Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Breakfast In Grandmother's Garden

Taking advantage of the beautiful weather
and the flowers we have to sneak in a 
breakfast in my garden 
before everything
withers away.

Fresh fruit, croissants, butter and
jam make a simple breakfast 
for the garden.

I just love to eat out of doors during
these beautiful months of the year.

Not much time left!

There is something about a garden that reminds
me of my mother and my grandmother.

So even though this is in my garden, it is in honor
of all of the grandmothers in our lives
especially those who helped us learn to love 

Roses are definitely a big part of
my memories of my grandmother's and
my mother's garden.  

Today beautiful red roses are
paired with blue hydrangeas for a 
vintage look on this table.

The sunlight dapples the tiny flower
arrangement on each plate.

These red and blue plates inspired the color combination
for the table today.

It also didn't hurt that I had the red and blue
flowers in my home already.

The simple arrangement sits in 
a vintage looking votive.

Red and white textured plates anchor the
flowered plate.

Homemade jam definitely reminds me
of my mother.  I remember many many hours
of preserving fruits and vegetables by my mother's side.

This is her Quaker Lace tablecloth.

A sterling silver berry spoon sits
in the raspberry jam, waiting to be
spread on the fresh croissants.

The rich colors of the berries echo the
colors of the flowers and the plates.

My parents always had a huge strawberry
patch and they also had blackberries in 
their garden.

The enormous berry spoon on the left belonged to
my grandmother.  It is one of my treasures.

This cute  dairy cow dish holds fresh butter for 
our breakfast.  I grew up in the dairy state.  In
Wisconsin for many years they weren't allowed
to sell margarine unless it was left white.  I remember
slipping across state lines
to buy margarine that was colored yellow.
(I felt like we were criminals, sneaking in yellow 

 I definitely
  prefer the rich taste of real butter
for my breakfast.

Pearls also remind me of my
mother.  She had a beautiful 
string of real pearls.

Both my mother and my grandmother
on my dad's side loved beautiful things.
I definitely inherited that from them.

Everything is fading fast in my garden
and soon it will be time to pull it all up.

Before then, I will gather the grandchildren
to help me harvest some of the garden.

They love to cut the flowers and
pick the fruits and vegetables.

I make an effort to share my garden with 
my grandchildren.

I hope creating memories in the garden with
them will help them want to have
gardens of their own someday
where they can remember the times
they spent with Grandma in the garden.

Such a pretty color combination with the red and blue.

Even though I have lost both of my grandmothers
and my mother many many years ago,
 this pretty table
makes me think of them.

Make some memories with your loved ones.

I hope you enjoyed breakfast in my garden - 
Grandmother's Garden!

I will be posting this with

Goblets - Costco (Christmas years ago)
White square plates - Home Goods
Blue and red salad plates - Home Goods
Flatware - Horchow
Red cake pedestal - Home Goods
Red square plates - Tai Pan
Cloche - Tai Pan
Votives - Home Goods
Cow butter dish - Puerta Vallarta
Red ruffled chargers - Gift from Joni
Large sterling berry spoon - my grandmother's
Two other sterling spoons - ebay


Chocolat - French for Chocolate. I adored chocolate from a young age when I had to sneak in the cupboard to find where my mother had hidden the Nestle's Chocolate Chips. Having read about the famous chocolat shoppes in Paris, when I finally got there I was determined to try a chocolate from every Paris shoppe. I invite you to share my adventures in creating, in travel, and in life.


  1. What a beautiful way to start and enjoy a lovely morning.

  2. Just beautiful, a simple but delectable breakfast...that berry spoon is a treasure. Enjoy Grandparents Day, I think it is on
    Sunday? xo,

  3. What a beautiful tablescape! We definitely have to enjoy the weather while we can :)

  4. I DID enjoy your breakfast in your garden. I love the dishes, adore roses and hydrangeas, the containers are beautiful and the SILVER!!!! GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!! What treasures are the berry spoons!!!! I have always loved them. Thanks for sharing this. I loved it all. XO, Pinky

  5. Hi Jacqueline!

    Your table is so pretty and classic. If there is a more perfect food than a croissant, I haven't come across it yet.

  6. Just beautiful, Jacqueline! What special women your mother and grandmother must have been. Your garden and lovely table was a treat for me. Just beautiful. I am happy for your sweet memories.

  7. This makes me smile. I'll always remember one of my grandmamas on her knees in her beautiful garden of roses, day lilies, iris, fruit trees, and strawberries...so many wonderful hours spent helping her. My other granmama always grew delicious fresh vegetables...we would sit for much of the morning preparing vegetables for dinner in her big enamelware pan flled with iced water. Thank you for raising wonderful memories with your beautiful tablescape. Cherry Kay

  8. THE COLORS!!! I am in love with the plates and the FLOWERS and the beautiful display. Send this to celebrations at home

  9. Gorgeous...I can just feel the morning sun. Reminds me of my grandma for sure...sweet times! ;D

  10. Oh my....I think my ♥ just skipped a beat, Jacqueline! This is such a fantastic table, full of vibrant colors & wonderful heirloom treasures. You have surrounded yourself with all things beautiful. I'm SOOOOO impressed!! Love it all, truly, I do.


    p.s. I made homemade peach jam recently. GMTA

  11. I wish I was your neighbor or your best friend. :-) Lucky are the ones that are close to you! My goodness, you're talented!!!!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  12. Looks like a beautiful day Jacqueline-great colors! The roses are perfect and the berries look yummy:@)

  13. As usual, a gorgeous tablescape. I love hydrangeas and roses so paired together in their beautiful colors in an outdoor setting along with breakfast...what could be better. Beautiful inspiration.

  14. What a wonderful grandmother you are. I see you in action and I see how your grandchildren love and adore you. Here's to grandmothers!

  15. How lovely -- Love those last blooms of summer -- they're always the most spectacular! How pretty your garden tablesetting is.

  16. Such an exquisite table. The colors are so fresh and vibrant. Beautiful place settings! Fondly, Susie

  17. A very pretty table and a very yummy breakfast!

  18. I know you are creating wonderful memories for your grandchildren. They must have the loveliest of times with you. Your flowers are the perfect pieces to go with the dishes.. Your table is stunning.. xo marlis - oh that berry spoon is amazing.. Lucky you to be the keeper of this treasure.

  19. Holy mackerel, Jacqueline...this is gorgeous! You could not have found prettier flowers or more lush fruit if you tried!!! The colors are so pure and rich!!! It is the rare occasion that I just kick back and munch on fruit, but this makes me want to!!! Let's not even talk about the croissants! I could eat those bad boys by the dozen! (That's why I have "Oprah arms" and a "Gayle rump" now!!!) You are SO funny about the margerine!!! That is TOO funny!!! I can remember my mother favoring Blue Bonnet margerine over butter. I swore that when I grew up and had my own kitchen there would NEVER be a stick of margerine in it. I have pretty much stuck to that, although with my husband's cholesterol count a little out of control I have had to add Smart Balance to the grocery menu! There is NOTHING in the world like real butter!!!!!!!! Beautiful table!

  20. Such beautiful settings, flowers, and the serving pieces are wonderful. It's so nice to have such rememberances of our dear mothers and grandmothers.

  21. The colors on this table just pop! I feel as if I am sitting right there getting ready to sample one of those delish looking berries or croissants! I would be very happy having my breakfast at your beautiful table!

  22. I just had to come by again because I thought of your table and your sweet mother and grandmother this morning after reading it last night. It struck me as very special and lovely.

  23. What a delight it would be to awake to that table for breakfast...beautiful. Gorgeous berry spoon!

  24. I'd love to start my day in your garden:) I'll take croissants and butter any time of day!

  25. Just gorgeous! I'd love to share this sort of meal, in this setting, with friends and family. You are magical when it comes to decorating and balancing the table!

  26. I am sure your grandchildren love to come and play with you in your beautiful garden. I know they will have wonderful memories to share with their children about their special times with you. The gorgeous berry spoon and beautiful lace tablecloth are the perfect touch to your beautiful tablescape. The colors are so pretty and your photography is wonderful. You have reminded me of the memories of my mother and grandmother.
    Hugs & Smiles,
    Katherine S.

  27. How beautiful! The flowers, the dishes, the silver...just gorgeous!

  28. A beautiful breakfast table, the colours are so vibrant.
    I love the family heirlooms you're using and a tribute to grandmothers is a nice one. Hopefully my grandchildren will have fond memories of the tea parties we've had together - in the garden as well as indoors.

  29. Absolutely love your photos. The place settings are beautiful and the berries make me salivate.

  30. I.

    With your whole tablescape....but I love that berry spoon and those square plates!!!

    I love the sentiment BEST, though, about grandmothers. Yes, the garden definitely reminds me of my beloved grandma and my family in general and making strawberry preserves is a potent family recollection for me!

    Thank you as always for such splendor AND such heart behind it!!


  31. You are always so elegant:)

    Love the sentiment..and the beautiful setting~

    PS ..Your pics just keep getting better and better~
    Yours Truly.

  32. Such a pretty table. I love the square white dishes and their edge design. Your dish stack is wonderful.

    I love it when we can use things that were passed down in the family. It really adds a special touch to any meal.

  33. Your reference to margarine and Wisconsin butter made me smile. I remember how my mother would drive to Zion, Illinois to buy oleo margarine that was banned in Wisconsin. How times have changed :) Love your beautiful berry spoon! Gorgeous flowers and table settings.

  34. Your memories are your biggest treasures, to be sure, but, wow! you also have so many wonderful pieces! That oversized berry spoon from your grandmother is just lovely! I got a good laugh about the idea of you sneaking around to get yellow margarine into Wisconsin, and now realizing that you prefer butter! Yep! I agree, there's nothing like butter! And now, finally, they've realized that a lot of the hydrogenated fat in margarine isn't good for you anyway. I feel vindicated! Lovely table!

  35. I'm late making the rounds~ your title & beautiful photo spoke to me! I have such fond memories of my grandmother & her garden! Just beautiful...Thou Shall Not Covet...but I DO~ what a gorgeous berry spoon! I adore your sweet bouquets at each place setting!

  36. waauuaaawww:))
    fotoğraflar harika:)
    bayıldım sayfanıza....
    Antalay,dan sevgiler...

  37. I just want to sit at the table and enjoy my berries, crossant and jam with a cup of coffee.

    Such a beautiful table, loved the berry spoons, the berry dome and the jam jar just loved it.

    My mom still makes home-made jam for us every season.

    Karin Şen Cankan


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