Monday, November 3, 2014

Farewell to Autumn Sunshine Tablescape

We have had the most glorious
autumn here at 
Purple Chocolat Home.

The weather has been warm and
the skies clear with that wonderful
crispness of fall in the mornings and 
in the evenings.  You can't have a
more beautiful autumn.

Time to enjoy that last bit of 
beautiful weather with the 
remnants of the bounty of the garden
before the frosts come, so I decided
to fill this basket with these 
exquisite creamy white squash.

Their beautiful color inspired the color
for the tablescape.  We are keeping everything
creamy white with a touch of silver.

Silver chargers and silver flatware

and a silver pitcher turned into
a vase for the remnants of 
sweet alyssum.

You can just feel the last rays
of sunshine as the days cool and
dusk falls more rapidly.

If the garden isn't gathered in
it will all freeze soon.

I thought the chicken wire cloches
went perfectly with my neighbor Christie's
wire basket that she loaned me
for this beautiful autumn table.

The whites are set off by the
tiny bit of green remaining 
in the garden.

My hard working bubble goblets
are always welcome at any table.

Although I love the greens of the
garden, they are starting to turn brown
with some glorious yellows and reds.

And to me, there is something romantic
about early evenings.

Farewell to the glorious sunshine
 of autumn days.

Winter, here we come!
All of these winter whites
can lead us straight into winter.

The boots are already out and ready to go!

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Chocolat - French for Chocolate. I adored chocolate from a young age when I had to sneak in the cupboard to find where my mother had hidden the Nestle's Chocolate Chips. Having read about the famous chocolat shoppes in Paris, when I finally got there I was determined to try a chocolate from every Paris shoppe. I invite you to share my adventures in creating, in travel, and in life.


  1. How absolutely charming---romantic and elegant and all of those things. "Winter White" is such a lovely thought, conjuring a velvet hood in the snow, or smart suede boots and gloves.

    And pattypans!! Did you grow those? I've always thought they were some of God's little amusements---not quite flower, not quite fruit, but simply beautiful in a way that you can see AND taste.

    Resigning a season is hard sometimes, like letting go of a much-loved visitor, when you go back for just one more hug. Very creative and lovely, as always.


  2. Beautifully displayed setting. Love the white color theme. That tablecloth is divine, along with the cloches. The weather is changing, so it's time to dress a little warmer. I look forward to our first fire. Enjoy.

  3. Very pretty, I love the napkins:@)

  4. Your winter whites are gorgeous Jacqueline, I love the elegance of your china with the chicken wire accessories. I like to use neutrals in November too, sorta like the calm before the storm :)

  5. An ode to the whites and peaceful days ahead.
    So much loveliness and warmth. I love the chicken wire accents and your tableware is always so perfect that exempts them of any adjective I know.
    In love with the table linen. Your creation? Or one of those findings?
    Thank you for sharing,

  6. Hi Maam Jacqueline,

    So wonderful to see your adorable treasure.

    May I know, where did you purchased your ruffled tablecloth?

    Thanks in advance.


  7. Whoa!!!!!!!!! SO pretty! This is a wonderful demonstration on how to do autumn outside of the "traditional" colors. Just beautiful! The ruffly tablecloth adds texture and drama, and those cool white squashes are the cat's pajamas!!! Of course, I LOVE the dishes!!!

    Winter is about to descend upon us here in the Midwest, too. We expect to get very chilly weather soon. NOT looking forward to snow AT ALL!!!!!!!

  8. I love this table Jaqueline! You have such a great eye for making a magnificent dining table... Ok everything you touch is amazing!! I got my boots out today too and I'm ready for whatever's coming.

    Blessings to you and yours, Edie Marie

  9. You have, indeed, moved into a whole new season, quite calm after all your Halloween crazies. I like your wire mesh pieces as they fit so well with any look.

  10. Jacqueline, this is a perfect way to transition into the cooler months ahead. You'll soon be covered with white up your way. ;-)
    Beautiful table. Enjoy your sunny days!


  11. One of a beautiful table i have seen in recent time. White always have its say and this is one. The pumpkins in the wired basket in middle looks pretty and the tablecloth just awesome. Enjoy your season!

  12. lovely table! love the wire baskets & cloches. the ornate white bowls are fabulous too. found u on tablescape thursday.
    warmly- mj

  13. We had to bid a fond farewell a couple of weeks ago. Mother Nature decided that snow would be appropriate for Halloween. The kids and parents around here were not happy at all. The white and silver is so pristine and very calming. Beautiful as ever!


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