Monday, October 18, 2021

My Haunted Village

Halloween is all around the house, 
and this year I decided to create 
a Haunted Village on the piano 
in the front entry, like I do the 
Christmas Village each year.

It all started because I made a new 
Haunted House and didn't know 
where to put another one!

I made and posted about this 
Haunted House last year. 

This is a house I had purchased from 
JoAnn Fabrics a few years back and 
I had dolled it up with a few pumpkins,
brooms, a banner and some pipe cleaners. 

This was a house we with our 
Craft Group a few years back.  
The craft leader that night had purchased 
houses from Hobby Lobby and then 
glittered them up and we all 
brought things to accessorize 
our houses.

The last house was also brought 
from JoAnn Fabrics and accessorized. 

Let me go back and show you some 
of the fun details to my new house. 

To tell the truth, it was this four poster 
witch's bed that captured my eye 
first at Michael's.  It has a fun purple 
bedspread and a hat on the bed and it is 
draped with black netting.  

The fairy witch is the owner of this house.  
Also notice the fun vanity mirror in the 
back corner.  These were all pieces from 

The upstairs bath is a footed tub 
and a fun pedestal sink from Michaels.  
I cut some fur fabric for a bath rug 
and added a little folded terry towel.  
The silver mirror was purchased 
from Amazon.

I keep wanting to say this or that is 
my favorite thing, but this black 
cake has to be one of the top ones.  
it is atop a spider webbed table 
with sparkling bats on the chairs. 

But then again, this tufted sofa can't be 
beat!  No wonder I grabbed everything 
I saw!  

The outside porch is decorated with 
two haunted trees, a cauldron, 
some melting candles and 
some white pumpkins.  These are 
all from Michael's too.  

In order to have space for a porch, I 
found a slatted sign that was a gray 
wash and glued the house to it. 

If you have lost your way, these little 
spooks will help you!  

The house itself was a kit Michael's 
had for $24, that just glued together. 

The bad part of all of this is that 
everything was here and gone in 
August.  I went to a second store to 
pick up another couch and everything 
was gone the next day.  

Here are details from the inside 
of the house I made and posted 
last year.  

The furnishings came from Hobby Lobby, 
Michael's and Etsy.  

I made quite a few bottle brush trees 
for Halloween a few years ago and 
they are all over the village and even 
inside the houses. 

As you can see, Beaulah and I have been 
having a lot of fun for Halloween, 
flying here there and everywhere.  
We are so glad we flew on over to 
Michael's before all of these fun 
things were gone.

I will be posting this with 


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  1. Oh my goodness Jackie, your Halloween village is so darling every year. I think the accessories are fabulous. I love all the little bottle brush trees you've made. One of my favorites like you is the cake and I can't skip over the purple spread with the hat. How fun for you to enjoy but I can only imagine how happy this makes the grands. Happy autumn Jackie.........

  2. Over the top fun and cute Jackie! You out do yourself every year! I can tell you had incredible fun creating your houses and Halloween village, I love Halloween {the cute stuff!} as much as kids do...I must get my haunted house out!

  3. This is a great display - such fun details in all the little rooms! I don't think I have ever seen one of these in the local stores. All the littles must love to sit at the piano and stare into these!! Hope you enjoy all the trick-or-treaters this year!

  4. The village is really cute, and I'm amazed at all the adorable little details, like the Halloween bottle brush trees! So cute!

  5. Love your Haunted Houses and all the accessories are gorgeous. Makes me want to decorate for Halloween.


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