Monday, March 5, 2018

Easter Kitchen Tour

Are you all dressed up for Easter?
Here at Purple Chocolat Home, 
we have started our Easter decor.  

Today I am going to take you to see
some of the Easter that fills the kitchen -
the heart of our home.

This is the center of my large baking cabinet, 
and it is probably my favorite place to decorate
in the kitchen besides the center of the island.

There is always something here that represents
the season, or holiday, or just my love of baking
and dishes.

My MacKenzie Childs canisters were my first
MacKenzie Childs purchase, and they usually
reside right here.

I found these darling MacKenzie Childs egg shaped
candles this year and they fit perfectly into my little 
egg cups.

They just might stay up after Easter comes down,
they look so cute here with the canisters.

Years ago my neighbor and friend found these
vintage chocolate molds at an ice cream 
shop and bought them for me, knowing 
my love for making chocolates.  

She decided she would like some too and 
went back to the store to buy some more
and they said they were no longer for sale.

I was tickled I got these.  They always come
out for Easter.

These imitation chocolate bunnies always
come out too.  I will be making some chocolate
bunnies closer to Easter, but these never melt
or go bad.  Of course little ones always want
to try and take a bite.

A couple of moss covered bunnies are also
placed here.  I love how soft and furry, yet
organic they look.

I love that we installed lighting in this
area.  It accents whatever is on display so well.

Next we go to the center of the kitchen
island.  There is always a fun display here

The centerpiece here is my chippy white three-tiered
tray that I use for everything.  It is filled with 
eggs that I decoupaged, glass eggs, and pink
crystal eggs.

Right next to it is my giant Edelweiss Chocolate Bunny
that my friend hand carried home for me from Los Angeles.
Hubby keeps bugging me to let him eat it.  Maybe next
year, but only if he will replace it.  I think chocolate 
bunnies were always my favorite on Easter morning.

The Valentine's tree quickly transforms to
an Easter tree to grace the kitchen.

This Easter wreath that I purchased at the
Holy Cow Boutique used to be on my
front door, but since it is almost all paper
crafting, I moved it inside and it is the
center point of the tree.

The boutique has their spring and Easter show
this week.  I hope to find some more of this 
woman's work.  

I looked last year, but didn't find anything.
I am going first thing when it opens, just
in case I was too late last year.

It is just a treasure trove of beautifully
crafted pieces.

Mama and daughter Kitchenaids 
fill one corner of the counter
and a little Easter bowl accents them.

There isn't a whole lot new in the kitchen
this year, but I still enjoy arranging everything
in new ways.  This little guy is new though,
and he quite charms me!

Thanks for coming to visit to see my Easter kitchen.

I hope you are having fun decorating too.


Chocolat - French for Chocolate. I adored chocolate from a young age when I had to sneak in the cupboard to find where my mother had hidden the Nestle's Chocolate Chips. Having read about the famous chocolat shoppes in Paris, when I finally got there I was determined to try a chocolate from every Paris shoppe. I invite you to share my adventures in creating, in travel, and in life.


  1. You....YOU!!!!! Girl, you have a beautiful kitchen, and I always enjoy touring it! You have lots of space in which to create wonderful little vignettes, and you always come through with lots of eye candy. N-I-C-E!!!

    1. You know me - I'm a lot like you - loving all kinds of eye candy!

  2. Oh I love the bunny teapot Jackie, and of course your kitchen all looks fabulous decked out with chocolate bunnies and MKC! Your Easter tree is so beautiful with all the lace, paper and vintage things, and your soft pastel palette is so so pretty! You are amazing to make your own chocolate bunnies, what a special treat!

    1. Making the chocolate bunnies is really pretty easy if you have good molds and good chocolate!


  3. congrats again on creating such beautiful vignettes in your kitchen. The MKC looks fabulous and I do love those cute eggs. Your kitchen is such a showstopper. Always a pleasure to visit and see how you decorate for each holiday. love the bunnies. pretty funny about your hubby wanting to eat the tall one.

    1. Yes, hope I can keep him away from that bunny, until it is too old to want to eat!

  4. Like the easter decorating Ria x ❤️

  5. I love how prettily your kitchen is decorated for Easter! Your decoupaged eggs are gorgeous. I didn't know that MacKenzie-Childs had egg candles! I love them!

  6. You certainly have a special place to change every season/holiday!! Pretty Easter tree! And that tea pot - adorbs!! I guess I have to pull out a few bunnies and get in the spirit!!

    1. The space is competing with St. Patrick's Day!

  7. Jackie, what a great and happy kitchen you have, all ready for Easter! The bunny herd is just adorable. Every time I go to the grocery store I want to buy one of those mossy bunnies but have restrained - so far! That pitcher is just adorable and, of course, I love all the MC eggs and other accessories. I bet it makes you smile each time you pass through that area. I know I would!

  8. I love the cute Easter chocolate molds next to the Easter chocolates! Adore all of the MK, too! Also glad to see you have two kitchen aids, I have the big heavy duty one but sometimes if I want to make something small it is too big for that and I felt like I needed a smaller one too!

  9. Love your egg candles, I saw those on the website, so cute! And the egg cups, too, were they in there?? I want some! I will find your Easter tags and send them!! Love your decor as always!! hugs,

  10. The Easter decorations look so good!! I love the black and white with it!!

  11. Wow, that real chocolate Easter bunny is something! I love him! I love the faux ones too! I got a new one this year. Love them! Your house is always so festive and fun; I am sure the grands love that. Your tree is also so cute. I used to love going to the Holy Cow Boutique, and their food was so good too. Love, Joni


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