. You can use either regular or quick rise. I just like the SAF because you don't have to mix it in the water first - proof it.

    Most bread maker yeasts are the same as you just put everything in and it works without being dissolved in water.

  9. Congrats! I am going to watch the clip when I am done here.
    I was in the dark about all this til just now. I've been concentrating on the Soft as a Cloud Manicotti this week....made it last night. It was wonderful!
    Thanks for the recipe, and I'm off to watch the clip now!

  10. It was a very great experience and you did really well! Thanks for the invitation! The girls and I had a great time. Scratch what I said on the text :). Joni

  11. Sounds like you had a great day Jacqueline! Glad Joni and the girls could be there with you-enjoy the memories:@)

  12. Oh my gosh - you did so good! You are a natural, I love the "Kindergarten Skills" part. I guess that means I could handle these!!

  13. Jacqueline,
    You are a real natural! If you had any nerves, they were well hidden. You looked beautiful!

  14. Jacqueline, you were as smooth as a seasoned guest.. I loved how you wielded that knife!!! Congrats on a fabulous show. I am making those breadsticks soon.. saved the recipe! xo marlis

  15. OMG!!! I didn't know about this. You are amazing! A real natural, a real rock star! Everything was styled so great..I think you may have a wonderful new career ahead of you, sweetie! :)


  16. Maybe Alycian from Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One and you will meet up on the Food Network! Congratulations! A television studio is definitely an interesting place. Thanks for taking us along for the shoot. Cherry Kay

  17. Oh, J, this is wonderful. I didn't know about it so it's a lovely surprise for me today. You definitely could be a show on your own with all the beautiful things you do. Congrats!

  18. Jacqueline, you were amazing! It's great fun to actually see you in action and here your voice. You are a natural! I think you may have a TV show in your future. This was exciting. So glad they had a video link so we could all get to see this. Wow!
    And the bread sticks........I want to make them for a luncheon and serve with a beautiful salad like you showed. That would definitely impress the guests!

  19. Jackie ~ my husband and I watched you live and you did an amazing job! were really really good. I was actually amazed at how calm you seemed! LOL! It went off without a hitch and I loved your outfit too! GREAT JOB! Now you are a pro! xo

  20. I just watched online and left a comment there, too, but I wanted to give you another shout out to say what a good job you did! I TOLD you! No worries!!! You just went in and took control of the situation! THAT'S how you do it! Now that you have the hang of it, you'll be ready for the next time and the next time and the next time! :-) Congratulations on a job well done!

  21. That sounds like so much fun, Jacqueline. Congrats! I am sure you did an excellent job. What a wonderful experience!..Christine

  22. How exciting is that! What a fun experience for you! You should post a video once you have it on your blog. The bread sticks are so pretty and enticing too. Congratulations!

  23. oh what fun!! so happy for you and your success! anne

  24. Jacqueline, you were MADE for the camera!!! GREAT job!!! You looked so relaxed and natural. CONGRATS! XO, pinky

  25. I watched the show and made these breadsticks last night. They were sooooo yoummy! I just have a quick questions. While my breadsticks were baking they sagged down into the pan really badly. Do you have a trick to prevent this or have you ever had this problem?

  26. Well, I missed the post that said you were going to do this and because I am so nervous doing things in front of people that I DON'T do it, just reading what you were doing made my palms sweat. However, you were a pro! I watched the entire thing, I can't wait to try the breadsticks and I understood every word you said. You go girl...Food Network here you come!

  27. Congratulations on your selection to be on the program. You and Joni have great blogs, too. I'm now following you.


  28. You were GREAT!!! You didn't look nervous at all. Congratulations, I hope to see you on again soon.

  29. What a great job, Jacqueline! You're a natural in front of the camera. The breadsticks look fabulous and fun to eat!!

  30. You did a great job, didn't appear to be nervous at all.
    I have use SAF for years, the best yeast on the market. I got through at least a pound a year. I can't wait to try those breadsticks.
    Are you going to be doing shows on a regular basis or was this a one time thing?

  31. Jacqueline!!! This is soooo cooool! I'm so excited to "know" a celebrity--really! I think it's awesome that you got this opportunity, and you did such a great job! Congratulations! (And the recipe looks awesome!) ~Zuni

  32. Jacqueline, You are a natural! I know I would enjoy watching a show with you as hostess!! The breads look delicious. I can smell them from here! Linda

  33. Wow, you are a natural and I love that recipe. Pretty cool!
    You could have your own show.
    P.S. You might want to go to for your blog. It's available for $10.00 a year. If you use Blogger, it automatically re-directs for you.

  34. That was such fun to watch, Jacqueline! Well done! It was lovely to see you in action and to hear your voice. Let us know when they offer you a regular gig, because they really should!

  35. You are such a NATURAL in front of the camera! So fun to see and now have a voice to put with your words when I read them from now on :) Fun to see Joni & the girls too!

  36. You did a great job, Jacqueline! I enjoyed watching the segment. You didn't look nervous at all!
    I made your cake mix cut-out sugar cookies today; I decided to use a chocolate cake mix instead of white and cut them out as Valentine's Hearts. I'll be posting them with your recipe (with a link of course) closer to Valentine's Day. In the meantime, Ron and I will enjoy eating them! I LOVE your sugar cookies. They are my go-to recipe now. Yummy and easy!
    Hugs, Beth

  37. Awesome job! Great to see Darin Adams!! He use to host a morning show here in Peoria...we miss him!
    I have made your breadsticks ...LOVE them! You did great and I agree you could host your own show! :)

  38. Well, aren't you something! If you were nervous, it certainly didn't show. It was fun seeing you in action.

  39. Ooh I loved it! Congratulations on being on the show! You did a great job- I wouldn't have been able to remember my name!! I enjoyed seeing you demonstrate it and it's obvious you are a natural at doing foodie projects! Those look so good I swear I can taste them! That's a neat trick how yo figured out how to bake them on the top of the pan!
    I really think you did an awesome job!

  40. Way to go hun!! You did a great job!!!


  41. Great segment, Jacqueline! You were so relaxed, it seemed and you didn't rush when you spoke. Very professional :) Congratulations!

  42. You did SO well; maybe they will give you a regular spot on the show! How nice to have Joni and her daughters on board to help you out and keep you more calm:) As I said before~you're a natural! Congrats on your phenomenal debut!

  43. Congratulations, what a wonderful experience!
    You didn't set a beautiful table for them?

  44. Oh Jacqueline, who would do better than you! I see you had a great time and wonderful assistants! You look so pretty too. Congrats, you did an amazing setting for the, I'm sure they were in awe!! Enjoy your weekend.


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