Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Valentine Counter Top

The kitchen island gets changed often.  I had a winter white
arrangement on the counter but now it is time for Valentines.

These fun red wood blocks spell out love, but when I went
to get them out of the storage box this year, the O
was missing.  Where could an O disappear to, I ask.
I improvised with this darling diamond ring votive
candle holder that my friend Ann gave me. 
I think it is better than it would have been.
(The O is still missing in action!)

Several people have commented on the diamond
ring.  It certainly fits the Valentine's mood.

If you saw my tablescape from last week, you know that
I enjoy Valentine's candy boxes and save them for
decor.  This year I found this great Dove chocolate box.
The shape is just exotic and it is a metal tin.
You can find this at Target or Wal Mart, or probably
any grocery store.

Of course, I will enjoy the Dove chocolates
melting slowly in my mouth.  They have the
most incredible mouthfeel.

This fun metal cloche is new this year and I have
already used it in several table tops.

This adorable heart shaped dish was a gift last
year and is usually filled with candy.

A beaded votive candle holder glows at night.

This is the winter white arrangement I had in the center of
my winter counter top decor.  I just added a few bright
red touches to make it over for this counter top.

I made this myself by filling the container with foam insulation,
then letting the insulation dry and adding silk florals,
greenery, balls and spanish moss.  This is so easy
and fun to do.

Fill your house with a little Valentine's Day color.

Come and visit both of the following parties and see a
lot more Tabletops and transformations from Boring
to Better.  Parties are a great way to get to meet other
very talented and fun bloggers.

I will be sharing this at these parties,

Chocolat - French for Chocolate. I adored chocolate from a young age when I had to sneak in the cupboard to find where my mother had hidden the Nestle's Chocolate Chips. Having read about the famous chocolat shoppes in Paris, when I finally got there I was determined to try a chocolate from every Paris shoppe. I invite you to share my adventures in creating, in travel, and in life.


  1. Your table top looks great! Love the diamond ring votive. Very ingenious of you.

  2. Lovely...I'm hurrying to Target to buy a Dove Valentine.

  3. Looks great Jacqueline! Isn't it funny how one letter ends up missing... I think the fairies are play hide and seek! Enjoy the chocolate:@)

  4. So very festive - I love your style. Come decorate for me anytime.


  5. I guess it worked out that you misplaced the "O" because the giant "diamond" is my favorite feature~DARLING! I need to go buy some chocolates too, just so I can keep the box for a project:) You sure make holidays fun at your house!

  6. LOVE the missing O. I agree that the ring is better! Beautiful counter top. I haven't drug out the Valentine Decor yet. I think I haven't recovered from packing all the Christmas!!!! :) Also, thanks for the heads up on that cute heart shaped Dove Box. I too like that it is unusal in shape.
    Enjoy! HUGS!

  7. Lovely way to remind our better half that Valentines is just around the corner...I bet those fairies of yours are playing tricks on you hiding the "O!"

  8. I love the diamond ring for O. I agree with Joycee -- I bet your fairies took it away -- you better feature them soon again or you will find something missing -- your fairies just need a hug (an O)--get it? Everything is so pretty and festive at hour home, it is just like Christmas again. Glad your family liked the lemon chicken -- they can't remember it? We really do need to do another Chinese feast. I madce egg rolls today....yum! Joni

  9. Everything is very very cute Jacqueline.. You did well with the ring:)

    Perfect o..
    You have a happy home..Love it~

  10. That is pretty as a picture. I love your creative touch.

  11. This is totally unreal!!!!! I love it. That ring is the most unusual and clever thing I have ever seen. So great. Thanks so much for linking to TTT. Hugs, Marty

  12. Fantastic! Love that magic ring, so special!


  13. Jacqueline, you have done it again!
    This setting is perfect. I love the diamond ring. You never run out of ideas.

  14. That is just the cutest Valentine's decor! I love the ring in it's midst! Very clever, to be sure!


  15. Jacqueline, I'll be tracking down one of those Dove boxes tomorrow. ;-)
    Dove chocolates are my favorites. I love to let their smoothy creaminess melt in my mouth. It's a beautiful tin, and like you, I save my candy boxes.
    You are inspiring me to get my valentine things out of the boxes to be enjoyed. I've been putting it off, but I'm about to run out of time.
    ~ sarah

  16. So cute!!! I love you and hope you have a great February full of love.

  17. I am in love with the diamond ring substitution. It looks like it was made to go with the L,V,E. Of course, Murphy's Law says on 2/15 you will find the other "O."

  18. I love the way you used that diamond ring. It was so clever of you.

  19. You improvise so creatively! Smart girl!

  20. I love your substitute for the lost 'O' and how appropriate ;)

  21. It is just beautiful which reminds of the Valentine's delicious stir fry wonder you made for us the other night. It was just lovely to sit with my very own candle. You are so romantic:) Love you!

  22. Love it! The diamond ring brings a touch of whimsy and, like you, I think it's better than the original "missing" O. :-) LOVE heart shapes and these look so beautiful.


  23. What a great Valentine's vignette. Using that ring votive holder ( which is too cute) is perfect for the O. Thanks for joining the party.

  24. What a charming little vignette! That is a darling ring-way better than the 'o'~ I love it! Love that shabby chicken wire cloche too. Thanks for sharing this inspiration at Feathered Nest Friday! :)

  25. This is my first time reading your blog and I have already signed up to follow you. Your ideas are tremendous and most creative. Your home is so lovely and inviting with all of your Valentine decor.....makes one want to visit and eat some chocolate....LOL. I am new to blogging...very new, and I invite you to visit me. I want a diamond ring votive......


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