Friday, November 8, 2019

Holiday Cheermeister Table

Welcome to our home!
Although we still have Thanksgiving 
decorations up, we have a special event 
that takes place around mid-November 
and that is our 
Holiday Cheermeister Event.  

This year we are holding the event at home.

Some years it is held at a restaurant, 
some years at home, but we started this 
once all of our children became adults.

We send out invitations to the event to 
our children, and at the event we give 
them their Christmas money.  We try to make 
it a fun time, whether at home or out.  

The kids then have until December 15th 
to shop and deliver their gifts to us to wrap.

We always include some surprises, but 
often by December 25th, they have forgotten 
some of the things they got for themselves.  

This ensures they get what they want without 
us guessing, and they know what the children 
have and need.

The little ones really appreciate the decor.  It is 
so fun to see them run through the house to 
see everything.

The only places that are decorated this year for the 
Cheermeister Event are the entry
and the kitchen.  The kitchen won't stay this way,
but it makes it fun and sets the party atmosphere.

I saved the garlands from a party I did a couple 
of years ago, so setting everything up was easy.

My Hot Cocoa Bar stays up all season, 
and long into winter.  The ingredients may change 
throughout the season.

My Patience Brewster table fits right in 
with the Grinch decor with its bright greens 
and reds, and we have had it for years and it 
has stood up to a lot of little ones making hot cocoa. 

Have you seen these GINORMOUS marshmallows
covered with chocolate and candy cane, and the 
white ones with sparkle sugar?  I found them at 
Target this year and can't wait to surprise 
everyone with them.  

I have used this styrofoam stand over and over 
to fill with cake pops or candy canes and suckers.  
They will love this too!  There is something 
magical about large suckers.

I placed the Patience Brewster High Heel 
table at the end of the counter this year.

The placesettings on the counter mix the fun
reds and greens in strips and dots to go 
along with Grinch's Holida Cheermeister.

I layered bright green chargers from Hobby Lobby,
red and white scalloped dinner plates from Home Goods 
a few years ago, and candy cane plates and polka 
dot plates purchased years and years ago from Wal Mart. 
The fun flatware was purchased in Italy a few years ago.

I love this shot down the curve of the counter.  
With our large crowd we set multiple tables and 
little ones often sit at the counter.

The fun bubble at the bottom of my ruby 
stemware that were custom made in Cabo, 
also seem Grinch-like.

I have the original Department 56 Grinch houses,
which I think are so beautiful compared to their 
more recent versions.  This is
Cindy Lou's house.

And of course, the Grinch will be here to hand out 
the holiday cheer.

And maybe even Cindy Lou Who too!

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Chocolat - French for Chocolate. I adored chocolate from a young age when I had to sneak in the cupboard to find where my mother had hidden the Nestle's Chocolate Chips. Having read about the famous chocolat shoppes in Paris, when I finally got there I was determined to try a chocolate from every Paris shoppe. I invite you to share my adventures in creating, in travel, and in life.


  1. How I wish I lived closer to peek at all of these cute decorations in person - I love how you and your husband entertain with "themed parties" and how you decorate so festively! The young children my just love coming to your home - and sitting at the counter (great stack of dishes!!). Enjoy this family tradition!

  2. What an incredible family tradition! Such a great idea to give them money to purchase their own gifts, and so much easier on you seeing that your family is so large! Entering your decorated home feels just like going to Whoville, so many wonderful happy touches, and the giant marshmallows and lollipops are quite the Wow factor! So much fun will be had at your home all season long!

  3. Jacqueline, this is so fun! I bet your family has a blast. The grinch looks awesome. What an adorable theme. Love the red and white plates. Whoville is a hoot! Great find on the giant marshmallows. love the stairway. You are styling Cindy Lou Who. Don't forget to share at "Love Your Creativity."

  4. What a wonderful way to celebrate and such amazing decorations for your family tradition. I am sure the little faces can't wait to get to Whoville! Love this Jacqueline.

  5. Wow, Jackie, you are the Queen I'd celebrations! I love that countertop shot too! What great glasses from Cabo, not to mention all the plates, utensils & decor.
    Love your idea of having the kids shop for the grands. That take so much of the guess work out of the gift-giving.
    I bet it was great fun!


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