Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Her Majesty, The Ice Queen's Table

The Ice Queen has certainly been to visit
here, spreading her magic of cold.
Through her influence, temperatures have dropped
to zero.

Purple Chocolat Home has set a table for her
to try and appease her.

Everything is frosty whites and silver, coldly beautiful
just like Her Majesty.

Ice drops decorate the table, dripping from
branches at the table's center and at
the center of the plates too.

You can see the table reflects the frostiness
of the out of doors.

Only the best for Her Majesty's table.

A gossamer shimmer of silver organza underlies it all.

Sparkling snowflakes adorn the napkin holders.

Layer upon layer of snow and ice.

Truly majestic.

The silvered salad plates remind one of an
ice skating pond.

Floating atop the ice skating pond are

A crown to symbolize a table fit for Her
Royal Highness.

Three crown jeweled bottles to serve her from.

Such luxury is necessary for her table.

You can almost hear the ice crack and pop.

Yes, she truly did appear, as evidenced by her icy
crown jewels.

Maybe pleasing her will bring a spring thaw soon.

Napkin rings, silver salad bowls, chargers - Z Gallerie
White large plates, crystal votives, crystal branches - Tai Pan
Crown bottles and crown ornament - Tai Pan
Silver plated flatware - Horchow
Silver plated goblets - Spiegel

This royal table will be on display


Chocolat - French for Chocolate. I adored chocolate from a young age when I had to sneak in the cupboard to find where my mother had hidden the Nestle's Chocolate Chips. Having read about the famous chocolat shoppes in Paris, when I finally got there I was determined to try a chocolate from every Paris shoppe. I invite you to share my adventures in creating, in travel, and in life.


  1. BREATHTAKING! I love it! Another job well done.

  2. How fun, sparkly and pretty! love it all. Very nice table!

  3. I love this! I did an Ice princess table awhile back and it was so fun! Your Ice Queen table is truly majestic! Your centerpiece reminds me of a weeping willow tree that is drooping w/ice. I love it! Actually, I love it all!

  4. I'm certain this table will please the Ice Queen with each of its glistening details. Layer upon layer of snow and ice ~ yes, it is majestic, but also magical. You've created a magnificent wonderland fit for any Queen.
    I'll be sharing a whimsical winter table later this evening. Can't begin to compare to this beauty. ;-)
    ~ Sarah

  5. I love your layers of frosty white & glittery ice on your table! Perfectly fitting for an Ice Queen :-)

  6. This is one of the most gorgeous tablescapes EVER!!!!

    I am in love with this icy wonderland full of visual thrills!!!!



  7. That is absolutely gorgeous!! Stunning!! Its so regal : )
    I love the napkin holder ( the snowflake) and my fave is the wine glass with the intricate stem!!!

  8. Hello, My Darling! :-)

    Wow! What a fantastic (and chic) way to celebrate winter! :-) So beautiful. Every detail done to perfection!

    I'm never disappointed with you.

    I hope you have a wonderful week!


    Luciane at

    Post of the Day: A Cottage on Shelter Island.

  9. GORGOEUS and so appropriate for this week -- that dratted ice queen has been making her rounds :)


  10. Stunning, absolutely stunning. I'm thinking I would have to go on a major shopping spree to come up with your gorgeous table.

  11. Beautiful table! Loving that silverware! I am looking for something like that. I like the silver goblets too. Lots of drippy bling too. What time is dinner?



  13. Such a beautiful table setting...quite stunning! You have a lovely blog.
    Thank you for coming by and visiting!

  14. LOVE THIS TABLE!!!!!!!!!! HATE THIS COLD!!!!!!!!!!!! Brrrrrrrrr! I want to go see if I can find that silverware... I ADORE IT! You have such a talent girl! And great taste in treasures. ENJOY & STAY WARM! HUGS!

  15. Just perfect Jacqueline! I witnessed your centerpiece on my way in to work today, couldn't believe the way evergreens were drooping! The colors and textures are great, now if you'll excuse me I'm gonna throw another log on the fire:@)

  16. following back. Love all the pics. on your blog. very pretty :)

  17. What an absolutely gorgeous table!

  18. Hi Jacqueline,

    All I can say is WOW, WOW, WOW. Absolutely gorgeous. A frosty wonderland and I adore the silverware. I used to get the Horchow catalog years ago, I must start getting it again.


  19. Oh, Jacqueline... You have outdone yourself on this! I adore it. I am particularly in love with those goblets, and I love that icy-branched centerpiece. This is fit for royalty. Great job!

    Happy Tablescape Thursday to you, too...


    Sheila :-)

  20. Everything just shines on this table! Love your new silverware and all the silver and crystal. I love the drooping centerpieces that looks so like the limbs outside! I am sure the Ice Queen felt right at home. Joni

  21. Fit for an ice queen or any queen! Is that a silver sugar bowl sitting in a footed crystal compote? Great idea! We're snowed in here...I can't get my car out of the garage, so Sweet Mister is taking me everywhere...I feel like a queen...or at least a princess...I'll be right over to sit at that table. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous design. Cherry Kay

  22. Stunning! I love everything about it, Jacqueline. If I lived closer I would try to just "borrow" those crown bottles & the ornament. :-)
    You do such a beautiful job on any and all tablescapes!

    Hope you're warm and safe ~ it's just miserable here.


  23. Wow, this is so exquisite...thanks again for always sharing these amazing posts I so love!
    Keep warm...I think of you all the time in that freezing cold!!

  24. Absolutely scrumptious table setting. Love, love, love the silverware.


  25. Terrifically themed tablescape! Love the snow and ice representation you've created with all your dishes and accessories! That centerpiece is perfect and how I want those napkin rings!


  26. That is the most beautiful table i ever seen !! ...happy day Ria.....

  27. Jack Frost has met his match with you. Your table is stunning. It is -7 degrees here now, and you made it come to life with your table. Thanks, now I am going to grab my book and curl up by the fire.

  28. Send the ice queen to my house! She created one fabulous tablescape!

  29. Gorgeous! You really captured the theme with this one.

  30. She left her stamp here too! Below freezing.. can you communicate with her that we've had enough now?? LOL.. your table is absolutely exquisite! Your new flatware seems as if it has made itself at home in perfect harmony. The crystals and all the pieces do remind me of the ice queen. Stunning.

  31. Your going be mad...well, I hope not! Remember last week when my Aunt B. shared your hog burger in the local food column? Well, I wrote them a quick email to thank them for the mention of grannymountain and I told Jay she needed to go back and peruse the MANY recipes on your blog. For just a moment, long enough to type your name's there in black and white in yesterday's column as Suzanne. Forgive my sad little senior moment, but read the glowing review of your blog!

  32. WOW, Definitely fit for a QUEEN! Really BEAUTIFUL and sparkly, Jacqueline! Love it!

  33. Simply stunning! Such icy perfection! And I loved reading your descriptions!

  34. I love this royal tablescape. It turned out beautifully! You are amazing!

  35. This is such a pretty post ... love all the silver and glittery surfaces! Thanks for dropping by to visit with me ... enjoyed my visit here! Thanks for sharing.

  36. So icy. So elegant. So perfect! Just loved your words too. So lovely for the depths of winter.

  37. Stunning, as always. The display of crystals is gorgeous.

  38. You certainly haven't hidden your talents, Jaqueline! You table is absolutely delicious...loving all the icy frills.

  39. As I am researching a 16thc queen, let me say I love your flatware! Reminds me of the very earliest versions that I covet madly! Lovely work... sure the Ice QUeen would feel right at home!

  40. "Magnificent"! You have captured the look Perfectly! If it wasn't so Beautiful It could make you shiver. I'm thinking this would make a gorgeous table for an Ice Cream Social! LOVE,LOVE,LOVE your centerpiece! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing and inspiring us all!
    Hugs, Donna

  41. This is just beautiful. I don't know what setting I like best. They just get better and better. Lovely as always. Kathy

  42. Absolutely beautiful. And, if the queen can't make it, I'll gladly come.

  43. This is just icy and gorgeous!! I LOVE your silverware...the whole table just sparkles. It's truly fit for an "ice" queen. Your centerpiece looks amazingly like real iced branches.

  44. Wow!! Stunningly beautiful. It is so elegant...I'm at a loss for words!

  45. Hi Jacqueline~ I LOVE this tablescape! So gorgeous- so regal and blingy!! I love that centerpiece- your chargers and silverware- GORGEOUS- and the entire table looks just delightful! Thanks so much for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday! :)

  46. OOOOOO Jacqueline, if this doesn't appease the ice queen, then nothing will. What a spectacular table! That flatware and those silver goblets are stunning. Love all of the bling you added to the table. You have a wonderful imagination, and it shows in everything you create. Thank you for linking to Favorite Things. laurie

  47. That is absolutely gorgeous. Gorgeous isn't even a strong enough word for how beautiful everything is. I linked over from Laurie's party. I saw your "new" kitchen in your sidebar. I had to check it out when you said you put in a pizza oven. We just put in a pizza oven in our new outdoor kitchen. I'm so excited to know someone else who has one. I am now your latest follower. I would love if you would come and check out my blog and follow me back at You can check out our pizza oven while you're there. Looking forward to checking out more of your blog.


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