Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Shower Her With Love - Wedding Shower Buffet

Such a wonderful time when friends and relatives
can gather together to
 shower someone with love
 in preparation for their upcoming wedding.

I love to prepare a beautiful tablescape for a buffet on my 
kitchen counter.

We are throwing a shower for my niece Danielle
and her fiance Justin.

Her mother, Kim, found these wonderful 
paper parasols on-line and hand painted
and decorated them with glitter and
jewels and they are the inspiration 
for our tablescape today.

Of course we need lovely flowers, and

White roses and lilies are the
flowers of choice for this bridal shower.

Everything is underpinned with
 jeweled tulle 
that I used at my oldest daughter's
wedding 9 years ago.

The tulle anchors everything and gives
such a lovely softness.

Two love birds nestle under glass.

They are surrounded by roses and lilies.

A perfect white rose, is there anything
more exquisite?

This is all about sparkle and shine.

There is also plenty of bling.

A wedding gives a girl a chance
to be a princess, so I threw in 
some crowned mercury glass bottles.

The fun initials were done by her 
mother also.  They were decoupaged

and bejeweled.

So many pretty things to
enchant the eye.

Pure white is always beautiful for
a happy celebration like this.

Pure white candles with a double
row of diamonds.

Plates start out the buffet and bubble
glasses and silverware
 are at the opposite end of the buffet.
Food will be placed in front of the
display and nestled in the tulle.

I love this little crown stoppered
bottle nestled in the tulle.

I just love the custom touches her mother
 made to the paper parasols.  These are 
definitely the stars of the tablescape.

The good silverplate perfectly
complements this elegant tablescape.

One final look  down the buffet line.

What a perfect way to celebrate the
joining of two lives.

I know Danielle felt showered with love.

I will be posting this with

White plates - Tai Pan
Goblets - Tai Pan
Mercury glass - Tai Pan
Crown Pitcher - Tai Pan
Cloche - Tai Pan
Cake Pedestals - Home Goods
Candles - Home Goods
Jeweled tulle - Hancock Fabric (they still have it)
Silverplate - Horchow
Crown stoppered bottle - Tuesday Morning


Chocolat - French for Chocolate. I adored chocolate from a young age when I had to sneak in the cupboard to find where my mother had hidden the Nestle's Chocolate Chips. Having read about the famous chocolat shoppes in Paris, when I finally got there I was determined to try a chocolate from every Paris shoppe. I invite you to share my adventures in creating, in travel, and in life.


  1. What a magical tablescape. I`m sure that there will be many ooohs and aaaahs as people see the buffet presentation. Have fun!

  2. Jacqueline, everything is absolute perfection. It is gorgeous!

    I gave a white bridal shower for my cousin a few years ago. I loved the pure elegance. I had eight dozen white roses scattered about our home.

    What a wonderful idea for the tulle. I think I'll look for some to have on hand. Hancock's is near where I work.

  3. Oh my...your niece is one lucky girl having you host her all looks outstanding...LOVE it!!!


  4. What a wonderful auntie you are to do this..
    I am sure she will feel like a princess:)
    I was JUST looking at our first daughter's wedding..I mean our first daughter that married.. a little over 8 years ago..

    Your niece is very very lucky:)

  5. Absolutely Gorgeous! Takes my breath away! Congratulations to the happy couple!

  6. So very enchanting. I love the parasols all decorated and glamored up. Your silver is the perfect accessory for the glamor on the buffet. So very pretty. Wishing the soon to be weds a perfect union full of bliss and happiness. xo marlis

  7. What a special shower for a lucky bride. This looks like it's straight out of magazine. The flowers stand out so beautifully! Thanks for sharing.


  8. This is breathtaking! What a lucky bridge to be! Those forks are stunning...I think I saw some similar, maybe the same, at Horchow. In fact, I think I have them in my basket still! They are so gorgeous!


  9. let me just say you live the good life. its always treat that your bring us along~

  10. Beautiful tablescape. Best wishes to the happy couple.

  11. What a beautiful setting. Definitely says, LOVE. I know the bride is going to feel very special at this party.

  12. Absolutely gorgeous! Elegant and beautiful. I must check out Tai Pan-I'm not familiar with it. I love everything.

  13. A beautiful, original design for your special bridal shower. So much fun. You did, indeed, have your hands full with this major party...Exciting and exhausting at the same time. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous design. Cherry Kay

  14. Jacqueline -- that is the prettiest shower ever. Don't think I had one like that....:). Love the parasols, the initials and all the little touches that made it special. Of course I love your silverplate. Think I saw the crystal ball at Tai Pan this summer. Your peach pie is stunning too -- I love fresh peach pie. Joni

  15. First, I almost sucked my tongue down my throat when I saw that Horchow flatware!!! Holy Moly!!! That is F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!!!! Geez Louise...I can't get over it! It is just exquisite! I want it! I gotta get it!! I MUST have it!!!!! Uh oh....hyperventilating! OK...I'm back. That was a close call! Moving on......What a beautiful gesture for you to open your home and put out such lovely things for your niece! Her Mom is quiet the talented crafter, isn't she? Wow! She must have had a LOT of patience to complete all of those projects!!! It all came together beautifully in the end, and I'm sure she will long remember it. Just as I will long remember that flatware! :-) Have a good week, Jacqueline!

  16. This all look so beautiful and elegant, Jacqueline. I love all the bling!...Christine

  17. loveliness, cuteness, sweetness, gorgeousness, love-it-all-ness. could not be more perfect! lori l

  18. WOW!!!! I know that all the attendees at the shower were amazed to see such a beautiful setting. I was drooling on my keyboard looking at everything. I got so tickled reading Alycia's comment. I think she pretty much sums up everyone's reaction to your beautiful tablescape!!! I loved everything!!!

    Hugs & Smiles,
    Katherine S.

  19. Oh is this gorgeous, or WHAT????

    Jacqueline, your home is stunning. Your wares are superb, and your eye for CAPTURING all this beauty with your camera is just remarkable!!!!!! I LOVE THAT CHOCOLATE CABBAGE cake on the sidebar!

    Thank you for visiting me dearest! Anita

  20. What a beautiful shower!!! The details are all so pretty-the parasols are the perfect touch.


  21. Stunningly beautiful and fit for a princess. I'm in love with the flatware too, OMG that is so detailed.

  22. That shower is beyond beautiful! Anyone would have honored to attend such a stunning event!

  23. Wow Jacqueline,
    Your luncheon is so elegant! Gorgeous all the way around! Love it all! ~Delores

  24. Wow Jacqueline. that was beautiful. I loved all the detail and the colours and those silver forks are gorgeous!


  25. What a gorgeous setup for such a lovely occasion! You set the most beautiful tablescapes I have ever seen....I'm in south central Washington this weekend and you can bet I am making your peach pie! Your recipes ROCK!
    Thanks and hugs, Lisa

  26. This looks so "bridal" with all the white and I especially love the "bling" elements! Those parasols are wonderful and the mercury bottles with crowns are perfect!


  27. Simply stunning, Jacqueline...your niece is very fortunate to have you as an aunt.

  28. I'm always in awe of your home and this buffet/shower is just fabulous! Everything is so gorgeous and elegant. I'm sure the bride and everyone there loved every minute!

  29. What a great post! Love those elegant whites. Lovely roses.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  30. Jackie this is so beautiful! Thanks for your inspiration and endless energy. You are so selfless. Thanks for all your help this week!

  31. What a lucky bride-to-be to have an aunt like you to throw such an elegant shower for her!

    I love those parasols!

  32. A charming and elegant setting! Love is in the air!

    Big Hugs

  33. Absolutely gorgeous!! What a beautiful setting and love all the pretty details!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that flatware!!! Stunning!! Thanks for sharing at my party this week! :)

  34. I bet the bride-to-be was beyond thrilled when she stepped into her dreamy shower!

  35. Oh Jacqueline, it's simply stunning...your flatware is exquisite....what a lucky princess the bride to be is!

  36. Just exquisite ~ and so befitting a beautiful bride. I know she loved everything!


  37. So lovely! What a beautiful buffet you set. It all looks so elegant!
    I have been looking for parasols with no luck. If you can find out the site, please let me know, but I know yu are busy!

  38. I'm so glad to read your blog. it is very informative


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