Monday, September 26, 2016

Halloween Paper Mache Houses

I just love belonging to a craft group.  These ladies
are so talented and inspiring and we have such a
great time together.
This month we had a great time creating Halloween
Houses.  When I saw how cute they were, I
said I wanted to create a village.

Here are from the night of our crafting.  Each one
was unique and wonderful.  Karen purchased the
paper mache houses from Hobby Lobby (using
the 40% off coupon of course) and spray painted
them the base color of black and orange.  We had
all requested what colors we wanted.  Then
she used coordinating glitter and covered them
with glitter.  She used spray adhesive.  You could
also use Mod Podge.  

That night we added the fun decor.  Joanne had
dyed bottlebrush trees in black and orange
 for each of us, and Karen
brought some decor pieces and we were each
to bring additional things to add.

We were also provided with some black twigs, fence pieces
and pumpkins.  This is mine.  

I purchased glittery pipe cleaner at the dollar store for everyone.
You can see that I twisted orange and purple pipe
cleaners to edge the roof and crate garlands for the fence.

The clock is a door knob from hobby lobby.
I used crepe paper to cover the upper windows, and I glitterized
a broom from a package of craft miniatures.

This spooky guy peaking out of the lower windows
came from a package of tags from JoAnn's.

The cute glittery pumpkin stickers in the peaks of the
roof came from Hobby Lobby.  Karen gave us each a
silver skeleton.

I just love the trees.  One of the ladies
shared a black cat for my fence.

To make up my village, instead of starting from
scratch, I found two more houses at Jo-Ann's
fabric store on a 40% discount.  This large one
was wonderful.  I added the swirls, which were
purchased in the miniature section, along with the
candle stick, at Hobby Lobby.  This house came
with the fence and trees, but I added pipe cleaner
garland to the trees, and decked out the windows
and roof with pipe cleaner.

While we were working, Karen made me this cute 
garland out of padded stickers, which I brought
home and draped on my  tall house.

The looking ball was also a door knob from Hobby Lobby.

My final house was a small one.  It also came with
the trees and fence.  I adorned it with pipe cleaner,
spiders, a glittery broom and a glittery pumpkin
sticker.  The witches legs in urns were from
Jo-Ann's and were too large to fit on the porch
of the house we made, so I placed them in front
 of the house on the cake platter.

I thought these were killer!

I also purchased this hanging lantern
at Jo-Ann's.

They had a lot of cute miniatures for Halloween
this year, and I snagged this wagon of pumpkins.

These miniatures came from the Dollar Tree, last year.

I also glitterized some dollar store vases with
Mod Podge and purple glitter from Hobby Lobby.
These will hold a floating candle.

So there is my Halloween House Village
that sits on my kitchen table.  I just love
how it turned out.

I will post this with


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  1. Wow!! these are stunning! love how they turned out! beautiful work:)

  2. What spooktacular fun! I've seen several Haunted Houses at HomeGoods this season, but I love that your craft group all contributed goodies to make your own and you embellished a ready-made one!The witches legs in urns were a great find, and appropriately purple <|:>)

    1. These craft ladies have got me crafting a lot more! I love it, but it sure adds up! I don't really have room in the house for anything more!

  3. They are adorable..I know what Halloween means to these are extra special.

    1. Haha! I wonder if I just do all of this craziness for the kids!

  4. So very cute and wicked. Love your creative touches Jackie. The witch legs are adorable. You never cease to amaze me. The village is so spooktacular.

  5. This village turned out AMAZING!!!! I love it. When I went o JoAnn's recently they had hardly anything. You really know how to shop, girl! Love it all.

  6. Divine inspiration for the GRANDS' next visit!! They're coming for a little Harry Potter gathering sometime before Halloween, and these will be a perfect afternoon of fun and creativity. I'd love to wait and let them shop for parts and goodies as well, but I think I'll just get that out of the way and present all the bits and pieces and podges all at once in a fun array, and they can choose at will.

    Simply charming, one and all.


  7. I love your glittered haunted village Jacqueline! It turned out so cute, and I love the house you found at Joann's and all the additional touches like the candelabra and the leg filled urns! I have been feeling very wicked myself lately, Halloween is always so much fun! Your family is going to be spellbound!

    1. Yes, I think I do it for them! Sometimes I know I am just crazy, especially when hauling all of the boxes out!

  8. What an amazing display. The Halloween houses turned out so charming with the work you have put into them. With all the details you can tell much thought went into each and everything. How fun! I love this post!

    1. I was just telling my sister how amazing a glue gun is!! It creates all the magic - and to find such fun things - even at the dollar store!

  9. These are awesome! I love all of the details you added to the houses. What a fun Halloween display! Pinning to my Halloween Board. Thanks for linking up at the Halloween Blog Hop and Giveaway!


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