Monday, October 9, 2023

Salty Halloween Pirate Mirror

Halloween has been in full
swing here for a while.

As many of you know we are 
building a new house, and 
most of the Halloween 
decor boxes were already 
taken to storage.  
(You may not believe that 
if you see my house all 

But Beaulah and I decided we 
had to decorate to be happy 
while we pack endless boxes!

It has really lifted my mood 
to have the house decorated 
and it opened the way to 
having the house ready 
for all of the last parties 
we want to have in this 
Haunted House.

In the thrift store pile was 
this old frame - that I had 
no place for in the new house.
The pirate skeleton was also 
being tossed!  

Then I decided - since I wasn't 
busy at all - haha - that I 
wanted a Halloween Craft 

We had the pirate skeleton 
for years and only used him 
once.  He is undersized and 
had a peg leg and I just didn't 
like him much.  

So I got out my bread knife 
and sawed his lower body 
off - ZZZZ  - and then took 
his eye patch off and gouged 
a hole - trying to sound 
Halloweenish here!  
Then I stripped him of 
his headband and he was 
ready to be transformed 
with some gold paint. 

I didn't have to do 
anything to the mirror.  

A crystal knob that I had 
around the house became 
his eye - my favorite part!!!

Then I glued his headband 
back on.  I tried him without 
and he just wasn't the same. 

And we are in love with him. 

My three year old 
granddaughter was oohing 
and aahing over the 
Halloween decor in the 
living room.  I took her 
back in and pointed him out.  
She said with eyes wide open, 
"OH!  I didn't see that!" 

Now instead of the thrift 
pile he will have a place 
in our Halloween home 
for years to come.

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  1. Aren’t you clever? Your pirate mirror looks awesome. A little change you love him again.

  2. Great project and perfect for Halloween!


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