Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A Swiss Birthday Table w/ Raclette

Tonight's dinner for our craft group was a Swiss Themed
night with little lambies!  Joanne's birthday was celebrated
with dinner before the crafting and she has Swiss blood,
so the table decor and dinner revolved around her heritage.

Each place setting had a Swiss postcard and a little lamb.

Brenda made us each a lamb potholder that 
was placed by our plate.

Lambs of all kinds stood on the "grass" all over the table.

We even had little Swiss bells that decorated our
chairs, which we got to take home.

Of course, the birthday girl gets the crown at her placesetting.
Notice the lamb ornaments hanging on the crown for this

Laura hosted the party this time and on the side board she
had a pastoral scene.

She even painted two paintings to give to Joanne.  They were 

 The beautiful dining room window had a lamb, bells, and other
Swiss goodies.

Everyone helps with the menu.

I made the plated salad with peaches, blackberries, pistachios
and a fresh lemon vinaigrette served on butter leaf lettuce.

We had one of my family's favorite dinners
Swiss Raclette.  The machines can be purchased
reasonably on Amazon.  The stone heats up to toast
your bread or meats, and then cheese is melted in
a little pan under the stone.  You pour the melted
cheese on your bread, meats, veggies, etc.

Laura bought French Raclette cheese which melts better 
than the Swiss Raclette.  It is also about half the price.
She bought it at our local Harmon's grocery store.

Melted cheese over potatoes is very traditional.

This one is cheese melted over the top of
mushrooms, so the mushrooms cook a little,
and the poured over a slice of bread that I had
heated on top of the Raclette machine.

And Amy made us a delicious chocolate cake.  Shall we call it
a Swiss Chocolate Cake?  Notice the little lambie
grazing on the grass below the beautiful cake plate.

There was even a black sheep cookie!

The craft for the night was making Halloween
Houses.  I will do a follow up post on those fun houses.

I will be posting with


Chocolat - French for Chocolate. I adored chocolate from a young age when I had to sneak in the cupboard to find where my mother had hidden the Nestle's Chocolate Chips. Having read about the famous chocolat shoppes in Paris, when I finally got there I was determined to try a chocolate from every Paris shoppe. I invite you to share my adventures in creating, in travel, and in life.


  1. I love this party! I just got back from Switzerland last week and definitely agree the pastoral theme goes!! I couldn't believe I didn't like Swiss cheese - I prefer the French cheese too! Those little lamb cookies are so cute!!! Thanks for sharing this party with us!

    1. How wonderful that you got to be in Switzerland, just last week even. I spent a few days there and loved it - many years ago. The raclette has taken hold in all of Europe. I was even able to buy little two person raclettes for my single sons.

  2. What incredible talent and effort has gone into making this spectacular evening. I wish I had the energy and imagination to hold such an event!

    1. These parties are easy, because everyone takes a part in them. They are all such talented and energetic ladies.

  3. The Swiss themed dinner looked delicious and the Halloween houses are adorable.

    1. The food was amazing. It is one of our favorite ways to entertain now, besides the pizza oven, and hubby and I often heat it up just for the two of us.

  4. Delicious looking meal! The paintings are amazing...sheep are my favorite animal. Love the Halloween houses.
    Have a great week, Jackie.

    1. I know, the sheep were to die for and I was so jealous! She is an amazing painter and just whipped those out, while preparing the table too!

  5. Jackie, the entire night was so fabulous! Loved the raclette and your salad was so delicious. I wish I had made the lamb potholders, but hey were made by the talented Brenda. So glad you shared with SYC. I haven't posted about the party on my blog yet. Do you mind if I copy your photo of the houses? I didn't think to take any.

    1. Haha! Joanne let me know that I had written that wrong. Brenda gets the credit! Will send you some photos.

  6. This is so sweet. The food and decor is amazing! LOVE Sheep!


  7. You ladies have way too much fun. Love the Swiss theme with the sheep. Your salad looks heavenly with the fruit. Such a creative tablescape. Loving the Raclette. I think I need to buy one or two. How fun would that be for a dinner party. the pot holder is adorable as is the black sheep cookie. The swiss chocolate cake is perfect.

    1. We had to buy two to make it work for entertaining. We have definitely gotten our money out of them. We will heat one up just for the two of us. The kids all got one as gifts too! Our family loves it and we use any cheese we want - mozzarella, blue, gouda, cheddar, monterey jack. The variety makes it fun.

  8. What an amazing group of women! I'd like to be part of that group but I pretty sure I wouldn't measure up😬😜. You ar all one amazing group of women.

    1. Haha, when it comes to the crafting, I definitely don't measure up, but I am learning to push myself. I am in charge of the craft next month!

  9. Another wonderful birthday party by your crafty group! I love all the lamb details, so sweet! Raclette was the perfect entree, and what a fun help yourself dish for a group of friends! Can't wait to see your spooky mansion, I made a similar one several years ago, those cardboard houses have so many possibilities!

    1. They are all so talented, it blows me away, and makes me stretch! That's a good thing!!

  10. Beautiful! What a fun theme. It all looks divine, from the food to the table, and to all the decor. What a fun craft. The little houses looking so charming and spooky. A wonderful night for friends.

  11. What a fantastic party!
    That black sheep cookie is soooooo sweet!
    Thanks for sharing this special occasion!

  12. What an amazing little party! You are definitely the hostess with the mostest. :)

    Thanks for sharing and linking up at Dishing It & Digging It. Hope to see your creativity each week! :)


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