Friday, December 15, 2017

Great Room Christmas Tour 2017

Oh the joy of decorating for Christmas!
It is probably my favorite thing.  I crank
up the Christmas music and enjoy every
minute of it.  It truly is one of my 
happy places during Christmas.

The fireplace is one of the main focal points 
during Christmas, well I guess all of the time,
but I love decorating it.  

This year I changed things up a big
by adding
lots of candles - which are all remote control
that I blinged up by gluing some diamond
ribbon around the bottom, and a touch of pink,

starting with this wonderful pink and gold set
of angel wings at the center of the mantel,

and long luscious ribbons.

Although the color doesn't show up well
in this photo, these beads are also a pale pink.

I also cut out O Holy Night on my Cricut
and put it on the face of the mantel in gold foil.

A diamond crusted fur stocking graces the hearth
and Santa's Book - where the little ones  can check to see how they
are doing this year.

The tree is at the other end of the room.

It also received some pink touches this year.

It is studded with gold and silver and more of
the blush pink beaded garland, and a touch
of white boa.

This is the centerpoint of the tree.

It also is adorned with a couple of sets of wings,
one in blush pink and one in white.  These are 
huge compared to the one on the mantel.

Glittery deer hide in the branches of the tree.

I love the warm feel of fur and boas and they 
go so well with my room decor.

A few pink trees are scattered around the room.

And a large bowl of pink ornaments change
things up a bit.

I love this perched atop my gold and fur coffee table -
which happens to be the grandkids favorite piece
in the room, and probably mine.  They just can't stop
playing with it.

More fur in the tree skirt and this gorgeous 
furry "basket" with pompoms.

This gorgeous gold tipped feather tree was a gift
from one of my dear friends this year.  We went on
our traditional shopping trip to Salt Lake and we
all fell in love with it at Z Gallerie, so she bought
us each one as our Christmas gift!

All this fur makes you just want to cozy up,
but it works well in summer too!

I found a pair of silver sleigh lamps
last year at Home Goods.  I just love this
touch of whimsy.

At the opposite end of our great room is
the video room.

On the wall hangs a print of theMadonna and
Baby Jesus by Amy Oberhansley
and underneath it is an olive wood 
Nativity that my daughter and her husband
brought back from Israel this year.

With just a few touches, our great room 
was transformed from last year's decor.  
I really like what a touch of pink did for the room.

I hope all your decorating is finished and you
can sit back and enjoy the Christmas season.

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  1. Oh, my goodness Jacqueline, I do believe this is the most gorgeous home decor I have ever seen. I cannot even imagine all the time and effort you must have put in to this to create such beauty. I want to come and just sit and soak in all in. Have an awesome weekend!

    1. Actually I get my whole house done in a day and then I putter! I remember watching the old black and white Cheaper By The Dozen as a kid and the dad was an efficiency expert. I think from that I like to time what I do - like the mantel takes 45 minutes - all in one box - the tree takes two hours, etc!

  2. Absolutely stunning!! Love the colors!! The mantel is breath taking and the tree is divine!! Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind words!!

  3. Such a pretty and romantic setting! I love all the layers on your mantle (battery operated remote and timer candles have been the best invention!!) Your tree is stunning and all your little trees are so pretty - Enjoy the holiday season with your family!

  4. Super gorgeous! My favorite is the furry "basket" with pompoms. It reminds me of a hat that I had in my childhood. LOL

    Thank you for stopping by! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

  5. This is completely glamorous, Jackie. The tree and mantel are beautiful, and I can certainly see why the grands love the fur coffee table - cozy! The little touches like ribbons (esp the diamond trim and pink velvet!), the bowl with ornaments and furry basket with poms are what I love most in decorating. Even changing out lamps for the holidays - now THAT'S Christmas love! I see snow outside....what a place to view it all from. Have a wonderful Christmas.

    1. I found those at Home Goods last year - about this time of December - what a surprise!

  6. The touch of pale pink is just magical Jacqueline, and all the fur, feathers, bling and sheer opulence makes it look like a royal fairy tale! It's hard to believe your grandchildren are even allowed in there! It's so beautiful, I would probably leave it decorated all winter!

    1. Hubby does like to keep a lot of it up through January. We have always kept it up past my birthday - two weeks after Christmas. He feels it is too naked to take it all down at once.

  7. I LoVe EveRyThiNg !!! I especially love the sleigh lamps you found at Home Goods.... I would appreciate knowing if you have seen those anywhere else... HG doesn't seem to have them anymore..... Merry Christmas !!

    1. That is one thing about blogging - people always go looking for things and at Home Goods and so many stores now it comes and goes. Hobby Lobby during the first week of December had cleared out most of their Christmas and were filling three full aisles full of wooden wall hangings! I am early with my shopping and I just couldn't believe it! Same with our At Home store!

  8. Jackie, your Great room is so beautiful. I love the soft pink and the beautiful white. Fantasyland meets Winter Wonderland. You have such talent for displaying your lovely accessories. Your guests must feel so special. Love your added touches of bling. Merry Christmas to you and yours. Thank you for your sweet heartfelt wishes regarding my dad.

  9. This is amazing Jacqueline! I love the touches of pink and my mind kept repeating a phrase from The Night Before Christmas “while visions of sugarplums danced in their heads”. This is such a dreamy look and I have to imagine your grandchildren see it all with amazement. I just love the creative details on the tree- really really special! The new olive wood nativity is a a wonderful piece- how special that it came from Jerusalem. Blessings to you and your family at this Joyous time of the year.


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