Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Showered with Pink and Gold and A Giveaway

When my niece sent a picture of her inspiration
colors for her wedding,
which were gold mercury glass and
blush pink, I knew I wanted to do her shower
as a sit down event.  I have never done a sit down
wedding shower before, but the guest list wasn't
huge and I knew we could fit them at my
extra long table; moving the living room furniture
aside and setting up tables in that space.

Fortunately, her style was girly elegance, so I had
so much fun creating this table for her.

The table was set in pinks and golds and sparkle.

Some fresh spring tulips in a gold crystal
vase were a beautiful centerpiece.

The plate stack consisted of gold glittered chargers,
pink plates, and gold rimmed irridescent white plates.

Since we had these spectacular dessert macarons, which I had
made, we decided to have dessert first (only if you wanted to!)

The Fresh Raspberry Dessert Macarons
were also touched with some gold, even
some real edible gold.

The desserts matched the plate stack color scheme.

Who wouldn't swoon when they came in and
were surprised by this table?

The table was laden with lots of other desserts too,
all part of the decor, of course!

Hubby was all dressed in black and served the ladies
from the kitchen.  Even the chips got dressed up in 
pretty pink polka dots for the party.

We served
Ham and Swiss Sliders
Raspberry Poppy Seed Mixed Green Salad with Strawberry Hearts
Sea Salt Potato Chips
along with
A Dessert Laden Table

After being seated, guests were given the option
of eating their main dessert first or not.
Almost everyone had no problem with diving
right into dessert!!  Loved it!!!

But the additional cookies, candies and 
chocolate covered strawberries disappeared
quickly after they lunched on their
main dish.

Here I am on the left with the bride-to-be and
her Aunt Vicki, who flew in and surprised her.

Her Grandmother made them matching aprons,
complete with names.  I always like the groom-to-be
to come at the end of the shower, so everyone can get
to meet him.

In honor of having all of the guests
eat their dessert first,

I am having a giveaway of my 

drum roll...........

Eat Dessert First
A Purple Chocolat Home Cookbook

The cookbook contains over 280 pages, with full color
photos and recipes.

The recipes are a lifetime collection of our
family favorites, and many that I have blogged.

Anyone can enter!  
It is easy to ship a book anywhere
in the world!!

You just need to be a follower on my blog
and leave a comment telling me you would
love a copy of the cookbook.

You can leave a second comment if you
follow me on Pinterest,

And a third comment, if you follow
me on Facebook!

Wait - a fourth comment if you
follow me on Instagram -

Just let me know, so that your comments
will count!

I just love giveaways and this
one is extra fun since it is
my very own cookbook.

The winner will be chosen randomly, with
the contest ending at midnight on Wednesday
March 9, 2016.  

You don't have to be a blogger to win, just
leave me your email address in your comment 
so that I can contact you.

I will be posting this with


Chocolat - French for Chocolate. I adored chocolate from a young age when I had to sneak in the cupboard to find where my mother had hidden the Nestle's Chocolate Chips. Having read about the famous chocolat shoppes in Paris, when I finally got there I was determined to try a chocolate from every Paris shoppe. I invite you to share my adventures in creating, in travel, and in life.


  1. I follow you and love seeing your tablescapes and know your neice Laurel in San Antonio.

  2. I follow you in Instagram -Deniseknowsall

  3. I also follow you on Facebook!

  4. I Also follow you on pintrest as well! Can you get the cookbook at stores yet?

  5. I lobe lobe your pretty table.. I'am a follower and would love your new book.. Happy Wednesday with love Janice

  6. This would be a great gift for Connor's upcoming wedding, he could add it to the one you gave him for graduation! I'd love one too! Are they available to purchase?
    This shower was beautiful, I am going to show Melanie (Connor's finance) this is part of her color scheme also! Well done Jackie!

  7. What a beautiful table! I love the pretty colors and the pretty desserts! And I absolutely love the temple cookies!! I would love to learn how to do the design on those. Everything looks beautiful!!

  8. That was heavenly! Lucky bride to be! I think a shower is one of the loveliest entertaining possibilities and you set the bar very high for a beautiful shower. I would love to enter for the draw and as soon as I get home I will follow on Facebook.
    Thank you!!

  9. I am a blog follower! ;)

  10. I'm an Instagram follower! :)

  11. I follow you on Pinterest! ;)

  12. I follow you in Facebook, too! ;)
    I'm a fan and can't wait to see your cookbook! You need a decorating book, too!
    Love the way you decorated the chairs for the shower!

  13. What a gorgeous table setting and desserts made for your niece's shower, Jackie! It is absolutely gorgeous and I knew she must have been so thrilled to enjoy this special setting for her happy day.

    I am excited to see your cookbook! Congratulations! Your desserts are always top notch and so elegant looking. I'd be so honored to win a copy.


  14. We are also friends on Pinterest


  15. We are also friends on Instagram

    Thank you for all these chances!

  16. Everything is simply stunning, from the cookies to your chocolate covered strawberries just magnificent....
    Of course I'm a follower....


  17. You have done some amazing tablescape a, but this one might just be my favorite!
    I have your cookbook and it is great!
    But I would love another! It was so fun to get all cosey with a fire and read your cookbook cover to cover!

  18. Beautiful!! I follow you on Instagram!!

  19. Jackie, you have outdone yourself, this table is truly stunning! The pink and gold are gorgeous together. Your beautiful desserts would tempt anyone to eat them before the main course.
    I wish your niece and future husband a very happy life together.

    I would be happy to become the caretaker of your cookbook...and yes, I am a follower.

  20. Beautiful shower! I am making notes for when my daughter gets married. I love the colors and food ideas. I would also love one of your cookbooks to use for entertaining. I always have to return to your blog to copy down recipes, so what a joy it would be to have it already in a book.

  21. .....and now following on Pinterest and have sent a facebook message!

  22. I follow your awesome blog

  23. I follow on Instagram

  24. I followed you on this blog
    I would love to receive a copy of this AWESOME book
    I follow you on Pinterest
    I follow you on Instagram

  25. That party is so pretty! Those macarons look amazing!!! They look professional! I'd love a copy of your book.

  26. And my blog is

  27. Jacqueline, this is the prettiest bridal table! Love the soft pink with the gold, and your desserts are beyond amazing. I would love to have a copy of your recipe book. What a treat that would be! I don't have your talent to make such pretty desserts, but I'd like to try my hand at it.
    Thanks for the chance and thank you for sharing this amazing tablescape.

  28. Well, I've been a follower longer than I can remember. I'd follow you anywhere! '-)

  29. I follow all of your beautiful Pinterest Boards.

  30. Yes, indeed, we are friends on facebook. '-)

  31. Yes, again. I follow all your pretty images on Instagram.

  32. I always enjoy seeing your party tables. This one is as outstanding as I knew it would be. The colors are so feminine and perfect for a bridal shower. I love the gold sparkly chargers.
    Those strawberry hearts are the finishing touch to the salad.
    And the desserts? Oh, my. Could they be any more enticing?
    Thank you for the giveaway. Of course I'm a follower.

  33. I just love your tablescapes and the food looks divine. Would love to have cookbook so have it handy when do special dinners.

    I do have a question? How do you do the Gold mercury glass? I've done the mirror paint but not seen the gold. How is it done? I'm a gold kind of gal myself.

    Thanks keep the tablescapes coming my closet can use a wee be more stuff.

  34. Your shower was stunning. I have been following your blog for a couple years now. I am getting ready to follow you on Instagram. I did not know you had a cookbook and would be thrilled to win one.

  35. I'm swooning just looking at the pictures. Everything is gorgeous!

  36. Hi Jacqueline, I gasped when I saw the gorgeous table! I love everything about it from the color scheme to the dessert first idea! Congratulations to the happy couple and to you on the cookbook! I follow your blog and always look forward to opening the email! Linda

  37. Jacqueline I also follow you on Pinterest. Linda

  38. Lovely job Jackie. I'd love your new cookbook.

  39. Facebook - check
    Instagram - check
    Blog - check
    Pinterest - check

    Would love your cookbook - check

  40. What a simply charming, absolutely YOU setting---ladylike and elegant, with every touch arranged perfectly. And OF COURSE, Dessert FIRST! We even served WEDDING CAKE first at a small family wedding---I'd made the cake, an orange velvet with vanilla buttercream, and since they'd cut the cake while making photos before we sat down to lunch, the scent of rich buttery orange just flowed out around the table. DS#4 remarked that just SMELLING that scrumptious cake made him want that first---so we just cut away and the waiters served slices with ice cream. We enjoyed that before they brought out the Chicken Salad plates, composed in the kitchen. There was nothing hot that would get cold waiting, so we joined in the why not? whimsy and went with it.

    Folks still mention that topsy-turvy wedding lunch, and how fun it was. (And quite a few people had seconds on cake AFTER lunch, as well).

    And I do feel that I should recuse myself from entering, for I'm so enjoying the wonderful pink cupcake teacups---just sent one off to school in Sweetpea's lunchbox this morning, in fact. But I'm certainly looking forward to holding that book in my hands, as soon as I can get to B&N. I just know the photos and recipe for the Red Velvet and that glorious frosting are in there.

    Congratulations on your new publication!


  41. Simply stunning Jaqueline, your niece is one lucky bride! The details and colors, setting, table, chairs, it's all over the top incredible! The pink and gold raspberry filled macaroons are swoon worthy as are all the other special bridal treats, wowza! Congrats on the book, it looks gorgeous! I would love a copy :)

  42. Beautiful, elegant, love it! This is the first time I have visited your blog and WOW am I impressed. I see how talented you are.

  43. Jacqueline, I follow you on Instagram, and am in total awe of your creativity. I hope one day I can think out of the box and create such gorgeous food and party ideas.
    Chris Wasson

  44. Congrats on the new book! I'd LOVE to win a copy- fingers crossed :)

  45. I would love a copy of your cookbook, I truly enjoy your blog and pinterest.


  46. Beautiful table art! Would love a copy of your cookbook! Can you tell me where you purchased the chip bags &/or what size they are? Would be perfect for my upcoming shower! Thanks!

  47. I also follow on Pinterest. Thanks!

  48. I love between naps on the porch. I get alot of e-mails from alot of places and to be honest alot of the go unopened, not because I'm not interested, I just don't have enough time, but I ALWAYS open my e-mails from Between Naps On the Porch. I just simply love them and all your deco and everything. I'm a fello-decoer and so love to see all of your deco, dishes, etc. I also what to say that I'm interested in you cookbook give-away, if I'm not to late. Been sick so late opening e-mails. Anyway, If I'm not to late would love to be enter. In any case love BNOTP. Marty

  49. I loved the shower table setting and all the beautiful treats! I will definitely try to recreate the strawberries for Easter. I follow your blog and I would love one of your cookbooks! Fingers crossed!

  50. I love your blog.
    Yes to the chance for the cookbook.
    Yes, I follow you on Pinterest.

  51. Oh Jackie, This was a gorgeous occasion. What a lucky bride to have such a elegant party. Those desserts are amazing. Just beautiful!
    I am so glad you have published a cookbook. Who would not love to win. I am a follower of your blog for years now.

  52. What a beautiful set-up for a shower! Love the way you incorporated the bride's colours and how the food "matched" the décor. I enjoy seeing tables set for many guests and yours is spectacular. I'm sure the bride and guests enjoyed all of your efforts. Would LOVE to have your cookbook - great title!

  53. Very Beautiful colors for the shower theme.
    I would love to win your cookbook. I have followed you for quite some time and enjoy your tablescapes and recipes

  54. I have never seen a table set so elegantly! Thank you for sharing it on SYC! :) Jo

  55. I love this pink and gold theme! Beautiful! I love your blog and have followed for a long time. Name is two of my favorites......... I have loved purple since I was a little girl. Chocolate - let's just say I am addicted. Since I am from Idaho I love following someone from UT. I love tablescapes even just for two of us and you have fun ones. Great recipes! Thank you!

  56. Beautiful table. The food looks divine. I am your newest follower.

  57. Of course I'd love a copy of your cookbook!! That would be awesome! Love following along with your blog!!!
    Hugs, Betsy... And can I buy one if I don't win????😃

  58. ooooh! Would love a copy of this book, If I don't win, is it available on Amazon?

  59. Hello Jacquiline, what a lovely party for your niece! Just beautiful! I'm your newest follower on google +!

  60. That is one amazing shower - such attention to detail and color scheme.

    Thanks for sharing at SYC.

  61. I just LOVE your beautiful blog!!!!! Your cookbook looks awesome!!!!!! I also love to collect cookbooks and if I am the winner, it would be put to great use :)

  62. Gosh girl, this bridal shower looks as thought it just stepped out of the pages of a magazine! The décor is fabulous and those desserts, wowzer! I want one of each please. :) Thanks so much for sharing with SYC. I will be featuring you tomorrow. Happy to be an owner of your wonderful cookbook!

  63. Jacqueline I love your blog and have made several of your recipes I have been following you for are the reason I wanted I start a blog because your tables are always so exquisite. But I love the stories you tell about your family .it makes me wish I was part of that big susie

  64. Wow, Jacqueline! This is one of the prettiest showers I've ever seen! The table setting is enough to knock my socks off, but then the desserts and the food. . .wow! I would love a copy of your cookbook. I follow your blog, and also on Facebook.

  65. Gorgeous table and such a pretty shower. Love the colors she chose. Eat dessert first is an awesome idea! The chairs are all decked out so pretty. A beautiful affair she will always cherish. Not sure why I am just seeing this post. It is a gorgeous post.

  66. I have been following you for a very long time...Google+, instagram, pinterest and more. How exciting to have your own cookbook. I would love the chance to own one.

  67. Oh my, I'm absolutely speechless. As one entertainer to another, this is magnificent. Isn't it wonderful to lose ourselves in creating not only a beautiful table setting but the food as well? It's obvious you find complete joy in giving and serving others. I love to take one little idea or theme and then just run wild with it. I'm so looking forward to following your blog. I'm definitely running out to purchase your cookbook (since I can't remember ever winning anything, haha). Which store are they being sold at?

  68. I know this will be a fun book given all your creative ideas. I follow.

    Chocolate and

  69. Oh my....I know your neice all the attendees were ASTOUNDED by your beautiful table when they were showered with your desserts! I think I broke my pinning finger this morning! Congratulations on your cookbook publication, I know the winner will be thrilled!

  70. Beautiful table. Love everything you do. Where can we buy your cookbook? I know it is amazing and a treasure to own and cook from.


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