Monday, June 15, 2015

Cinderella and Her Fairy Godmother

Our Cinderellas and their Fairy Godmother
gathered Saturday for the Summerfest Parade.

Miss Greater Salt Lake, Hannah Harkness, and her Little Miss,
Kylie McCann are off to Miss Utah this week and their
final activity was the big Summerfest Parade.

All of the other little Cinderellas wanted to join
the parade, so they were dressed in her ballgown and
her wedding dress (ordered online).

 We had these three dresses custom made and they turned out 
so beautifully and so close to the dresses in the movie.

Wings had to be added to the Fairy Godmother's costume,
but other than that, it was fabulously like the movie.

Horses and a Cinderella carriage were rented for
the parade from Burch and Sons.

Our little Cinderellas were so excited to be part of
the parade.  

The blue ballgown was just stunning, and went so well
with the white carriage.

We even had pages to throw out candy to the 
kids on the parade route.

This is one of the biggest local parades.

The Fairy Godmother rode on the back waving her magic wand,

and occasionally getting off and throwing Summerfest hats.

It was so much fun, and now Hannah is off to
compete in Miss Utah.  What a fun year it has been and
as her Fairy Godmother, I have been so lucky to have
been taken along for the glorious ride!  Thanks Hannah
for a very, very fun year.


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  1. You all look so beautiful in your dresses!! The carriage is so magical I feel like I'm watching the movie again! I'm so sad that we werent there to watch you guys! So cute!

  2. So fun!! I wish we could have been there to watch you! And your dresses are gorgeous, they look just like in the movie!! Love it!

  3. Jacqueline, All those little Cinderellas are just adorable and Miss Greater Salt Lake is beautiful. You are glowing as the fairy godmother and I love your dress!!!! I must admit I would have a ball dressing up like that! Best of luck to Hannah in the Miss Utah competition. Linda

  4. Incredible. All of you look so beautiful. The dresses are so gorgeous! Love that pumpkin carriage. What an honor...well deserved!

  5. You ladies are stunning, this looks like so much fun!

  6. Beautiful princesses and a beautiful Fairy Godmother. You have had such a wonderful time with Miss Harkness and your princesses throughout her reign. What a gift of friendship between the three of you!
    You are awesome, girl!

  7. All of you look so enchanting. We missed it by a day! I bet it was a popular entry in the parade. The dresses are so perfect! Joni


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