Sunday, February 15, 2015

Raclette Grilling and a Giveaway

Since I am originally from Wisconsin,
I am an avid cheese fan and if you love cheese
like I do, a Swiss Raclette Grill is
the toy of choice.

Friends gave us this Swissmar Raclette Grill
 last year and we were having a party
so we decided to get a second one so that
everyone could be in on the grilling and
cheese melting fun.

This was our friend party for
Valentine's Day last week.
We set up two long tables in the
dining room with two Raclette grills
down the center so everyone was within easy reach.

The Swissmar that we received and then bought
a second one of is the granite topped one.  You can
see it here in the picture.  The heating element is
under the granite.  Food can be placed on top
of the heated granite and food or cheese can be
placed in the little handled pans under the element
to melt the cheese.

Traditional Raclette cheese is available at
our local Harmon's grocery store, but we
found that it is fun to have all kinds of
melting cheese to choose from.

We served 
Smoked Gouda
Buffalo Cheese (Costco)
Cave Aged Cheddar (Costco_
Blue Cheese

Traditional foods to pour the melted
cheese over are potatoes and pickles.

I have to say that the pickles were one of
my biggest surprises - I love melted cheese
over dill pickles - who knew?
  I also fell in love with cheese
over grilled mushrooms.

We also served grilled chicken,
beef meatballs (cut in half so they don't roll off)
bratwursts, sliced salami and another thinly sliced

Flatbread and toasted baguette slices
are the perfect bed for your melting
luscious cheeses.

 A helping of steamed broccoli,
boiled cubed potatoes, dill pickles
and sliced mushrooms covered the
vegetable options.

This is a lot like a fondue party but you
have many cheesy options and everyone
is cooking their own, top side and
under side.  

The stone cleans up easily and the little
grill pans clean in the dishwasher.

This is a fun appliance for a party and
hubby and I have heated it up just for the
two of us quite often this winter.

If you haven't had Swiss Raclette,
we highly recommend it for family and friends.

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  1. That looks like a fun idea for parties Jacqueline! Everyone loves melted cheese:@)

  2. We just had a raclette night a few weeks ago at our daughter's..I love it because the meal lasts and full though after!
    My own fault!

  3. Meet bought our first grill 30 years ago after having raclette for the first time in Switzerland. Since then we have enjoyed this treat many times - it is a great way to celebrate Mew Year's Eve. Both our children have grills too - it's become a family tradition. You table looks beautiful!

  4. What a fun, delicious evening that must have been! I've done Raclette parties twice (the first a merry chaos for the hostess had one of the original slanted-stands-for-a-fireplace things and I just kept scraping and serving, scraping and serving, feeling like one of those hapless cooks in an old-time Southern Summer Kitchen trying to cope with an open fire and twelve chillun underfoot.

    Your table is so beautifully almost-formal---how did it work? I see that they cooked their own---was it get-up-and-melt-a-few-bites, then sit down and eat? I find it a great fun and relaxing meal for six or less, but the logistics of that first one must be clouding my memory of it.

    And do try stone-fruits, quartered and grilled a bit, for some of the milder cheeses---heaven.

  5. Oh how yummy, you do know how to make my mouth water with all the yummy food you table setting are always a feast for my starving little
    Just like you I adore cheese.....


  6. I first experienced racket grilling at a friend's for New Year's Eve. Different than the fondues we did back in the 80s and less messy I think.
    Thank you for linking to Mosaic Monday Jacqueline.

  7. I've never done this before. It looks like fun but then you are one fun GAL!!!!

  8. Such a great appliance and I bet it is quite the interesting conversation piece too! I know you and your guests had a blast. With your gorgeous table dressing, pretty cupcakes and all. Thanks for sharing this. it was new to me.

  9. I have never heard of a raclette grill and I call myself a pretty good freelance chef...not to mention an ex-home economics teacher!!! Cannot wait to go look it up. I'm thinking I have to have one!!
    Cute cute cupcakes!!

  10. I love cheese, Jacqueline, but I've never had a Swiss Raclette! I will have to look into trying to do this one day as I know my family would enjoy this type of meal.

  11. Jacqueline, you are an amazing hostess! This looks like a fun and delicious theme for a dinner party. Thanks for sharing all the details. I'm going to take a look at raclette grills. ;-)

  12. That looks like so much fun- what a great idea for a party! :)

  13. This looks like great fun! I have often wondered about trying this. We do Fondue quite often but haven't made the leap to this. I am sure everyone had a great time. Greta choice in items to grill and melt. Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. I wanted to email and thank you but somehow the message doesn't send. Valerie


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