Monday, September 16, 2019

Witches Dinner in The Hollow

It's that time of year when the ladies come out to 
join us in celebrating Halloween!  They have been
joining me in celebrating since my first year of 
blogging in 2010!

Click here to see their first blogging appearance,
even though they had been hanging around our
house for ages before that.

But the more witches, the merrier, as our group 
of Crafty Witches joined us for dinner, set up in the woods.

Wander down the land into the deep of the woods 
to find where we are gathering tonight.

We have owned this piece of property for over 30 years 
now, and we lived here for almost 3 years, with the 
intention of coming back within 5 years and building, 
but the kids were at that age that we didn't want to move 
them again during junior high and beyond, so family 
has lived here, including Joni from Red Couch Recipes.

My oldest daughter decided to move out into the old 
house and build a new house on the property 3 years 
ago.  After she started building I found a journal I had 
written when we lived there and she was 9.  At that 
time she said that when she got married she would 
move here and live with her husband.  That was so 
fun to find since we hadn't remembered that.  Now hubby 
wants to develop a few more lots and build there too.
(Can you imagine moving just my tablescape items!!!???)

It consists of 5 acres with the lower part having 
been called The Hollow, since before we owned 
the property.  This part is heavily wooded and 
has quite a few deer and a rogue white rooster.

I have wanted to have my witchy friends here for three
seasons, but the weather is always a little iffy.  This 
year it rained early in the day but was dry and 
warm for our party.

My son build a custom table just for eating in 
The Hollow, using a gray-wash marine finish so it can withstand 
the weather.  It is 12 feet long. I covered it with a 
open cut spider web fabric that I had purchased 
a few years ago.  It was a perfect fit.  

Purple jeweled chargers from ZGallerie begin the plate 
stack followed by fun scalloped plates from Home Goods.

I used my black flatware from Horchow.

These playful goblets were a new purchase from Dollar Tree 
this year and they came in orange, purple and black.

The napkins sat on a purple glass plate with their name tag 
and a witch shoe ornament, but there was also a 
special party favor!

I gave everyone these fabulous garden gloves with 
claws!  They just looked so witchy, but they work great.

This black chandelier was my favorite part of the 
whole event.

I missed the fact that it wasn't wire as a plug in, but 
hubby helped me set everything up and he quickly 
added a plug.  We have a Humless chargeable battery 
that we plugged it into after hanging it in the tree.

It just made everything magical.

The table was filled with lots of fun items 
(yes we had to drag them all from our house!)

I used battery operated candles and real candles.

These new serving dishes from Home Goods this year 
were my husband's favorites.  

Silk flowers in black and purple with eyes filled my 
adorable MacKenzie-Childs pumpkin cart.

These came from Dollar Tree also.

And they adorned the backs of my chairs, which were 
my white chiavari chairs covered in black stretch covers. 
The chairs also had a little bit of gauze and gray netting 
to bring up the drama. 

The ladies oversaw the serving table.

I have this wonderful Witches and Warlocks urn 
that I got from Home Goods a few years ago, but I 
wasn't certain it was food safe, so I placed a bowl inside 
to make my witches brew.

We also had a bonfire going to add to the mood. 

We witches gathered for a photo, but we were 
missing one.

We could excuse her being late as she was bringing 
this glorious, scary cake.

One of our hubbies calls us the "overachievers" and we 
certainly followed through with that when we all ended 
up with three favors to take home with us.  

Dinner was chili in a bread bowl with fresh garden veggies and 
a fun fruit dip.

As I was flying a group of witches up and out of The Hollow,
our battery gave out, so these three witches had only 
candle light to keep them company until I returned.

Thanks to all my witchy friends who came and made 
this a magical evening.  The biggest thanks goes to 
hubby who helped me pack everything in and out,
and then did it again for a family dinner as the 4 year old 
witch insisted we needed to do this for the family!

I will be posting this with


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  1. What a wonderful table. I am decorating myself this year everything witchy, but yo absolutely know how to take the event to a different level.
    Just love it.

  2. You plan fun parties and pay such close attention to detail!! And you hubby is so cute to help you with the parties!! Love the table, the witches and the stack of dishes - lunch looked delish, too . Well done!

  3. Oh I want to hop on my broom and fly over to join you! I’m cackling with glee at all your witchy details and your spooktacular table! Your chandy is so wonderful illuminated over your ‘Hollow’ table. Great witches shop alike…I same Grave Hill Cellars Witches & Warlocks Urn! I’ve used it for an ice bucket to chill beverages but I love the dry ice you have bubbling out of your brew. Kudos to your hubby and you…what an effort to set it up but such fun! <|;>)

  4. This set-up is just so darling and Fall perfect Jackie. Just looking at it makes me want to come to come to one of your fabulous parties. I know your guests always anticipate a fun evening with you. Wow, I know this must have been a ton of work and what a sweet husband you have to give you a hand. I love the chandy too, what a perfect piece. Love all your serving pieces and I'm sure your family thanked your four year old for requesting a family party. Awesome cake from your friend too. So much talent out your way.....XXOO

  5. Oh my! What a wonderful party and all the girls looked so grand sitting around the serving table. I wish I had somebody to enjoy the season with me like you do. Seems there all to caught up in the working world to have a little fun. So enjoy seeing all of your fun items that you pickup and learning new tricks to dress up things. The one witch I did miss was Beulah! Hoping she isn't coming down with something, I know how she likes to party!! Until next year, may you all have a fun and happy All Hallows !!!

  6. Goodness, this is such a fun party! You always create an over the top table. Your hubby is so nice to help you carry all of those fabulous props. The witches are always darling. love your news serving ware. The purple garden gloves are so fun! I have always admired those pretty plates. What an awesome cake for this fun witch party. I know your guests must have loved it. The chandy is fabulous plus the candles. Truly magical.

  7. Jackie, you are a master at orchestrating over the top parties! You just have the knack and the energy to pull off anything, even a witches' dinner in the hollow. What a fabulous party for your friends. I admire that each of you in this group gather for such events. It makes life extra fun! All your witchy details at the table are so appropriate, but that chandy in the woods tops it all.
    I smiled when I read about these witches being with you since you first started blogging. I remember the antics of these girls and Joni's too. Thanks for sharing your creative spirit with all of us. I want to hop on a broom and fly in to join the fun.

  8. What a amazing party and table! Love your Halloween posts! Thank you so much for sharing with us!

  9. This is just fabulous!!! I love it! What a wonderful setting for any party but this witches dinner in the hollow is great!!! The chandelier in the woods puts it over the top!!!

  10. Holy Halloween Jackie, you might have just outdone yourself this time!! I can only imagine how much work you put into this, omg, the chandy itself is so fabulous! And hauling all those things the the Hollow, your guests really hit the jackpot or should I say cauldron! What an amazing party!!


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