Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Pink, Pink, Pink Valentine's Table and A Giveaway

This year's family dinner is all about

I love to set the table for the family but 
we have outgrown all of the tables
and have to set the bar too, but I
wanted Valentine's Day dinner for
the family to be fun and beautiful.

The cupcakes are the stars and 
they are covered with hugs and kisses
because that is what Grandma loves to
do when the kiddies come running 
through the door.

And the silicone Teacup Cupcake cups
are the giveaway for some lucky winners
this week!

Decorate a cupcake in these teacups
and they deserve to be placed on a pedestal!

Everything is white and pink to
change it up from our usual brilliant
red tables for Valentine's Day.

I hauled these beautiful pink dishes
all the way from San Antonio, Texas
last year when visiting my sister Jean.

They layer beautifully with the  white
textured dishes.  Have you noticed how
hard it is to find pretty pink plates?  I
had been looking for a while for these.

 The Pink Jamestown Fostoria
stemware was a gift from her daughter,
Laurel, my niece who had inherited
them from my mother.  That was so 
sweet of her because it is also hard to
find pretty pink stemware.  This is the
first time I am using these.  She brought
them for me on her last trip from Texas.

I love how heavy they are and I am not
afraid to let the kids use them.

They were topped with the cloches,
but you can see in the background
the child friendly option, without the cloches.

I used my sparkly heart ornaments
as napkin rings and I chose to
use this white plastic flatware.  I love
the pink against the white just like
the plate stack.

These were a great treasure found 
in the same gift shop back in Washington DC
where I purchased the silicon Teacup Cupcake cups.

Our centerpiece is all about pink too!

It features a couple of old
Valentine's Day chocolate boxes
from See's Chocolates.

I surrounded the centerpiece with a
heart made of pink plastic hearts which you
can see on the left.  You can't really capture
it in the picture.

I love you comes in pink and chocolate for the table.

And a rose ball under glass!

It is finished off with a pink candle
on a delicate pink candle holder.

These Fostoria glasses are the prettiest
clear pink.  Fostoria also made a Virginia Pink
which is more of a peachy pink.

The kids at the counter had a simplified
stack and no cloche.

They also had a chocolate marshmallow
skewer on their plates.

As I mentioned on my last post,
I had posted about these silicone
Teacup cupcake cups two years
ago and had purchased them in a
gift shop and they were pretty pricey,
but I am now having a giveaway.
I just love giveaways and we haven't had
enough with the downturn in the economy!!!

I will be giving away two prizes,
one set of eight cups and saucers
in pink and one set of eight cups and
saucers in white.  The cups are oven
save, the plates are not.  

To be eligible for the giveaway
you must be a follower and you
must leave a comment saying which
color of set you would like.  The giveaway
will last until Monday, February 16, 2015
at midnight.  Then two names will be
drawn at random (matching their color
choices of course) and the winners will
be announced.  

These are lightweight and I can mail
them anywhere in the world, so everyone
is eligible to enter!  

You don't have to be a blogger to enter,
just leave me an email address in your 
comment so I can get ahold of you if
you are chosen as the winner.

I will be posting this with


Chocolat - French for Chocolate. I adored chocolate from a young age when I had to sneak in the cupboard to find where my mother had hidden the Nestle's Chocolate Chips. Having read about the famous chocolat shoppes in Paris, when I finally got there I was determined to try a chocolate from every Paris shoppe. I invite you to share my adventures in creating, in travel, and in life.


  1. Well, look at you with your pretty pink cupcakes and adorable molds. love the pink ones! The fondant recipe sounds great, because most people hate fondant. Love the cute design you made and the x and o on top. Beautiful table setting and the blingy hearts are calling my name. Love it all!

  2. Jacqueline ... I have enjoyed your many wonderful recipes and decorating ideas for a good while and I thank you for that. This lovely Pink Valentine's Day table is just beyond gorgeous and I am so a "pink" gal!! The teacup set is so precious and I would love either color choice :) Thanks for this amazing and gracious opportunity! DRH

  3. I'd love either. Wow, this is a great giveaway. What I'd really like is to have you come set my table! Happy Valentines' day Jackie.

  4. What a delightful setting for a LOVE FEAST! Those charming cupcake cups are simply so sweet, and though the pink first caught my eye yesterday, the white would be perfect for all sorts of happy times, as well.

    I'm just in such a Pink Phase of my life (shopping for a pink stove right now---Sis has decided on the blue, and we're leaning toward Blue Star). And DO tell me that the X and O are those well-remembered chalk-hard decorations-in-a-pack that graced many a Birthday Cake way back in my childhood! I've never seen them in anything but pink flowers for girls, and maybe rocket ships or cowboy hats for boys.

    And I always wonder, how do you make all those delicate pedestals and goblets balance on the elegant 3-D roses of the cloth?


  5. Everything is pretty:)
    I am not enetering..I have some..But all the pink is sweet and your giveaway is very thoughtful:)

  6. It is so hard to pick just one...but I think I would go with white! These are way too cute and of course they look scrumptious!


  7. What a luscious table you have set for your family! I have the white cups and love them so I'm not entering. Very, very thoughtful of you :-) The winner will enjoy them!!

  8. I was tickled pink (no pun intended) to see your pink Valentine's tablescape. I have been reading your blog for ages and admire your talent for decorating your home and tables for special occasions (along with your recipes, trips, etc).

    Pink being my favorite color, those pink teacup cupcake cups would be ideal!

  9. Jacqueline, what a beautiful setting, as always! The pink is so soft and pretty. I am sure your family just delights in your gorgeous settings. Thanks so much for this generous giveaway! I would so love to win the set in white! Wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day!

  10. This table in pink is so scrumptious and delicious! The whole table has the look and feel of pink fluffy frosting. Love it! I won't be entering as I have them as well. Beautiful table!

  11. I love pink everything! Your table is perfect!!

  12. OMG...this table took my breath away. Im a fan of pink. so elegant

  13. Jacqueline, I love how you make everyone feel special with the detail and little extras on your tables! The cupcakes are adorable and I would be thrilled if I won a set of the silicone liners in white. Thanks for sponsoring this fun giveaway, Jacqueline!
    Hugs and blessings, Beth

  14. I would be 100% lethal with these cupcake cups! Can you just imagine??!??! Well, of course you can! Look what YOU have done with them!!!

    Your table turned out great! I could see this for not only Valentine's Day but for a shower or special birthday or even Mother's Day. Beautiful! The cloches take the elevated cupcakes to a whole new level...literally AND figuratively!

    I like your kid version, and those marshmallow candies on a skewer are super cute.

    If I won, I wouldn't be choosy about which color, but pink IS my favorite color so....! :-) My email address is Fingers crossed!!!

  15. I would be 100% lethal with these cupcake cups! Can you just imagine??!??! Well, of course you can! Look what YOU have done with them!!!

    Your table turned out great! I could see this for not only Valentine's Day but for a shower or special birthday or even Mother's Day. Beautiful! The cloches take the elevated cupcakes to a whole new level...literally AND figuratively!

    I like your kid version, and those marshmallow candies on a skewer are super cute.

    If I won, I wouldn't be choosy about which color, but pink IS my favorite color so....! :-) My email address is Fingers crossed!!!

  16. I would love either color! My email is My husband has been a friend of your niece Laurel since he was in college and small world I have been a long time follower and only realized the family relation when her brother passed. It is a small world! Love all your tablescapes and post on Disney Trips!

  17. Next to lavender, pink is best! My goodness, what a special (and always elegant) table you've set. I found the heart marshmallows in Florida and one floating on a hot chocolate at night is decadent.
    I've been following your blog for some time to drool over your lavender things and baking. The silicone teacups would be so much fun to bake with and although I'd prefer pink, I'd be happy to win either colour.
    Happy Valentine's Day Jacqueline.

  18. You set the most gorgeous tables, Jacqueline! The ball of roses under the cloche is making me swoon. I remember when you posted about those teacup, silicone cupcake holders and I loved them then and now. I wouldn't be choosy, but I'm thinking pink is best. Thanks for the opportunity and I'm already a follower.

  19. Your setting is so pretty in pink Jacqueline! Love the fun white flatware, I've never seen such a pretty design on it before. I'm sure everyone will have a blast at your Valentine's dinner-enjoy:@)

  20. Your tables are always so beautiful, and this one is no exception. Your family must feel so special to be treated to a feast for the eyes even before their meal! :) The teacups are so cute. I love both colors, though if I absolutely had to choose, it would be the white. :)

  21. Beautiful pink plates...can you believe that came from me, who always said pink was my least favorite the past year it has risen way fact my Valentine table is pink and white, should post tomorrow or Friday. The tablecloth is gorgeous.
    If I were to win, I would choose the pink ones!
    Have a great week, Jacqueline.

  22. What lovely Valentine items you have....your table is beautiful! If I won, I would choose the white! I enjoyed seeing your wonderful pieces.

  23. What a gorgeous table you always set, I love pink!, so this setting speaks to my yummy are those heartshaped marshmallows, did you make them???
    Any who if I were ever lucky enough to will your fantastic giveaway, I would pick pink....


  24. What a gorgeous set up. I would love to the white color if i won. Thanks for posting!

  25. Opps forgot to give my email.

  26. Your table is beautiful! I also love the tablecloth you used! I would love to have the white set which would blend perfectly with my fiesta dishes which are all colors! Monday is my birthday and what a gift it would be to win your giveaway! Thanks! Lynn

  27. Oh Jacqueline, Pretty in Pink doesn't even begin to describe this fabulous setting! I love all the girly girl pink and white, frills and bling! The flatware really caught my eye, I would have never guessed it was plastic! Your plate stack is divine, as well as the gorgeous stemware. I'm sure everyone was thrilled to find a pink frosted teacup at their place, not to mention chocolate drizzled marshmallows! Happy Valentine's Day to you and your family! As for the teacups, I would love to win them, either color, how much fun to play with! What a fun giveaway~

  28. As usual, your table is spectacular! If I would be lucky enough to win, I would choose the white. Thank you for being so generous with the giveaway. Happy Valentine's Day!

  29. I absolutely love this tablescape because pink is my favorite color. As usual, everything is beautiful! I do love your pink glasses and THE Plates!!! You are such an inspiration and you definitely motivate me. I love flatware and the white plastic ware would be great for the grandkids. It really looks elegant. I would love a set of the pink cups. Thank you for such a great give a way!!

  30. You always set the most beautiful tables! Your family is so blessed to have such a talented and creative matriarch :) A few years ago I saw those silicone cupcake cups in a store and didn't buy them as I thought they were too expensive. If my name is picked from the hat I'd love the white ones.

  31. What a Beautiful tablescape! So festive!
    I Thank for for the chance to win some of those cute teacup cupcake molds. I love the pink ones!
    Good Luck to all!
    Have a Wonderful Valentine's Day!
    Diane M.

  32. Love,Love,Love your table's. You do the most amazing things !! I would treasure the white set of tea cups.
    Email is

  33. I love to read your blog. You inspire me so much. Thank you for adding such beauty to our lives. I would love the pink but would also be happy with the white. My email is

  34. I am so in love with this table! And the idea of a big family valentines dinner, I am so starting this tradition at our house! My mind is spinning with what I could do for my girls with these adorable teacups, I would love either color :)

  35. I am a follower and look always look forward to your posts. I would to have these teacups and saucers. I would love to have the pink but white is great too. Either one suits me fine.
    Email address is
    Thanks for a chance to win

  36. You always have the BEST ideas... and this Valentines party is no exception... LOVE it! I'd have to pick the white

  37. WOW!!!! What a gorgeous table setting. I LOVE ANYTHING PINK!!! When my precious daughter was born 33 years ago, I became addicted to PINK, and we both have been ever since. I love to cook and entertain, and am always on the lookout for pink dishes, stemware, etc., etc. I have never seen these cupcake cups and would feel honored to win them. I LOVE your blog, and truly appreciate all of your talent. Sending lots of Valentine HUGS, your way!!!

  38. Oh my I love love love this table. You are right- it's hard to find a nice pink. Love this shade you found. That white tablecloth made of rosettes is so pretty and sets everything up beautifully! I love each element but most of all that big heart you made with the pink glass that ties the centerpiece together! What a great giveaway! I'm a follower and I'd love the white cups and saucers!

  39. I am a long time follower of your blog because we have so much in common, we are both from Utah, we love chocolate and we love the color purple! I would love either set pink or white! Thanks for the giveaway!

  40. Oh my gosh, this table setting is so beautiful! I would have a hard time choosing which set of cups and saucers to pick but if I had to, I'd choose the white as they would go with everything. Although pink IS my favorite! Thanks so much for offering such a generous give-away. Love your blog....
    Debbie K
    d kaste at wi dot rr dot com

  41. I love your pink table(s)! Such a beautiful setting for a family dinner filled with love. And those cupcake cups are the cutest! I do follow you, and I would love to win either color. I guess I slightly prefer the pink, I can see using them for my granddaughter - she thinks cupcakes are special and these would be EXTRA special. My email is joyb414 at hotmail dot com. You know how to condense that! :-) Happy Valentine's Day to you and your family.

  42. Would love the white! So adorable! Love your blog!

  43. Thanks for sharing your beautiful Vaentine's tabletop creations! I would be happy with either color!
    Happy Valentines Day ! Email

  44. Girl, your table is so fun and PINK!! Love the goblets that were your Mother's so sweet of your niece to share with you. The pink and white dinnerware is so pretty together. I recall at Tai Pan they had a pink version of the white plates you had, it was when they first opened to the public. ever since then I wished I had purchased some pink plates. I would love to be included in the giveaway, and either color would be wonderful to have. I love all your tablescapes, they are just so fun. It always makes me wish my grands lived nearer! Someday they will live on the same continent as we do! LOL take care, heading to Utah today!
    Hugs, Betsy

  45. I love this tablescape. It may be one of my favorites. Love the pink plates! I would love to win either color of cupcakes holders, but if I had to choose it would probably be the white ones.

  46. How blessed your family is to be able to join in this celebration at Valentines. The table is beautiful and a great way to share memories with children and the grandchildren. Not a blogger, but love to look at all the blogs on Susan's site. My choice would be pink and thanks for the giveaway. Cherry Goodson at

  47. I have been following your blog for a couple of years and have loved every recipe and idea I have gotten from you! Thank you! My daughter is a florist and for her wedding reception 2 years ago she asked me to make her wedding cake. I had never made a wedding cake but that is what she wanted! With her being a florist her outdoor wedding reception was all about the flowers so I used your Ombre Rose cake tutorial and frosted the three tier cake in cream roses. It turned out beautiful thanks to you!! I have loved your teacup cupcakes since their first post, but these darling Valentines cupcakes and your beautiful table scape would make anybody's holiday dinner! I love the white ones!

  48. OH MY GOSH! First off let me say this is an amazing and VERY" generous giveaway and I would be absolutely thrilled to win either color. I like the idea of white best but if pink, are you kidding? Would I ever complain? No WAY! I have tea parties all the time and would be tickled to pieces to be a winner, thank you for the opportunity!

    As for your beautiful cupcake and tablescape - I love how your plates stack so perfectly. Your centerpiece, everything looks perfect for Val's Day! Well done!


  49. I love pink..:) thank you for a generous giveaway.:)


  50. You always have the most beautiful tablescapes. I have the same pink iced tea goblets that I found at an antique store to go with my Desert Rose dishes. Both colors are gorgeous, but I'm partial to the pink!

  51. You certainly give credence to the saying pretty in pink. I'm happy to know that distance doesn't keep you from buying something that catches your eye. I do a lot of hauling when I'm on the road.

  52. You always outdo yourself with every post--love the white and you can contact me at to let me know I've won. I'll be waiting to receive them!!!

  53. Thanks for the opportunity. That are adorable. I love the pink one best.

  54. What beautiful settings. I like the pink one for my eldest girl in Australia. Many thanks for making it open to all

  55. Love the white ones! Thanks for the opportunity and love your blog! Karen

  56. Hi Jacqueline love your pink table the tablecloth is stunning and I will gladly take the pink set but can you throw the pink little gem of a cake plate(you know how I obsess ) with cake plates. you know the one you have with a candle on top? it will match the cake plate I have in my bedroom.Susie

  57. oops sorry about that. that last comment sounded awfully demanding and i was really shooting for sense of humor.susie

  58. Thank you for the wonderful way to use fondant to dress up the cupcakes. Love your table! Would love to win either color, that is the cutest idea. Thank you for your inspiring ideas. mlodom@nova dot edu.

  59. Your table looks so beautiful! I would be tickled PINK to win the pink teacups! Thanks for the chance. :) Happy Valentine's Day to you and all of your sweethearts!

  60. t is so hard to pick just one...but I think I would go with white!

  61. Jacqueline, I've tried to leave a comment twice before, so we'll see if third time is the charm. '-)
    Love your sweet tea cup cakes. They are adorable as is the whole table. Happy Valentine's Day to you and your beautiful family.
    I think the pink ones are cute, but since I have a set of white ones don't include me in the draw. I ordered a set when you first shared these cute cups. '-)

  62. Very beautiful...the shades of pink are gorgeous! Love this stunning table.

  63. Ooh, ooh, Jacqueline. You know I love it all.

    Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Valentine's Day to you and your family.♥

  64. Happy Valentines Day!!Luv, luv, luv your pink theme Valentines table!! If I am drawn...I would love to have the pink cups. <3<3<3 Linda:)

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  66. This comment has been removed by the author.

  67. I have been reading your blog for a long time and I love it!! Yeah for this give away, I would like these best in white!

  68. I love your blog very much. I check it out weekly and always find something eye catching or something yummy for my tummy. Keep up the great work. It would definitely be great to make fancy cupcakes. I would love either color. --Fred Cruz

  69. I ran across your blog and I have to say I am bookmarking it. Thank you. The set out of this table is super cute. I have to say I love the cupcake. I had to stare at it for the longest time...

    Both colors are wonderful and it is really hard to chose either. I like when the choice is made me for when I love both....

  70. Very wife is Loving this

  71. This comment has been removed by the author.

  72. Everything you do is beautiful! You make life fun and exciting. I love everything about you! Keep sharing the love. The white please.

  73. I just love your site, your style, and these adorible molds. I'm not picky either color would be great! ❤️

  74. Thank you for a chance to win: Pink Please.
    I really enjoy your blog!

  75. I have been a long time follower and always look forward to your terrific ideas! I would love white, please! Thanks for the chance to win these.

  76. I love love love this post of yours! Such a beautiful table! Thank you for offering such a wonderful giveaway as well! If I should be so lucky to win, I would have to choose the white set :) I follow you on GFC too :) Thank you again!

  77. Follow on gfc- and the white is so pretty. Thanks so much

    llew415 at gmail dot com

  78. This whole thing is just so gorgeous! Love it all. Would really be afraid to touch it almost.

  79. Oh my goodness, how cute are these cupcake cups!?! I'd love to find a set (or win a set) so that I could use them in a tea party with my granddaughter someday! I like both colors but I'm sure a little girl would be extra delighted with the pink ones.

  80. I am follow on gfc! The pink plates are so cute! My daughter likes to do tea parties for her birthday party each year and these would be a wonderful addition on the table! Thank you so much for the giveaway!

    lshumack at gmail dot com

  81. I would love the pink tea cup set.
    donna444444 AT yahoo DOT com

  82. Love the pink table. Always an inspiration. I like the white cupcakes.

  83. I am so excited that I was just in time to enter. I would love to win the Pink cupcake cups. They are so cute and fun. I enjoy watching for all your great holiday/party ideas and recipes. Thanks for offering this giveaway.

  84. Beautiful Jacqueline! Thank you for linking with Home Sweet Home!

  85. You got the Pink Fostoria! I am so envious. I loved those glasses. That was very nice of Laurel. Your table is lovely. Pink is just so refreshing, and the cupcakes so fun. Love it all. Joni

  86. You got the Pink Fostoria! I am so envious. I loved those glasses. That was very nice of Laurel. Your table is lovely. Pink is just so refreshing, and the cupcakes so fun. Love it all. Joni

  87. Pretty, pretty, pretty.
    Love the flatware.
    Happy pinks!

  88. Just got back to work from our Christmas break and opened your blog.
    I love everything you create. It gives me so many Ideas and I get inspired to continue decorating for my favorite Holidays.
    I love the Pink cup Cake cups. I would love a chance to win those.
    Happy New Year!
    Rosie Espinoza all the way from San Antonio Texas


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