Monday, September 23, 2019

Baby Oh Baby Dinner

Welcome to my oldest daughter's new home.  
They moved in last December and she has 
been willing to host parties ever since - 
I trained her well!!!

Today we are throwing a baby shower dinner 
for my youngest daughter who is expecting 
a baby boy in three weeks.

I spent all day blowing up balloons 
and decorating with them.  

The only way to do this is to purchase an 
which are both reasonably priced.  I purchased 
a variety of balloons online, but my favorite 
was a kit that included some large and small 
and metallic gold balloons.  

It came with a 
plastic garland that I could tie the balloons 
onto.  (It recommended just slipping the knots 
in the holes, but they kept falling out so I 
tied two to three balloons together with curling 
ribbon and then tied the ribbon into the holes. 

It came with enough plastic garland to do both 
of these.  I loved using her chandeliers in the 
kitchen to create a second garland.

The tablescape today centers around a beautiful 
white and gold board my son custom made for 
me just for this event.  If you have been following 
me for a while, you know I love to create wonderful 
chocolate, cheese, and charcuterie boards, so this 
was such a thoughtful gift.  He told me he is making 
me another one because he says my daughter will 
never give this one up!

It's so beautiful it could sit out on either of 
our counters permanently.  It is an eight food length of
quarter-sawn oak, whitewashed, with a gold foot on it.

It will be fun to 
arrange all of my ingredients for the pizza 
oven on it.  

 Chocolates of 
every kind and fruit filled the board, along with 
some fresh flowers in blue Ball jars.

I glittered HE on a few Hershey bars to add to the board.

The board featured two cakes, the white one made 
by my oldest daughter, and the chocolate strawberry 
one made by my daughter in law. 

They have both been watching Cake by Courtney videos 
and are making stunning cakes.  The white one is Courtney's 
Biscoff cake (oh my!) and the chocolate one is Courtney's 
Strawberry Nutella Cake.  All of her recipes are amazing 
and she has such wonderful and instructive videos.  

She also teaches classes in Salt Lake City, but we hear 
they sell out immediately.  My 4 year old loves watching 
her videos and knows all of the tools and language, 
and gets up in the mornings begging to make cakes!

It was really fun putting it together in her beautiful 
and spacious kitchen.

The daddy to be loves Calvin and Hobbes, and 
they are naming this little one Calvin, so I 
made some cute cookies for them.

I have the best group of friends, and we always 
support each other putting these kinds of
events together.  One is missing tonight because 
her father just passed away, but she sent food 
for the shower anyhow.

They made a Winger's Sticky Finger Salad,

and a fall fruit and nut salad,

and two kinds of sliders.  They asked what her favorite 
food was, and I said she loved sliders, so they made 
ham and cheese sliders and pizza sliders.  They were 
a huge hit and just the right size with everything 
else we had.

My other daughter in law made the blue and white 
sugar cookies in the background.

The Mama to be is ready to pop, but so excited!  They 
have been trying to get pregnant for some time, 
so they are thrilled.

She was absolutely spoiled in every way, but one of 
her favorite gifts were these Calvin and Hobbes 
prints for the nursery wall.

Thanks for sharing in our joy with her baby shower. 
It takes a village to raise a child, and the whole 
village came out to support and love her.

I told my woodworking son I want to come work 
at his shop for a while.  I have always wanted 
to learn woodworking skills and when I was 
eight years old I asked for a saw and wood.  Now 
that I have a woodworker in the family, I need 
him to teach me.

I will be posting this with


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  1. Jackie, Your daughter's home is lovely and I'm sure she enjoys entertaining in such a beautiful space. Your decorating for the party is adorable, love the balloon swags. The custom board made by your son is a fabulous piece and I love your chocolate theme with fruit and flowers. Awesome cakes. I'm sure all of you can't wait to meet baby Calvin. So sorry your group was missing one of your friends. A beautiful post!

  2. How marvelous for my first venture back into commenting since all that glitch in the machine!! I've been avidly looking my eyes full, enjoying and noting down all the fabulous ideas and creations, as usual. It all started with that charming gift of the little pink teacup cupcake molds, and we've had quite a few sweet and interesting and fun occasions since which featured lots of your ideas and recipes. Thank you for all the wonderful education in charm and design and downright BEAUTIFUL the world has to offer, simply with sugar and spice and colours and love. rachel (Now to getting LAWN TEA back on track).


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