Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Lunch at the Davenport

Welcome to the beautiful, historic Davenport Hotel
in downtown Spokane Washington.
Many of you know that my sister Joni, from Red Couch Recipes
moved there in October.

My other sister, Jean, from Texas and I went to visit Joni
and she took us to the Davenport Hotel for lunch.

Davenport is a landmark hotel in Spokane and was 
commissioned by a group of businessmen in 1914
and named after Louis Davenport, the first proprietor
of the hotel.

 What a treat it was to go in and walk around.  It was restored
and reestablished in 2002 by the Worthy's
at a cost of around $38 million.

And it is a restoration worthy of this grand hotel.
They lovingly keep the rooms open when they are 
not being used for a function, so that you
can come in, enjoy, and take photos.

The Renaissance room is exquisite and makes
you feel like royalty when you are in it.
I would love to be here for a ball.

The Marie Antoinette Room is also stunning with
it's second floor balcony.  It is done in soft blue.
They were preparing for a wedding reception when
we were there.

There are beautiful chandeliers throughout the hotel.

Look at the detail on this original chandelier.

The Hall of the Doges, Spokane's "oldest and finest ballroom" 
was lifted intact out of an older part of the building
and placed here at the top of the stairs in the
new east wing.

It was modeled after royal palaces in Venice.

In this beautiful wood paneled room, each of these
chandeliers contain 75 pounds of silver.  

The Palm Court Grill, the open, two-story lobby
 is where lunch is served.

It is decorated exquisitely.  You can appreciate
the Worthy's love of this fine historic building and
their care in restoring it to it's charm and beauty.

with these fantastic onyx lamps atop gold twisted pillars.

We were seated right in front of the elegant fireplace.

I just love appetizers and desserts.  I could eat just
appetizers and desserts and die a happy woman,
so I had to try their Cougar Gold Cheese Dip.

Cougar Gold Cheese Dip, served with bread.
Cougar Gold is a white, sharp cheddar cheese
made exclusively at Washington State University.
  It can be ordered online, but shipping doubles the price.  I might
try this recipe, substituting another aged, white, sharp
cheddar cheese.  It really was amazing.  We all said we
could have just ordered our own cheese dip and gone
away happy!

Jean ordered the Halibut Fish and Chips,
 and it was so light and flakey.

Joni got Grilled Chicken Satay with a peanut sauce.

Tatiana, Joni's daughter ordered
 a gorgeous Reuben Sandwich.

Of course I had to try the
Davenport Crab Louis salad,
named after Louis Davenport.

It was filled with huge chunks of wonderful crab.

After lunch, we wandered into the Davenport's gift shop,
and I fell madly in love with this table.  Look at the lines
on it!

Of course I had to take photos of the gorgeously shaped
wood and the beautiful tablesetting.  I love the metallic
plates mixed with the swirled plates.  It is definitely a
rustic elegant look.

This store was a tablescaper's dream.  Look at these
stunning goblets with their peach colored beads.

I love how they tied the antique silverware
together with a ribbon.

It is a fun way to mix and match antique pieces.

Let's have a peek at those stunning legs -
three beautiful carved legs on each end - 
what's not to love?

I don't think I have ever seen a more beautiful table.
I even asked about having it shipped.  I have to
say that the only thing about the Davenport that disappointed
me was that the sales manager never called me back
about how much it would be to have it drop shipped!
Alas, it was not meant to be!

Make me feel bad about not getting it one more time -
this is the view from the end!  I am in love!!

This is the view from the side.  What a glorious table.
Wish they could ship it!!

Isn't this table fabulous too?  That edge is
just fantastic!  

The store was just filled with all kinds of treats.
They told us you can even order their mattresses
and linens if you loved the way you slept!

Oh, and how about these plates for fun?  These look like
glass but are melamine.  You have to pick them up to 
believe it.

While you are in the store, take a taste test of
Spokane's famous soft peanut brittle.  It is quite
a unique treat that I just love.

Lunch at the Davenport was really a treat and if you are
in town, come in, explore and have lunch.  It is
breathtaking, and will transport you to a more
elegant time.  Breakfast and lunch are very reasonable and
we loved each dish.  

We had a delightful week with Joni and loved getting
to know her wonderful new town.

I will be posting this with


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  1. Such a beautiful hotel! I really enjoyed seeing it. Glad you and your sisters had the chance to spend some time together. Family is precious. :)

  2. Wow what a great place to visit- your sister chose well! You'd feel like a princess in every room there! That table is wonderful and I can see whynyounwanted it. Love the dishes displayed too! Isn't it amazing how good looking the melamine dishes are these days! I didn't know your sister had moved. Washington is a beautiful state.

  3. Wow, such a palace. Every room is stunning and the detail is so over whelming, but gorgeous. They didn't miss a thing! One would feel like a queen staying there or simply dining. The table is gorgeous and the legs are quite unique. It is rustic and would fit in with a beachy theme. The dishes are quite lovely and it is amazing to see how transformed melamine dishes are today. I am sure you walked away with some goodies from that gift shop. How nice of you and your sister to visit Joni.

  4. So much fun!! And what beautiful pictures you took. I can safely say I am obsessed with the davenport now!!

  5. Oh my, what luxurious hotel! Wish I could go there too someday.
    You did take some awesome pics too.
    Amazing place, fir for a queen...and you are one Jacqueline!


  6. That is such a fantastic hotel! I remember that everyone loves staying there for some of the state championships for different sports. That was long before the remodel. At one point, they banned kids from our high school from staying there, they cause such a ruckus when they stayed! They were prob ably a contributing factor to it needing to be redone !!! Cougar Gold cheese is definitely a favorite! Have loved that since I was a kid. I'll have to bring you some when I am headed your way! And maybe even a table from the Davenport Hotel! 😉 So glad you loved historic downtown Spokane. We have always visiting there for many occasions!

  7. It's all gorgeous! Love that table.

  8. Jacqueline, the hotel is truly gorgeous and the food looks delicious. Glad you three had some sister time. That would be my favorite part. I had a little sister time this week with my sister who was in town to help her daughters. Always a special treat for me!

  9. My BFF lives there and I go often...from Louisiana! I've stayed there often and each time has been better than the time before. Dinners there are magnificent and we've spent many a happy hour there in the bar being as exquisite as the rest of the hotel! And true to the fact of "good sleeping beds"....I have bought the linens from the gift shop to take home!!!!
    I'm going back end of july....would you like for me to bother them again about shipping your table to you?? Cuz, afterall, I'm sure you haven't stopped thinking about's meant to be!!!

  10. So Beautiful!! Everything actually!
    I love Spokane it is turning into a foodie paradise!!

  11. what an opulent hotel. That table is gorgeous.


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