Monday, July 27, 2015

Fairy Garden Party and Craft Night

Welcome to a fairy wonderland!
We thought we were coming to a craft night with a
light dinner, but we were treated to a fabulous fairy party
filled with flowers and fanciful treats.

As we entered Joanne's back yard, we saw that this
was an exquisite table set just for us, and our inner fairies.

Each place setting was different and each had
a flower fairy card with our initial on them.
This was my place setting.

We were gathered in her exquisite covered
seating area.

I adore her chandelier, lights and banners, done
all for us.

Everything was so beautiful, and we were all taking
photos and drinking in the atmosphere.

Each place setting was also adorned with a little
fairy for us to take home.

I fell in love with Joanne's DuBarry sterling silver.

Rachel made fabulous spa water for us.

These are the most beautiful and delicious
fairy cookies ever and they were provided
by Amy Perkins.

Amy also made these glittering cookies.
You know me, I had to try the cookies first,
and they were the most delicious, moist, melt-in-your-mouth
cookies ever - perfect for fairies.

There were even fairy mannequins adorning
our setting.

We were served fabulous food that Laura made:
 Strawberry Chicken Salad,
Brie, Turkey and Raspberry Jam Paninis
(of which Winston, the dog, stole one),
and a frozen fruit salad that Joanne made.

Now to the crafts that we came for!
We each made a fairy house, a fairy chair,
and decorated a mailbox to send letters
to the Fairy Queen.  I put mine in a garden

We each made a fairy chair by gluing moss,
bendable naturals and covered wire, and jewels
to a small metal bench, found in any miniature
section of the craft store.

The fairy house was made by turning two natural
floral containers upside down, the bottom one made of bark,
with a door opening cut out and a wooden, embellished
door, added.  Then a twig container was turned upside
down to create the roof.  We just pushed that on and them
embellished it with more twigs, and jewels.  

You can see I added a small gazing ball next to the
fairy house door.
We decorated a fairy mailbox with moss and jewels,
 to send notes to the fairy queen.  
Brenda hand painted decorations on our doors,
which do open.  J

Joanne made little fairy notecards for our little ones
to write on and post.

It was truly an event made for all fairy princesses.

Here is a collage of her playhouse in 
another corner of her garden. I adore
the fabric shades on her lights.

Thank you Joanne and Laura for treating us like royalty!
(Karen, Jann, Brenda, Natalie and me.)

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  1. I'm speechless Jacqueline, what an incredible party! So many fantastic fairy details! Great girls night out!!!!

  2. Jacqueline, this is a fairyland for certain. Like, Jenna, I'm speechless! Beautiful details abound. The place setting are exquisite and the food, well, it's too beautiful to consume. '-)
    Thanks for sharing this incredible evening.

  3. Absolutely spectacular! How fun and so dainty!

  4. Jacque, I am so glad that you shared this post about our fabulous fairy night! It truly was magical!! The food was absolutely delicious and the crafts were so much fun. So happy to have you partying at Share Your Cup.

  5. What a perfect midsummer thing to do! I love it and would have been thrilled if I walked into unexpected delight!

  6. Stunning tablescape, all the attention to detail and those lovely pinks and purples are right up my alley!

    Love it!!

  7. A fabulous party for little girls of any age.A very special event. Thank you for sharing all the lovely details.Visiting from SYC.

  8. Jacqueline, I think I need some fairy princess friends near me! I would LOVE to be at this party with the beautiful settings and details and the food and crafts! It looks like you all had a very special time. Linda

  9. Absolutely enchanting! Each little detail is so delightful. What a wonderful way to spend time together.

  10. So pretty and fun!! I love all of the cute little cookies too. They are beautiful!

  11. Oh I've died and gone to fairy heaven...I love all the wonderful details from the place settings with the flower fairy initial cards to the beautiful cookies that are too pretty to eat! What a perfect setting and space too...*sigh*


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