Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Kiss Me I'm Irish Table

St Patrick's Day is right around the corner.
We didn't grow up with a lot of traditions
on St. Patrick's Day.  

Mom would make corned
beef and cabbage, and my parents would tease
about wearing green and who had Irish blood
and who didn't, but that was about it.

So my cabbage plates, which I just adore, are
perfect for my St Patrick's Day table,
as we pull out all the stop for a lush
green table like Ireland itself.

I have been into geneology for years and years
now, and three years ago I took's
DNA testing.  It shows I have 12 percent Irish
blood.  That is kind of fun to know.

Hubby and I decided to take the DNA testing
because when our children were little the 
pediatrician asked us if we had Mongolian
or Asian blood, as the children had what is
known as a Mongolian spot - a bluish triangle
at the base of their spine.  We wondered whose
side of the family it came from.  Just two weeks
after we had sent off our test, while having a 
family dinner, two nieces on my side of the
family said they had the Mongolian spot, so
we now knew whose side it came from.

As it turned out, I have trace amounts of 4%
from Western Asia - so not a ton of information
regarding that bloodline.

Just some shamrock beads make up our napkin ring on
the St. Patrick's Day table.  Surprise, surprise, hubby is 32 %
Irish, so this table is even more meaningful for him.

For those of you who have seen the Ancestry DNA
testing commercials - a man talks about his German
heritage, how he wore lederhosen and took German
dance lessons, then found out he had no German blood.

Well, hubby's DNA testing came back the same.  His
dad had always said they had a lot of German blood,
but the DNA testing showed absolutely no German
blood.  When we told his dad, he was so upset and
insisted that the Shoemaker's came from Germany.

After looking it up, we found that surname is very
common in other parts of Europe.  It could also come
from someone who migrated to Germany.  It was fun
to see that he also had Italian/Greek blood, Finnish, and
roots from the Iberian Peninsula.  Those were all less
than 5% on his side.

No wonder we love so many international foods!

So although we don't necessarily have days to
celebrate those nationalities, it is fun to pull
out the green to celebrate our Irish heritage and
to know exactly how Irish we are.

Traveling to Ireland is certainly on my
bucket list.  

I will be posting this with


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  1. Jacqueline, what a beautiful and fun post! Love your cabbage green table, perfect for St. Patrick's Day. Love your centerpiece too with the moss runner. I have one of those and I've used it a lot. I'm Irish from my mom's side and with the name O'quinn I've never doubted it. I want to do the DNA test too! Hope you plan that trip to Ireland, you won't be disappointed.....Hugs.

    1. Yes, you can be surprised what the DNA shows. I love the trace amounts because all the geneology we have done doesn't show any of that.

  2. Adorable and perfect table for St. Pat's day! Fun stuff about your ancestry, my cousin did our family tree about 10 years ago and traced our roots back to before the Mayflower. We have the chart hanging in the foyer and it's so much fun to look at!

    1. I got a geneology fan chart at a family reunion from my cousin, but she has never completed it. I need to nag her about that.

  3. Very sweet table. We love our cabbage plates too. The centerpiece is lovely. Gotta love the green. Interesting facts about the DNA. I had mine done as well.I am 31% Irish. We also have plans to visit Ireland. Lovely table Jackie, so perfect for St. Patrick's day.

    1. I am thinking I want to do a cruise around Ireland. Have talked with my sister about that one.

  4. Is there ANYTHING you cannot do? I don't think so!
    Beautiful, J.
    As always.

  5. What a festive table....I have often thought of testing my DNA and just might do it!! I would also like to see Ireland, however the list is long of the places I want to visit!

    1. I agree, my list is long but then I always want to repeat the ones I have done so I get a little stuck!

  6. Those cabbage plates will still be relevant 100 years from now. They’re just fabulous, aren’t they?!! So great for darn near rear round! My son was born with Mongolian spots. That was the first time I’d heard of such a thing. DNA testing was not available back then, but we’ve since determined the trace is to my ex-husband’s lineage. He is White, so he was pretty surprised. I guess different things pop up on down the generational line!

    1. I had never heard of them either. Just makes you wonder where they actually came from and what their names were.

  7. Love all the cabbage dinnerware. It makes my heart sing, and also makes its appearance in my sunroom from Jan through at least April. You've got a great table set there for the feast.
    The DNA results, I've read, are very accurate. I remember seeing a segment on GMA (I think it was, or Today) of 3 triplets, different last names (all married), and they tested 3 different sites' kits. All 3 came back with same conclusions, for each of the 3 women. Impressive.
    My family's history is very well documented, but I would still like to do the testing. I think it would be fun, esp if all other 8 sibs would do it too.

    1. I am going to do 23 and Me also as my Ancestry was a few years ago and from what I can tell, they are telling you more now.

  8. Love your table with Bordallo Pinhero cabbage plates. They look great with your chargers and the mossy green runner. Very cute centerpiece.
    Very interesting genealogy. My cousin has ours documented and we are very English. I would love to take a trip to Ireland but want to go in the summer. I’m so cold natured. Enjoyed your oist๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ€

  9. The moss runner was a brilliant idea and I like the green vine accent. The cabbage dishes are perfect! I would like to do the DNA testing too. It should show a fair amount of Swedish and German heritage and I suspect a few more. It would be fun to know for sure though.

  10. Your table is so pretty, and traveling to Ireland is on my bucket list, too! I've been to almost every European Country but Ireland!

    Have a fun weekend!


  11. You do the best tables, Jacqueline! I love all the green and soon hope to see the grass here turning green too :)

  12. Jazqueline. I need to see that Mongolian spot! Wow, you are blogging a lot! You inspired me, and I came up with my first post, in like forever!). I love your table all greeney and fresh. The plates are so fun, and the green glasses too. I am going to take a DNA test some day, mine will be different from yours as they show what genes are expressed in you personally. Hope to see you soon. Love, Joni


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