Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Surprise Early Valentine's

We have big plans for Valentine's Day, but
we are entertaining a group, so I decided to
surprise hubby tonight with an early 
Valentine's Day dinner,

complete with card and gifts,

on the coffee table in front of the fireplace.

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw that
hubby brought home red and white roses
yesterday after watching a Hallmark movie
together.  The movie was Perfect Match
and it was about a man and woman butting
heads while trying to plan his nephew's 
wedding.  You learn in the movie the
meaning of red and white roses, so my
sweetheart showed up with red and white
roses the day after.  He really is addicted
to Hallmark movies, and we both love watching

I decided I would surprise him with a dinner
featuring his red roses.

I just love my fur and gold coffee tables
and a heart shaped fur pillow would be the
perfect seat to use as we eat dinner in
front of the fire.

The placesetting starts with a red woven heart-shaped
placemat.  It is topped with three white plates,
the final one set on an angle.

I tossed a few rose petals on the plates and
the fur.

I picked up a little greenery at the grocery store
and layered that down the center and tucked in
some of the gorgeous red roses.

The were so fragrant.  You could smell them as
I set the table, and later hubby could smell
them as he was eating.

A few red votives were mingled in.

These cute plates set off to the side of
the main place setting.

These heavy ruby goblets were ones that I had
custom ordered in Cabo a few years ago.

 My ruby red flatware worked perfectly.
The red is so powerful, it is offset nicely
by all of the white.

These napkins were Home Goods finds 
last year.

A magnificent cream puff decorated
with Valentine's Day candies topped each plate.

I just love these little domed stems.  They make
any dessert extra special.

Here is a picture without the dome.  

I had to get a shot off the balcony
of our fireside dining. 

Over the years we have loved setting a low table
in the great room in front of the fireplace.  

It always makes dining so special.

I placed a couple of fun and simple gifts
on his pillow to surprise him.  I found this
cute Trophy Husband tee online and had 
made a year review of 2017 on Chatbook
and another trip book from Disneyland and Hawaii.

He came in and immediately told me what a
rough day he had.  He lit up when he saw the
surprise, grabbed his camera and started taking
pictures, and then said that he needed to buy
me flowers more often!

We both agreed it was fun to celebrate early,
so it could be just the two of us.

I will be posting this surprise with


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  1. Jacqueline, this is such a sweet Valentine's surprise for your husband. The coffee table in front of the fireplace, the fur and all the red and white is perfect. Love those heart shaped fur pillows! Perfect timing for a sweet dinner for two.

  2. What a special way to spend some romantic time together! The dessert looks delish!

  3. What a special dinner. Spectacular shot from the balcony!

  4. How pretty. Almost too pretty to use but how nice for the two of you to enjoy. Love those red goblets and the plates are very pretty. Save us some dessert.

  5. A. I love that your husbands likes Hallmark movies. I do, too, and every once in awhile Sweet Mister will get hooked by one of the movies They really are fun. B. Your Valentine surprise is delightful! The intense color contrasts are perfection. What a wonderful way to end a rotten day for your dear husband. Thanks for inviting us for a peek. CherryKay

  6. What a sweet romantic surprise for your husband. Your coffee table is perfect for the evening and great pics.

  7. Jackie, what a sweet Valentine table for you and your honey. The coffee table with those beautiful heart pillows is lovely and so romantic. How special to surprise your hubby. He is a keeper...LOL. I am sure he thinks he hit the jackpot with you as well. The red goblets and flatware pop. Truly a pleasure to see. Love the balcony shot.

  8. Jackie, I love your posts. They are always over the top fun, and they make me happy! Happy Valentine's Day!

    Ricki Jill

  9. What a nice surprise for your hubby, Jacqueline! And so sweet he bought you roses early after watching a romantic movie together! I love the fur heart pillows and table cover. With your red goblets, flatware and roses it looks great on the white fluffy fur. Your plate stack is pretty and it is a nice effect how you placed the last plate on an angle.
    Since you are such a super cook I wonder what you served to eat. I know it was delicious. Happy Valentine's Day.

  10. So pretty and incredibly thoughtful gestures by both you AND your husband! You have my tummy growling now at the sight of those cream puffs. It’s been quite awhile since I’ve had one! Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!!,


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