Monday, June 4, 2018

Roses and Peonies Table

Oh Spring, you pass too quickly!  

I just love all of the blossoms at this time of year
and so I had to capture the next bush of my
peonies and mix them with some fabulous
roses I cut the other day.

The soft pinks just begged to be set off by pure whites
in this quilted and ruffled table runner and my
square chargers and plates.

I love the mix of the squares with the rounds
in these plate stacks.

These peonies are off another bush I have and
they are a little more pale pink than the blush
ones I posted on IG the other day.  I have a bush
of hot pinks, but it only had one bloom this year!

A simple napkin ring created by a hanging
crystal and some ribbons and flowers.

I used my Mother's Fostoria glasses.  I love how heavy
they are, so I don't worry about the kids using them.
I can also find replacement pieces on Ebay, so that is nice.

I just can't get over these roses.  I tried ordering some
but they just called today and left a message that it
was too late to plant.  I will have to wait until next year.

This beauty has little stripes of pink in her coloring.

The ruffled runner just adds the perfect feminine touch.

And look, a fairy queen dropped her shoe as
she was visiting the spring garden.

I hope your gardens are blossoming and bringing joy
like mine is.  Mine is small, but we sure enjoy it.

Thanks for stopping by.  We love sharing our garden,
our home and our food with you.

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  1. What incredible blooms Jacqueline! And the soft pinks and fluffy white accessories are so lovely, so feminine! Gorgeous!

  2. Those peonies and roses are divine. I wish they would last longer. The pretty soft color is so calming and beautiful. Your table is lovely with the pink. Love the fairy's queen slipper. You always make everything beautiful and also fun!

  3. Jacqueline, your roses and peonies are like cotton candy. The rose is so full! I'm happy for you that you have these beauties growing in your garden. The table setting is gorgeous! I want to pull up a chair and just sit and admire. I don't even need to eat anything!
    Thank you for the sweet, thoughtful comment left on Stacey's post of our home. You are dear!

  4. Gorgeous! What a lovely mix of flowers! I have peonies at the lake, they are a wonderful prelude to summer!

    Jane x

  5. How beautiful! I bought peonies yesterday. They're my favorite flower!

  6. Jackie, This is so beautiful! I love peonies and roses. Styled beautifully just like you.

  7. Gorgeous styling, so soft, with just the perfect amount of black - like a ballet dancer in her tights and leotard!

  8. I agree, spring is like a sweet breeze blowing, gone before we know it. This is such a lovely tablesetting. The white and pink are perfect to showcase your perfectly beautiful peanoies and roses. Hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend Jacqueline......

  9. Saying goodbye to Spring is always hard, but especially when the flowers it brings are this pretty! I’m glad you capitalized on the moment before it slipped away! Soft pinks are most definitely the way to this girl’s heart. The almost ethereal look they provide in this tablescape...priceless!

  10. Oh my goodness dear friend, those blooms are gorgeous, peonies and roses; as is the table you created around them.
    I especially love the square chargers and plates on top of them. Your heavy glasses are such lovely color pink.
    What a wonderful way to say goodbye to Spring.
    Happy Father's Day.

  11. Scalloped edges, ruffles and pastel petals...what a lovely table setting. Your peonies and roses are beautiful.


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