Saturday, October 30, 2021

Freeze Dried Caramel Apple Pops

Introducing our new freeze dried 
treat - Caramel Apple Suckers.  

We saw these for sale at a craft boutique 
this fall and decided they were one fun 

We ended up making tons of them 
and gave them away in these cute, 
inexpensive buckets.  Some of the kids 
were even stealing from other's buckets 
and putting more in theirs.  

I looked for instructions online 
and didn't find any, so I just decided 
to give them a try.  

I unwrapped and laid them out on 
parchment lined pans for the freeze dryer. 
I have a Harvest Right freeze dryer.  

I didn't know if they would have 
a problem sticking together, so 
I alternated their direction and 
spaced them apart, but as you can 
see, they pretty much took up 
the space they had. 

I set the freeze dryer for a standard time 
and that was perfect.  

They are a caramel flavored melt in your mouth 
crunch with a tangy green apple melt in 
your mouth surprise.  They were a big hit 
and so much fun.  

We have loved our Harvest Right 
freeze dryer so much.  It seems to 
be constantly running.  

I will post this on 


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  1. They sound delish - love how you displayed them in the purple pumpkin!

  2. OMGosh! These look insane! I never would have imagined anything like this. I think you/I have a winner here for fall and all it's goodness! 😊


  3. Love these! Such a fun, unique treat and I love the idea of displaying them in the pumpkin😍

  4. What a great treat. They look and sound yummy. Of course they have to be displayed in a purple pumpkin. Happy Halloween!

  5. Oh yum, these are great tasty treats! Love that purple pumpkin too. Happy November Jackie......

  6. What a fun and unique treat. Leave it to you to come up with this. Great presentation too.


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