Sunday, September 4, 2011

Cherry Berries On A Cloud

This is one of those desserts that you have 
seen your entire life in the cookbook and
never made and then someone brings it
to a dinner and you just have to have the
recipe.  Then they tell you that it has been
right in front of your face for decades and
you just want to kick yourself because you
could have been enjoying it for years and
years - but hey, at least now you can earmark
it as one of your favorites.

Cherry Berries on a Cloud comes straight out of the
old standby - Betty Crocker Cookbook.  When we were
growing up we used to have a standing saying if we were
looking for a recipe - "Check Betty, she always has the

My friend Rachel has been making this recipe for
years and the other day she brought it to a shower.
I couldn't believe it was the same recipe that was
in my circa 1975 Betty Crocker Cookbook.  

Well, let's say it wasn't exactly - someone had
adjusted the recipe (doubled it and changed the
cooking times and added strawberries to the mix)
by the time Rachel got her Betty Crocker cookbook.
I think hers was the very next edition.

I know they have those great Betty Crocker 
test kitchens (now wouldn't that be a fun job!) 
and someone kept testing this one and tweaked
it all for the better.

You are going to love this - truly like a cloud
with the heavenly meringue crust.  (And that
fabulous crust makes it lower in fat too!!!)

The recipe calls for
placing the meringue in 
 a 9x13 inch pan but I had this
huge 12 inch round
 ceramic tart dish  and I love the way
it turned out in this.

Bake the crust for 1 hour (my old cookbook said 1 1/2 hours
and that made it too hard.)  Let  the meringue cool in the oven for
one hour and then let it cool on the counter.

It gets filled with a creamy layer of cream cheese,
whipped cream and marshmallows.  Then you let
it sit in the fridge overnight and the meringue
softens into a cloud.

I chose to top mine with the fruit right before
serving so that the strawberries didn't get

Cherry Berries On A Cloud Recipe
(tweaked a little  from Betty Crocker Cookbook)

6 egg whites
1/2 tsp. cream of tartar
1/4 tsp. salt
1 3/4 C. granulated sugar

6 oz. softened cream cheese
1 C. sugar
1 tsp. vanilla (clear if you have it)
2 C. whipping cream (whipped)
(you can substitute Cool Whip if desired)
2 C. mini marshmallows

1 - 20 oz. can cherry pie filling
2 C. sliced fresh strawberries
1 tsp. lemon juice (optional)

Heat oven to 275 degrees.

Grease a 9x13 inch pan or equivalent sized pan.

Beat the egg whites and cream of tartar and salt
on high speed of your mixer with a wire whip 
until frothy
and then beat in the sugar, one tablespoon at 
at time until glossy and stiff.  Do not underbeat.

Spread the meringue in the pan and bake it
for one hour, then turn off oven and leave
it in the oven for one hour.  Remove from
oven and let cool to room temperature.

(The original recipe says to keep it in the
oven for 12 hours but who has that much time -
I didn't and it worked just fine.)

When meringue is cool, whip cream cheese, sugar
and vanilla.  Fold in whipped cream and marshmallows.
Spoon the filling over the cooled meringue and
loosely cover it with plastic wrap and place
it in the fridge overnight.

Just before serving, stir together the
fresh strawberries and the pie filling, adding
the lemon juice if desired.


I love how the meringue became fluted in
this dish.

The creamy center softens the meringue - hence the cloud -
pure heaven!  I think you will love this one too if you
haven't already discovered it.

This makes a big dessert, but it disappears quickly!

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  1. Wowwwwwwwwwwwww...this look so delicous!!...yammie !! have a nice week from

  2. That looks so good, I can hear everyone "awwing" as it is placed on the table. And yes, I will have a slice.

  3. Very pretty! I'm sure it tastes as good as it looks:@)

  4. MOUTH watering..Sight and sound..

    Wonderful Jacqueline.Love the colors fresh and simple.

  5. Sounds similar to a recipe a friend of mine likes called cherries in the snow (or something like that). I love the strawberry addition... very pretty dish.

  6. That looks beyond delicious! I can't wait to try it out! Thanks for sharing.

  7. That is looking heavenly, I grew up with angel pie, no marshmallows so I wonder what I have been missing!

    You photos are a bit too mouthwatering for breakfast...

  8. I was thinking strawberry shortcake today but this looks soooo much better!

  9. I always wanted to make this for Christmas because of the color! But not the right time for berries and cherries where I live......looks beautiful and I am sure tastes even better. xo,

  10. As soon as I saw your title I was transported back to the 70's and one of my first summer dinner parties and Cherry Berries on a Cloud. I haven't made it for years, but the Betty Crocker cookbook is still an important part of our family culinary life, with pride of place beside all the other, fancier and newer cookbooks. I've sourced out well-preserved vintage copies for my daughter and DIL. Thanks for the memory!

  11. So pretty! And to think I had that cookbook all along and never discovered this gem. I've heard of this but have never had it. With your description and tempting photos though, it's on my list of things to try. :)

  12. I have always seen "Cherry Berrie on a Cloud" in my "Betty" and said "someday I'm going to make that!" So I had a good laugh when I read your post!

    On the topic of "Betty," whenever someone tells me that they are trying to learn to cook, I point them to her cookbook. The veggie and meat cooking guides are a godsend for new cooks, and you are right, you can find any recipe in them. Happy Labour Day!!!

  13. My mouth is watering. This is so pretty and sounds delicious.

  14. Just gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing ~ especially the how-to's and photos. I'm sure it tastes scrumptious!


  15. OOH this sounds like a dream.. I cannot wait to try this. thanks for sharing with us..
    Thank you very much for your well wishes for the parents.. They are both doing very well. xo marlis

  16. Heavenly! I still have my Betty book. A little funky smelling from being in the basement. I take her out in the sun once a year and air her out!

  17. OMGoodness, I HAVE to try this!!! It looks heavenly (as in clouds:):):) XO, Pinky

  18. What a beautiful presentation. I have that cookbook and still use it as my go to book when I'm planning on cooking.

  19. this is very pretty...the juice on the strawberries in the photo just jumps off the screen...NICE!

  20. So gorgeous! Perfect for summer and I bet with a combo of pears and cranberries ir could be luscious for winter too. It's so pretty we'll just have to find additional uses for that shell.

  21. So gorgeous! Perfect for summer and I bet with a combo of pears and cranberries ir could be luscious for winter too. It's so pretty we'll just have to find additional uses for that shell.

  22. Jacqueline -- now this I can vouch for, since I tasted it -- it's yummy! Thanks for sharing. Your pics did it justice! Joni

  23. This is one of my favorite desserts, but haven't made it in ages. I think it's time to get busy in the kitchen. Yours is beautiful!

  24. Great visual instructions and perfect name for the dish! Your dessert looks so tempting with the beautiful strawberries on the cloud!

  25. This is such a beautiful dessert. My aunt made this for us 20 years ago and she calls it forgotten pudding (I guess because it's meringue). Not such a pretty name but that doesn't stop us from eating it:).

  26. What a fabulous dessert, Jacqueline! It is really pretty too. I have several "Betty" as well as "Better Homes and Gardens" cookbooks. It's always fun to compare the older version to the newer. Have a wonderful week, Jacqueline!

  27. What a stunning, special dessert! Just gorgeous, and it looks so delicious! Love the red against the white.

  28. Great recipe. It's something I've heard of and not given much thought to, but your pictures make it seem irresistible!

  29. Oh my gosh this looks delicious! :)

  30. *drool* What a fabulous looking dessert, Jacqueline! Soooo pretty & I can just imagine how it tastes.
    I think I'm going to have to schedule a dinner party just so I can make this. I doubt the grandkidlets would help us eat it & I am NOT doing it just for the two of us!! ('cus you KNOW who will eat most of it)

    Thanks for sharing the recipe. I never would have attempted it if you hadn't explained it so easily.
    I'm going to go see what version is in my ancient BC book.


  31. This looks beautiful. I love your "Check Betty" saying. Too funny. Thank you for linking to Fat Camp Friday. Enjoy your weekend!

  32. Oh my...this is so dreamy. Looks delicious.


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