Monday, December 18, 2017

Sugar Cookies Made Easier

All our little reindeer lined up in a row,
ready to go to a party!

I am no expert at royal frosting sugar cookies,
but to my friends - I am pretty good.

Don't ask me to make them for money -
I am not that good, but I have fun with them
and my daughter and her kids love to come
and make them with me.  My daughter in law
at Me Oh My Couture first taught me how
to create royal frosting cookies.  

My sister Joni, my oldest daughter and I went to
Cookie Con a few years ago, and I learned a lot
there, but forgot a lot too!

So although I am no expert, I wanted to share a tip
that made my cookie making a lot easier this year as
I made cookies for four different parties in one

(Printed on icing sheets with a Canon Edible printer -
only about $160 and so so much fun!
I even printed a four pictures of a friend for
his surprise birthday party!  You can print
anything you can create.

Most recipes have you chill your dough for at least an
hour.  I took a cookie making class from The Bakeaholic
locally and she shared a tip from - to glue
two painters sticks together as your guide for
rolling out the dough.  This makes a really nice thick
cookie - which is the kind I want to bite into.

After a batch or two, I decided to take the whole
batch of dough and roll it out to the proper thickness
and then wrap it and chill it!  Wow, what a difference that
made.  I no longer had to wait for the dough to come back
to a room temperature to roll it out.

I know some recipes don't call for chilling the dough
but it does help it keep its shape as it bakes.

After rolling it out, I wrapped it in plastic so that
it could have a little rest in the fridge - about
an hour.

I was making a lot of cookies, so I wrapped and chilled
three batches.

After unwrapping it and placing it on parchment paper,
it took just a few minutes before I could cut the cookies out.

I love thick, moist sugar cookies.

The cookies were then popped into the freezer
for about 12 minutes, until you can't leave a
finger print on them and then into the oven at 375 for
about 8 minutes - just until they look dry on the top!
No brown cookies for me!! has a lot of cookie tutorials that 
helped me refresh my memory if you want to try
royal frosting cookies.  

I told my daughter one of the tips and she said, 
"Mom, we learned that at Cookie Con!"  I
replied that I forgot a lot of what we learned!!

The videos were a great reminder.  I also use
her recipe for the sugar cookies, which The Bakeaholic
also gave us.  Amy from the Bakeholic recommended
flavoring the dough with 1 T. Princess Cake and Cookie
Emulsion which you can find at Hobby Lobby and most
stores with cake supplies.  I love its flavor and then I
flavor my frosting with Almond flavoring.  The two go
together well.

(Click here for this adorable Angel Wing Cookie Cutter.)

Amy also suggested Satin Ice fondant.
I had always made mine and have a recipe
on the blog for a marshmallow one, but I
tried this and it stores for an amazingly long
time and is so convenient that I keep some on hand.

Rolled fondant that is impressed with a print and
then glued on with a little frosting makes a very
impressive and easy cookie for those who want to
give cookies a try!

I hope this encourages some of you to try making
these fancy cookies!  Haniela will almost hold your
hand as your enter this world of cookie making!

But be careful - your friends will want cookies
for everything - and worst of all -

I just told them they would be stale if they
just took them home and sat them on the


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  1. Gorgeous cookies! And great tips! I'll add one that works for me. After you've cut out cookies and maybe re-rolled the dough once and cut out more, roll the remaining dough one more time, then use a pizza cutter to quickly cut squares or rectangles. After baking, I pipe a simple "ribbon" of colored buttercream frosting on those cookies, so they look like little presents. And this uses up those final scraps of dough!

    1. What a great tip! I love the idea of a present too!

  2. I LOVE the paint stick idea because I am always wondering "Is it too thick, too thin?" Because I too like a thick cookie!

    1. It worked like magic! So easy and so cheap too! I love finding little hints.

  3. Like the deer Ria x ❤️

  4. I love your cookies - I just wish I had the patience to make them and decorate them!! You really have mastered it!

    1. I have only tried simple ones. I was watching a youtube video of nutcracker cookies yesterday that was so complicated. Maybe some day I will try something a lot harder - but even so they take a lot of time.

  5. I love all your cookies. The deer and angel wings, so cute. I must get the angel wings cookie cutter and thanks also for the tips....

    1. I know - I think the angel wings are my favorite cookie cutter now and I have drawers full!

  6. Wow! This is a great post with helpful tips, and yes, I would consider you an expert. Those cookies look fabulous!

    1. Haha! Just an intermediate attempter! But thanks!

  7. Jacqueline, thanks for all these tips. I love to bake cut out cookies, but I've not mastered the art of beautifully decorating them. These reindeer are adorable!

    1. Sarah, I haven't mastered the art either, but these are all pretty simple. Watching videos really helps!

  8. Oh, My Goodness! Your cookies are a work of art. I love them all, and I appreciate the tips.

  9. Wow Jackie, your cookies look amazing. I think you should give yourself more credit. Pretty impressive, designing these sweet cookies. You Have inspired us all to try.

  10. Your cookies are seriously too pretty to eat! I would never have enough patience to do this, but they are all such works of art!! I would say you are definitely a professional Jacqueline!

  11. As bolachas ficaram lindas um verdadeiro encanto. Feliz Natal.


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