Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Witches, Witches Everywhere - Gardner Village & A Giveaway

Have you noticed that witches have
taken over Purple Chocolat Home?

There are not many witches dressed up in
But as you can see, Witch Jacqueline is one of them.

I love dressing up in costume - must be the theatrical
part of me - and I love hosting Halloween Parties.
I think we have hosted parties 29 out of 31
years of marriage.  Actually, our first date was
on Halloween night, and we both dressed up and
went disco dancing at the Star Palace in town.

Gardner Village, in the Salt Lake area brings
out their witches every year.  These ladies are
pretty grand.  They appear mid-September and
are set amid the quaint old homes and mill that
make up the shopping and restaurant at Gardner

You can sit next to them and have your picture taken.

Or just wander around and marvel at
their size (especially the noses,
chins and bustlines!)

Whoa, take a gander at those honkers.
There is nothing petite about these gals, let me
tell you.

This one is part of a circle of gals that spin round
and round.

This one has flown up into a tree.

This big gal is trying to direct the air traffic,
guess she didn't do so well.

They are literally peaking out of everywhere.

The little one on the right belongs to me,
she's a live one!

This witchy-poo is hiding in a barrel of blankets
outside of a quilt shop.

Drewcilla would love riding with this witch.
If you didn't catch Drewcilla, she is our bicycling
witch that goes up each October, and yes she
really pedals and she lights up at night.

This little lady and I should open up shop together.

They have fun things going on all October.
Click here to see what's happening if you
are going to be in the area, or if you want
to get creative and bring it to your area.

They have:

Breakfast With The Witches (meet
the witch royalty, they sing and dance
and bring the kids up on stage - it's a party!),
Ride With Witches (ride on the back of a vintage
truck and hear stories from a witch),
Witches Night Out (costumes and dancing-
absolutely a blast and you will never
see more elaborate costumes all
in one place - tons of fun)
Witch-A-Palooza (a theater production)
Extreme Witch Make-over (get your make-up done)
and more.

Before I leave you to fly off somewhere,
I just need to take one minute more and
introduce you to their cast of characters -
The Witch Royalty.
These are the lovely witches that will entertain
you throughout the activities of the month.
(Yes, I was tempted to try out this year to
be one of them!)
They sing, they dance, they make you laugh,
and they pose for pictures too.

So fly your broom over to Gardner Village if you are in town.
We'd love to have you drop by.
Hug, hug, kiss, kiss!

Now, Beaulah, don't get mad just because
you are not the only witch in town. (Do you notice
the resemblance?) 
See her twin sister Zoulah over at
has already cooked up a storm for Halloween.
I tell you, Beaulah is the lazy twin!

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  1. Hhahahahhahahha!! crazy crazy post !!.....hahahhaah!! Love Ria.....

  2. Ohhhh, I adore all the different witches but I must say ... you certainly are the fairest of them all. Must be the good witch from the East! Or was it the North? Hope you have a lovely day!

  3. You started my day with a smile! Fabulous!
    xoxo Pattie

  4. I love your witch costume...soooo cute!! I also love all the things you said about Gardner Village and agree 100%. I am the manager of Anastais's Attic. Maybe you and I should talk about a contest with a prize from our store.

  5. my goodness- you are having a ton of fun!! adore your witchy get up and the visit to gardner village-enjoyed the photos

    your sparkly lashes are awesome.

  6. You should get the best dressed witch award! What a cute and creative outfit. Your daughter is darling!

  7. Jacqueline -- your post on Gardner Village is fun! Your get up is a scream. We love Gardner Village and go there every years, but I have never got together such a costume -- you could be on their witch team. Joni

  8. Gardner Village, so fun!

    You are a very pretty pink witch!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  9. Your portrayal gives the word witch new meaning.....pretty, trendy and pink!
    Fun post.

  10. How fun! Now this is the kind of Halloween parties, etc., that I like. Wish I were closer! Your costume is adorable ~ rock on. :-)


  11. How fun! Now this is the kind of Halloween parties, etc., that I like. Wish I were closer! Your costume is adorable ~ rock on. :-)


  12. Great costumes. Love all the witches too. Happy Pink Saturday.

  13. You give "Pretty in Pink" a whole new meaning. :) Love all of the witches!

  14. Now this is just waaaaaaay too fun! You're just the cutest witch ever! Love all the Halloween "spirit" in your town. Thanks for visiting me too!

  15. Great! I love all the witches. but the one in pink is certainly the most charming!

  16. What a fun post! You look absolutely gorgeous all dressed in pink. You sure do get into the Halloween spirit; I bet your parties are brilliant!

    Best wishes,

  17. The pink in your Halloween costume is a nice touch! :)

  18. Jajajaj!!fantastic post!!
    I love all the witches
    Great costumes.
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  19. Great Post...and if I didn't know any better I'd swear your birthday was October 31st ;) My mom's birthday is Halloween and we always dressed up every year when we lived in the same state and had so much fun with all the kids having big parties. Happy Pink Saturday and thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my Foodie Friday post. Fondly, Roberta

  20. This is such a fun and cool post! There are some very talented and creative people around your area. Love the pink and black costume...this was my favorite post of the week.

  21. Now you are one witch I will never be afraid of. You are so cute in that outfit, Jacqueline....Christine

  22. What a fun witch you are! I especially love your tights and shoes! :)

  23. Wow! How fun is that! You are one sexy hot pink witch. I love fact, I want that costume.....LOL
    We are going to a Halloween party and I am trying to think of something to wear. Spectacular and so much fun. yes, out tastes are similar and my Mother has the same name...Jacqueline...I'm loving your blog. Thank you for popping in and say hello....Hugs,Linda

  24. Such a fun post! I love Halloween and this post is so festive!

    ~Rainey~ @ The Project Table


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