Friday, December 12, 2014

DIY Feathered Placemats

It is sooooooooo easy to create these
billowy, heavenly clouds to adorn 
your table with this year and I am 
going to show you how.

These are a DIY version of the feathered 
placemats featured at my favorite home
store ZGallerie, but I am not going to 
spend $30 for a placemat so I made a
version that cost me about $3-$6 each.

What You Will Need

Neutral colored round woven placemats
(I bought these at Wal Mart in a gold for about $2 each.)
Chandelle (turkey feather) boas
(You will use half a boa per placemat, but buy
one extra one for six placemats just in case you are a 
little short as you go around the placemat.)
Glue gun and glue

I tried these two different ways, one taking the feather
boas apart and gluing them down about 3 at a time
so they looked a little flatter like the ones I had
seen at the store.  That took me 40 minutes each and
I quit that idea after two of them.  Then I went for
the quick version and just glued the boa around the
edge.  That took 5 minutes each.  Yes, I do love to time
myself when doing craft project.  

The picture on the left is the 
placemat that I pulled the boas
apart.  The picture on the right is
where I just glued the whole boa
down.  I actually like the look better
of the one on the right - the five minute
version.  When you put a plate on the
middle you couldn't tell a difference in 
the look.  

The store version had feathers all the
way to the center, but I am never going
to have them on a table without plates
so I just did the outside of the placemat.

Here I show you a partially glued

Before beginning, cut the boa in half.
These white ones I got from Wal Mart on sale for $3
each.  The aqua ones I had to order online for $8
each.  It will use about half a boa, but the white
ones seemed a little shorter and I had to
piece in about 4-6 inches extra at the end so 
buy one extra boa to complete your project.

Use the hot glue gun and 
using a zigzag pattern apply glue to
the outside 1 1/2 inches of the placemat
in about a six to eight inch strip around
the edge.  Press the boa down on the glue.
I use the cool glue gun so I don't end up
with blisters!!  Continue around until you
have the entire edge of the placemat covered.

Piece a little in at the end if you
are short.  Don't worry about cutting
the boas, they are woven in tight to
the center string and you are gluing
them securely.  

When I was done I shook them upside
down to remove any stray feathers.  
They stack nicely for storage.

Here is the white one with the
same placesetting.  I can't decide
which one I love most!!!

Don't worry about eating with these, you
can wipe the feathers off with a damp cloth -
remember birds are out in the water and dirt
too, or if it really gets stained, just cut those
feathers off and glue a few back in their place.

I hope you love these easy placemats
and make some of your own.  You can
buy or order feathers in fabulous colors.

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  1. How unique and different. Never would have thought of this. Very pretty.

  2. Very dreamy effect. I like the white because of the wings your DIL got you. But, that blue is your specialty since your daughter's wedding! Glorious!

  3. Love these and at a big savings. I am not sure why Zgallerie is charging so much for something similar. Wonderful tutorial on how to create something so unique and pretty at a affordable price. Both colors look fantastic.

  4. Absolutely heavenly. And, quite elegant.

    Happy Pink Saturday, Jacqueline.

  5. Heavenly is the right pretty

  6. This is so pretty, Jacqueline! I used children's feather boas to create something similar for a "Girlfriends Luncheon". The ladies loved it. You always have such beautiful settings!

  7. I don't know why word verification is on my blog! I have marked it as no as I find that very annoying but it won't leave. Anyone else having this problem and know a solution?

  8. Omg I loveee these! This was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for sharing


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