Thursday, July 19, 2018

DIY Mermaid Crowns

Mermaid crowns are so fun and easy to make
for your little ones, whether you want to
throw a mermaid party, or for dress-ups.

Click here to see our Mermaid Party we
threw for the summer birthdays.

We are blessed with an abundance of 
little mermaids, so I made eight crowns
for their party, so that each girl could
take one home after the pictures.

I had purchased one for myself a while back, 
and it was made on a coated wire, but I decided
to make mine on a soft foam fabric.  I simply
cut out a domed shape from the foam and
started gluing.

The centerpiece with shells and jewels were the beginning.

My first one I created on a flat surface, and when I went
to bend it to fit someone's head, it wouldn't bend, so
I began shaping it over a foil covered can so it
had a slight bend to it.  Keeping it draped over
the can, I continued to hot glue shells on until
I had covered most of the foam band.

This one was a necklace I cut apart for the centerpiece.

You are going to have foam showing,
so I filled in the small spaces surrounding
the shells with small beads.

I finished them by gluing some ribbon to the ends
of the foam to tie them on the girls' heads.  This way
they were adjustable.  The foam made them soft for
the girls to wear.

Mermaid crowns can range fro $50 to $250
online and I made mine with leftover beads,
jewelry and shells I already had.  You can buy
very inexpensive shells from Wal Mart or craft
stores.  The foam fabric was leftover too.  I
made all eight of them in under 2 hours.

I did bring my glue gun to the party as I knew we
would have a lot of girls trying them on.  

They had so much fun choosing which crown they 
would wear for their pictures, and they fit all sizes.

This would be a fun craft project to do with
your little mermaids too!


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  1. Darling post, Jacqueline! That was a labor of love making the crowns for your little mermaids. I bet they had a ball trying them on. You are very creative.

  2. Fun ideas! I know your little girls had fun with all these mermaid details. I will share this with my sister and niece. Cute idea!

  3. How very cute...I know my granddaughter would love one.


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