Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Make a Splash Mermaid Party

Summer brings out the mermaids in
all of us at Purple Chocolat Home,
so we decided to have a Mermaid Birthday
Party for all of the little granddaughters this

Three of them have birthdays within a week of
each other, and we have celebrated big in the
past with combined birthday parties - 
Frozen, Cinderella, and Unicorn parties.

We had it at our pool at Tuscan Villas
so all of the kids and families who were
invited could swim.

I wanted to create a balloon arch,
so I made it the night before and tested
it at home.  I purchased the arch kit on
Amazon, and an electric balloon pump
Both were around $20 each and were great
investments.  I also found a green sequined
tablecloth and a mermaid table runner- green and purple.

The arch took me about an hour to blow up
the balloons and assemble.  I had purchased 20 - 12
inch balloons online for under $20.

  The balloon arch was carried
over to the party in the back of my Denali
in two pieces and then reassembled.

The arch clipped to the ends of a 6 foot folding table.

I had painted the mermaid sign last
year at a craft night with my SIL.  It was to
go down to the houseboat, but I brought it back
for the party.

I made cookie pops with Oreo Cinnamon Bun 
cookies - yummmmmy!  They were dipped in
white chocolate and covered in disco dust.

My glass shell bowl had a piece of foam placed
in it and it was covered in brown sugar for sand.

My DIL made signs for the treats.

My daughter made the sea water.

I created eight mermaid crowns for the party goers
to choose from, and purchased mermaid hair and
a mermaid necklace for them to wear.

The blow up clam shell was the setting for their

The cake was purchased from Sam's Club.
They make a 3 tier cake for $65!
I then embellished it with chocolate and
fondant shells, fondant mermaid tails,
gumballs, sugar crystal suckers
for seaweed, cotton candy for seafoam 
and chocolate spheres.

Fondant clam shells,

The biggest white balls are chocolate spheres,
the medium ones are gumballs, and the small ones
are candy.

The mermaid tails and small starfish are
fondant and the large starfish and shells
are chocolate.

Fondant sea horses painted with gold.

Their cakes make an impressive yet easy
cake for a party, and it tastes really
good too.

It was topped with a cute mermaid birthday

I only included the birthday girls and their
sister's pictures, but all the little girls got their
photos taken.  We had over 40 people attend.  It
was a huge hit for all of the family members.
Of course the kids had to put the clam
shell floatie in the pool!

Thanks for swimming by to visit
our mermaids!

I will be sharing this with


Chocolat - French for Chocolate. I adored chocolate from a young age when I had to sneak in the cupboard to find where my mother had hidden the Nestle's Chocolate Chips. Having read about the famous chocolat shoppes in Paris, when I finally got there I was determined to try a chocolate from every Paris shoppe. I invite you to share my adventures in creating, in travel, and in life.


  1. What an awesome, awesome fun party! You are so clever, Jacqui...every detail is outstanding!

  2. Amazing mermaid party.. So many wonderful details to make this party a big success. You are such an awesome grandma. You go above and beyond to make everything special. Your family is blessed to have you.

  3. What an incredible party Jackie, you truly thought of everything!! The inflatable shell is beyond perfect and all your little mermaids look so adorable holding their pearl! I love the sea water and all the other themed treats, wow, what fun!!!

    1. The shell was the hit and got thrown in the pool after all of the photos!

  4. What a fabulous mermaid party! Your grandchildren will have such fond memories of these wonderful and fun details. You sure know how to throw a party!

    1. Thanks Debbie - I need to make a book of all their fun parties so they have a keepsake and so they remember!

  5. Wow! You have got to be the best Grandma in town! How fun was that?! And did you don the mermaid getup too? Inquiring minds want to know!

    1. I was too busy, but I do have my own mermaid tail! True story!

  6. You have the best parties. Your grands are very blessed to have a talented and energetic grandmother. That cake looks amazing.

  7. Wow, you don’t forget a thing! 😊😊 What lucky kids!
    Jackie, Are you no longer on FB or IG?


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