Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Let It Snow Table Top

Home from a sunny location with the house
still filled with Christmas decor -
 not my happy place!

I got started right away putting Christmas away
and it was getting me down when my oldest
daughter said, "Why don't you do what you do
when you decorate - play the
 Christmas music!"

That was just what I needed, it was almost as
fun putting Christmas away with the music playing
and I decided to make some table tops that
still reflected a little sparkle like the snow.

That sparkle of freshly fallen snow is one of my
favorite sights during the cold months.

I love the clean after putting Christmas away, but it also
seems a little bare, so I always keep a thing or two out
that sparkles and makes me smile.  Usually it is something
that is new for the season, like the silver and purple ornaments.

This trayscape sparkles like the snow and has a few
 Christmas touches
 that blend with the living room's decor. 
The tray was a Christmas gift from last year, it was from Z Gallerie,
but I saw it there this year too.  The tray forms the base for the

This cute frame with a picture of my granddaughter
was made by my daughter in law. 

These sell for a fortune at a local high end boutique.
 I am going to
do a tutorial on these fun frames this next week.
You can have the high end design for pennies!

The mercury glass decanter and the votive candle holders
sparkle like the snow, perfect for the transition.

Even the candles have a double row of diamonds and
the crystals are like the icicles hanging during the winter.

The silver and purple mercury glass ornaments keep
me in that happy Christmas mood and go great
with the sparkle of the trayscape.

Try creating a sparkling tabletop that
reminds you of the snow.  It brings a
little sunshine in on cold winter days.

White frame - handmade gift
Candles - Michaels
Candlesticks - Home Goods
Ornaments - Home Goods
Silver votive - Z Gallerie
White Tray - Z Gallerie
Small jeweled fram - Z Gallerie
Purple Votive - Tai Pan
Decanter - Tai Pan

I will be sharing this on


Chocolat - French for Chocolate. I adored chocolate from a young age when I had to sneak in the cupboard to find where my mother had hidden the Nestle's Chocolate Chips. Having read about the famous chocolat shoppes in Paris, when I finally got there I was determined to try a chocolate from every Paris shoppe. I invite you to share my adventures in creating, in travel, and in life.


  1. Wowwwww...Jacqueline your home looks great !!!...i like this post ...beautiful things !!! ...love Ria...

  2. Love the frame:) I must say it does look bare when all comes down..but clean and tidy:)
    It's really not the end of the world..it seems overwhelming but once it's done it's done..Guess where I get this coaching from? My ear husband.. I read a quote once about you can tell about a person's qualities when they are untangling Xmas lights..
    He loves Christmas.. and is never discouraged..helps w/ it all:)
    He is retired though..:) But..he did before too ..I can't remember!

    I love the fact that you leave some sparkle out..
    It leads to freshening up and adding little touches don't you find?
    Welcome back:)

  3. Hi Jacqueline - can't wait for your tutorial next week!! I love your daughter's idea of playing Christmas music while you put away the decorations - I'm definitely going to remember that from now on.


  4. Love the change out. I always feel bad taking Christmas down. But I sparkled my dining room table!

  5. Very pretty! I love all the sparkle too and did a winter mantle vignette for the first time this year. Your candles are so pretty, I love the dangling crystals. They look so wonderful with the purple and the beautiful frame w/the sparkly piece in the center of the bow. Very appealing vignette!

  6. Jacqueline, thank you for your comment on my post. It is still pretty surreal here in Tucson. I started to just send you an email but decided I wanted to see your blog. It is really lovely, and I love the name.

  7. Very pretty, lovin' the decanter! Welcome home:@)

  8. So Beautiful! Like what you would see at a Crystal Palace!!! What is the lavender bulb or bottle thingy. I LOVE that??? I LOVE leaving the white wintery scenes out till the end of February. Especially when there's SO MUCH SNOW this year!I LOVE the idea of Christmas music while UNDECORATING! I think I'll burn a CD with all the Snowy, Sleighridey songs JUST for that...Thank you for that idea and Thank you for sharing your Beautiful home with us!
    Hugs to you,

  9. I love the sparkle and glitter of your winter trayscape! And I CANNOT wait for your picture frame tutorial! It's a beautiful way to display photos of loved ones!

  10. Sparkle and shine! A beautiful post for a January day!

  11. I agree, it looks so bare once the Christmas decor is put up. I've been trying to remedy that with some retail therapy. Your tablescape is really wonderful. the ornament really makes it zing!

  12. What a gorgeous trayscape. Love that word.

  13. I mentioned your blog in my last post. I received a blog award and I wanted to pass it along to you. Your blog is amazing and I enjoy visiting it so much. It would be a shame not to share it.


  14. It is sad to see the end of the season...I love that idea to keep one or two things out...I do the same..just something small ( a new ornament from someone that has given it to me with all their heart!)
    Glad you back safe...I hear the weather in the States is aweful!
    Blessings Shel x

  15. very nice... so clean, personalized, and dainty.. love it

    have a great week

  16. Jacqueline,
    That tray scape is elegantly exquisite! Not a HUGE fan of purple, but that royal purple votive has stolen my heart! I do use purple hued glass as accents in my bath! Thankl you for this lovely post. I'll be watching for the frame tutorial!

  17. Very sparkly trayscape. You could always sing the song "I Always Cry When I Take the Tree Down." Yes, there really is a song like that on the "Forgotten Carols" album or you could sing "Undeck the Halls." Ciao, Joni

  18. You really have the best of both worlds:) The photo of your granddaughter is beautiful, as well as the frame!

  19. Oh this is so sweet, I know what you mean about things being bare after Christmas! I feel the same way, so always buy something after the Holiday (50-75% off) with some sparkle and then when I put it away, it's like a new item next year! anne

  20. How beautiful! I always keep a few "winter" decorations after I take down Christmas, too. I love changing the look with the seasons.

  21. Great idea to play Christmas music while un-decorating. I'm going to try that this weekend when I take down my tree. I love your wintery sparkles!

  22. Those pictures are just so lovely. That purple is one of my sister's favorite colors.


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