Thursday, July 18, 2019

Surprise Birthday In the Garden

Today's tablescape is a surprise birthday party
Jann Olson.  

It is so fun when a true surprise happens!!

Some of you know her from
Some of you may know that Jann has had 
a rough couple of years with breast cancer 
and now brain cancer, so we wanted to spoil 
her tonight.  

The table was set in our favorite summer spot 
for our crafting group in Joanne's barn turned 
into gazebo.  But alas, we also found out that 
the barn was coming down, so it was our farewell 
dinner here.  

You have seen before how Joanne fills 
the old open-air gazebo with all kinds 
of beauties.

We always have such a grand time and hate to leave.

It truly has become an outdoor room, so when 
it slipped out that it was being torn down we 
all went into mourning.  (A few days later it also 
slipped out that they have plans for something new there,
so we can't wait to see what her husband will create.) 

Joanne loves to find thrift store plates to 
create her tablescapes.

And she is the one who taught us how to create 
beautiful mannequins.

We all take food assignments to create our dinners. 
Amy @-thebakeaholic made the cake.

Becky, our newest member created this gorgeous 
doll that looks like Jann with each of our names 
embroidered around her skirt.  

Karen filled the table with flowers.
I made chicken for our fajitas.  
When everyone helps, it creates a 
great party.

Natalie provided gift bags from a local store called 
Busy Biddy.

Besides surprising Jann with a beautiful doll, cake, and dinner, 
we were all surprised with Nashville's singing storyteller, 
Kate Campbell, who gave us a private concert.  She is a 
southern charmer and had us all so entertained as she told 
the backstories of some of her songs.  
Check out her music.  You can find 
her @katemuses on Instagram.

Jann took off soon after to celebrate her birthday 
with her husband by going on a river cruise.  
We can't wait to hear about that!

It was sad to celebrate our last dinner here, 
but we all know Joanne's husband is so talented, 
and Joanne loves entertaining in this space, that 
we have something wonderful to look forward to.

If you are like me, you are running so hard to 
just have as much fun as you can, that it is hard 
to do any blogging and any visiting, so I truly 
appreciate you stopping by!  It will disappear 
before we know, and here in Utah, it only arrived
the last couple of weeks - alas!  

I will be posting this with


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  1. It is all so lovely. Friendship's like this are priceless. All the best to Jann.

  2. Wow - what a lovely spot and a gorgeous table setting! It sounds like a special evening with friends. Wishing good health to Jann.

  3. What a charming table and decorations! I love the cake too!

  4. Beautiful Surprise Garden Party! Jann is so blessed to have wonderful friends! Be blessed each and everyone of you. Enjoyed the post. ;)

  5. Oh what a lovely party Jackie. Love the gorgeous table, flowers and the beautiful barn. I hope it will be replaced with something you will love even more. I didn't know about Jann, thought and prayers for a complete recovery..........


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