Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Garden Wedding and Party

My garden has been a busy place this summer
with a wedding reception and a few days later,
a Mother Daughter Garden party.

Since the Mother Daughter party was just four days
after the wedding reception, I used a lot of the
same decor and ideas.

It all started with this ugly green hutch that was a leftover
from one of our condo project models.  I didn't pick it -
our partner's wife did, and it had been relegated to the basement
to hold plates and things.  

The wedding reception was for my oldest daughter's niece,
and my daughter said we should paint it for the wedding 
reception, and use it for our sign in station.

I decided to paint the interior of the two glass
cabinets a pale aqua.  I used Rustoleum's
chalk paint.

It was our first foray into chalk paint, and I decided to
add a little bling with the crystal knobs that I
ordered online.

Once we finished that, I asked her what she planned
on using for the candy station, so we had to paint
another piece.

 This piece was in my dining room, also holding
plates and things.  It was a brown on brown.
I was looking for something with a lot of
detail and this one was perfect.  It went from
being the ugly duckling to the beautiful swan.

It got a little lavender bling in the crystal knobs!

After the transformations, I said these pieces
were going to take center place in my dining room.
No more basement for the ugly green hutch.

The hutch was placed on the side yard entrance
for guests to sign in. 

 Lavender was one of the bride's colors, and I
had driven into my daughter's driveway and saw
this great lavender bicycle.  I said I had to borrow
it for the wedding and they said the friend was
selling it.  I bought it that day and brought it

 The wedding was gorgeous and a much bigger
turn out than the bride's mom had guessed, but
the yard handled it well.

I had hung netting panels from IKEA in the gazebo
for the backdrop for the bride and groom.  She
had rose gold runners on the tables, so I purchased
a rose gold tablecloth and took a small seam
on one end so I could hang it too.

The wedding reception was a big success!

The bride has lots of big strapping cousins, so right
after the reception ended, I had them move the
hutch down to the gazebo.  The bride and groom had
stood here for the wedding.  Now I wanted the hutch
to be used for the Mother Daughter party as our buffet.

I was able to reuse lots of my flowers
from the wedding for the Mother Daughter
party, filling the drawers with plants and
little vases of flowers.

The cupboards were opened up to accomodate
all of the food.

We had heart shaped peanut butter and jelly
sandwiches for the little ones and chicken
croissant sandwiches and cucumber sandwiches
with a salad for the moms.

The girls had fun decorating cupcakes as flowers
using marshmallows and sugar sprinkles.

Of course I knew they would love the candy
station as much as the wedding guests, so
I repeated that where the wedding cake
had been stationed.

Both parties were made magical by my painted
garden furniture, but they are too nice to leave
outside.  Watch for my dining room remodel.  
These two pieces will be featured!

I will be sharing these parties with


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  1. Well you are such a good host and really know how to throw a party. The transformation of both pieces are just stunning. I love the bling on them too! Love the bike! Love your new blog header! The candy buffet looked so great on the white buffet. Joni

  2. Everything looks so beautiful, Jacqueline! The hutch transformation is wonderful. You always do such a great job with entertaining and decor. Can't wait to see how you use these pieces in your dining room.

  3. You throw the most brilliant parties Jacqueline! Using revamped old furniture pieces is so fabulous, I love the greenery and flowers spilling out of the drawers! The hutch as a buffet station for your M/D party must have brought lots of ohs and ahs! Not to mention the candy station that looked like a florist shop. Your bride and groom are so lucky to begin their marriage in such a magical setting, another WOW! Can't wait to see the dining room redo-

  4. Love your new blog design Jackie. You are the ultimate hostess so fun to be able to remake an old piece of furniture and use it.

  5. How absolutely beautiful Jacqueline! You have a wonderful derail gift for hospitality and for decoration...not to forget baking and cooking! Lucky bride! Lucky Mums and daughters!

  6. How absolutely beautiful Jacqueline! You have a wonderful derail gift for hospitality and for decoration...not to forget baking and cooking! Lucky bride! Lucky Mums and daughters!

  7. You are truly amazing! Not only do you create all this incredible food for a garden wedding, you also created these gorgeous pieces to use outside. Yes, eager to see them in your dining room.

  8. Absolutely stunning. I bet it was a wonderful wedding reception. And I hope the mother/daughter party was equally lovely.

  9. Oh you repurposed those furniture pieces beautifully with paint and bling-y knobs for your garden party and reception! I know the bride and guests were thrilled with the setting and your hospitality!

  10. Oh, what a lovely job you did on those cabinets. Love how your decorated them for the garden party and wedding. The blingy knobs did catch my eye! Love the flowers spilling out of the drawers, Lovely menu and the cake is gorgeous! You certainly know how to entertain with elegance.

  11. What a wonderful party. Thank you for sharing it at SYC! xx Jo

  12. WOW! Talk about transformation! That hutch really got a second chance at being spectacular with a white layer of BEAUTY! Dearest Jacqueline, isn't it the best thing to play in the garden? Your colors together are divine and just so happy. I wish you a great remainder of this season of adventure! Thank you dear one for coming to visit my blog!

  13. What a makeover Jackie! You wouldn't even know it was the same piece of furniture. They will be gorgeous in your home. Both the wedding and the mother/daughters party look wonderful. So glad you nabbed up that great bike too! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  14. Oh my goodness, Jacqueline! Such gorgeous events, back to really out did yourself. I would have been exhausted just with planning it all.
    how wonderful that you have strong armed helpers to assist in moving all your newly painted treasures. I'm SO impressed with how lovely both of them turned out. ~~clap~clap~~

  15. You are always a generous and innovative host, both events must have been wonderful!
    A great idea to paint the hutch white, it made an awesome candy station.

  16. I know you love a challenge and the hutch turned out great! Both the wedding and the mother-daughter party looked like fun! That bike was a must :-)

  17. This is a stunning event. I love the food and cake, gorgeous! The furniture pieces lovely. What a great event and so happy you shared at Dishing it and Digging it link party. We love having you.

  18. Beautiful transformation on the hutch and a lovely party.

  19. Fun reasons to re-work special pieces!


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